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How To Update Rust Server

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 10 min read

This quick guide will walk you through all the steps required to update a Windows-based RUST server. On the first Thursday of every month, Face punch releases a new game update for the RUST community.

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Steam CMD will now start downloading the latest version of the RUST Dedicated server. The update process may take a while depending on server capabilities and network bandwidth.

If you come across any issues with the steps in this guide or need extra assistance, please reach out to us on our discord, and we will be happy to help! On the first Thursday of every month, Face punch releases a new game update for the RUST community.

If you’ve successfully logged in to Steam, your console should look like the screenshot below: You will recognize your server ’s installation directory by the presence of the RustDedicated.exe executable (see the above screenshot).

Next, set the installation location for the update by entering the following command into steam CMD: The above command tells steam CMD where the RUST server root is located in order to compare versions.

Steam CMD will now start downloading the latest version of the RUST Dedicated server. The update process may take a while depending on server capabilities and network bandwidth.

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If you come across any issues with the steps in this guide or need extra assistance, please reach out to us on our discord, and we will be happy to help! How to wipe your Rust server This article will assist you with forced wipes by Rust's official game updates.

The developers release an official update on the 1st Thursday of each month, which is a forced wipe in the majority of cases. Click install and let this process complete.

Hello, I can't join my local server anymore, it says Rust is outdated. I don't have any plugins installed, just a normal vanilla server.

This way, they will not have Icon access, which is supposed to be a tool for you to run admin commands and manage your server while offline. There are two ways to locate your Remote Console (Icon) Password.

You can log in to our client area on our main webpage, and locate the server which you purchased. An alternate way to do this is to log into your server management panel with the Admin information provided to you by your verification email.

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From there, click on the “Actions” tab, and then select “show icon pass.” You will need to know your Steam ID for many applications such as plugins, Rust Icon tools, and certain admin commands.

All of this information may be referenced by commands in other steam games as well so this is a useful link to bookmark. By the end of this section of the guide you will learn how to view your web console to troubleshoot startup issues, how to become an admin on your server, how to apply a steam update, and at the end, you will connect to your server for the first time.

Rust actively pushes updates and patches multiple times a month, it's important that you may be able to update your server on a whim to the latest client version. Game Server Kings offers a web console client which shows the live command line of your Rust server.

While the server is posting upon boot up or reboot, you'll be able to watch as it loads plugins, shows vital information about the server such as port binds, and connection status. This may require a little of technical knowledge, but it's not difficult to figure out, and you should be able to catch on quickly.

GameServerKings has been operating since the summer of 2017, because of optimization steps we have taken since our debut, you will not need to troubleshoot issues after a fresh installation of your server. We do recommend that you run a steam update, but the only time an issue will arise is if you decide to install oxide mod or Rust :IO on your server and there's a user error within config files.

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Once you've entered our web client, you will see what looks like a command prompt filling your browser window. Once it's loaded, skim through the lines of information until you see plugin post data.

All you need to do is log in with your Admin information provided to you by your verification email. Next, paste that into the text field located within the add an administrator page.

A command window will pop up showing you the status of your admin file. It will tell you that the user was added, once it is, exit the command window and return to your server management panel.

First, you must be logged in to your server management panel with your Admin login information, from there, click on game services and select your rust server. From here type client.connect and then your Connection IP located within your server management panel.

Once your server is found, all changes you make will be seen immediately by the rust server browser. Within your rust server, you may access and configure many game files at a whim.

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First, log into your game server management panel using your Admin information given to you via your verification email. To edit this file, open it by pressing the pencil icon.

Within this guide, we'll show you how to modify basic server parameters from within default command lines which we offer. How to change your Hostname, Seed, and World Size, listed below.

The default settings are listed as so: Hostname Austerer Server Identity “my server” Seed “123456” World Size “2000” A quick rundown of these parameters are listed as so: Hostname, This is what users will see as your server's name within the rust server browser.

Or, alternatively, you can use this parameter to manage your saves between every reset, so that you have a record of servers which you have hosted. Seed, and World Size, These values are used to generate a new procedural map.

By following this guide, you will be able to download custom rust maps via one of our command line settings. Keep in mind, you must verify that your custom map was generated on the latest version of Rust.

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If you have access to a web server, you will be able to use the “Custom Map HTTP Download” default command line. You must set your hostname, as well as your URL for your custom map hosted on your web server.

Lastly, you must not have a landing page for your file, it must be an automatic download link. Alternatively, if you do not have either a web server or an automatic download link, you may use Dropbox.

Next, upload your custom map file to drop box. Now that your file is uploaded, you'll have to make a public link so that your server may access it.

You will see that the URL ends in “?DL=0” this signifies that this is not an automatic download link. You can watch your file download progress within your web console.

We've found a bug where, depending on the host server which holds your map file, it may take a while to set it up the first time it's used. If this process lasts for more than two hours, please contact us, and we'll verify everything is set up properly.

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All you need to do is log in to your Admin user panel, then go to your configuration files. \for more information, check out our knowledge base, or our homepage to purchase a server.

In the past, we did not allow users to change their Icon Password. This was due to a security flaw making Icon Passwords seem unreliable.

When you set up your command line, you can also change your Icon Password. Keep in mind, changes will not reflect upon your Icon Password as listed within your billing panel on our front facing website unless you contact us and ask us to ref etch your billing information.

All you need to do is log into our server management panel using your Admin information given to you inside your verification email. You can choose to back them up at this point by compressing them into a zip file and downloading that.

From there, you can change settings such as level type, map size, or seed if you choose. When you're done with that, go back to your “Game Services” section and click “Refresh” to reboot your server.

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Some people want to play on official map types which are run by face punch. This is very doable as it just requires some minor command line editing.

Click save, and then go back to your “custom command lines” tab, find your new command line, and press select to have it run. These allow you to manage and update changes on your server from your Icon console anywhere with an internet connection.

This is because if there are any commands regarding icon use other than icon.web within your config file, besides the fact that these commands are command line only and will do nothing, Rust will bind the Icon output to the game server port, not allowing other utilities such as Rust :IO or lusty maps to work in tandem with Icon. If it is set to 0, Rust will not allow external sources to access your console.

Log in using your Admin information provided to you inside your verification email. From there, go to “Game Services” Within this page you will find your Icon IP.

Now that you're logged in you have information about your server such as uptime, memory usage, the current game time and more. Rust Admin is a powerful tool written by Oxide mod user Floyd.

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Sustain also works as a Remote Console client so you can moderate your server away from home. From there, click on “Game Services” and your connection info will be listed at the top of the screen.

Once you gain this information, go under the configuration tab within Sustain and you'll see the option “Icon type” Select “Weirton” Under Server, insert your information for IP, Server Port, Icon Port, and password. Now that your login information is set, go to the top of the screen and click server.

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