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How To Update Rust Version

Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 19 min read

This quick guide will walk you through all the steps required to update a Windows-based RUST server. On the first Thursday of every month, Face punch releases a new game update for the RUST community.

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Steam CMD will now start downloading the latest version of the RUST Dedicated server. The update process may take a while depending on server capabilities and network bandwidth.

Rustup manages these builds consistently on every platform that Rust supports, enabling installation of Rust from the beta and nightly release channels as well as support for additional cross-compilation targets. Accordingly, it is customary for Rust developers to include this directory in their PATH environment variable.

Because of differences between platforms, command shells, and bugs in rust up, the modifications to PATH may not take effect until the console is restarted, or the user is logged out, or it may not succeed at all. If, after installation, running rust -- version in the console fails, this is the most likely reason.

Compared to last year, multi rust has an excellent successor, rust up, which works pretty much everywhere. You can choose between nightly or stable, and building against the Windows or GNU LBC.

You specific target and tool chain may vary depending on your machine. You can have both gnu and MSC version around and switch them with rust up.

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Last but not least, most of the functionality required by the Visual Studio Code plugin is provided by the Rust Language Server, so let's go ahead and install it: Now we're ready to go on with installing and setting up Visual Studio Code.

You might prefer another editor/IDE, but VSC ode is being used as the tested for the RLS functionality, so I'm sticking with it, as it's most likely to work. You can install it either by using the command Ctrl + P and typing ext install vs code- rust, or by searching for it on the Extensions tab, the button for which is the last on the toolbar on the left.

Now you should be able to compile, run, get autocompletion, and error lists in VSC ode, and more. You need to add a Debug Configuration, Debug Add Configuration... that should give you a choice that includes “C++ (Windows)”.

Choose it, and that should create a new launch.Jason file, that you need to customize for your project, and should end up looking like this: Bonus: change editor theme/font VSC ode has also got an extensive list of optional themes, be sure to check them out by doing File Preferences Color Theme Install Additional Color Themes....

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