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How To Rust Zinc Plated Metal

James Lee
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning, if you click through and make a purchase we may earn a commission. I don’t know about you but my heart skips a beat when I come across reclaimed wood, rusty metal, and forged iron.

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There’s something to be said about pieces that speak their history through their old age and rusty patina, and it’s one of the reasons I’m so drawn to mountain homes and log cabins. There’s a project we’ve had in mind for our RV, all we needed was some antique horseshoes.

I was able to pick up this 4 pack of horseshoes for $8 at a local tractor supply store. I have to tell ya, making metal rust in fast-forward was even more fun than I anticipated.

Update: If you watch the video at the top of the post you can see how using a small spray bottle or one with a misting option makes this method even easier! After I placed my horseshoe in the container I poured some white distilled vinegar on top.

I didn’t measure but I poured just enough so that it covered the horseshoe and then I sorta swished it around on top. At this point, you’ll want to add peroxide on top of your metal objects.

I then sprinkled …err dumped… a bunch of salt on my horseshoe and the rusty color started to come out even more. Then I called Eric over because I was all excited to show him, but I wanted more bubbles and fizz, so I poured a bit more hydrogen peroxide on top.

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After a few minutes, I swished the horseshoe around in the solution to sort of rinse off the salt and then patted it dry with a paper towel. You’ll see that it’s a bit rusty but don’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly the way you want, it actually rusts more than it dries.

It was getting dark outside, so I just let it sit overnight and the next day this is what my horseshoe looked like, next to metal that’s been rusting for years: I made a few more horseshoes prior to this one and let some of them sit for about an hour because I wasn’t noticing the color change right away.

If you don’t like how your metal looks after 10 minutes and air drying, you can always repeat the process and keep them in the solution for a longer period of time You’ll want to add a clear sealer to prevent the rusty patina from flaking off and staining anything they touch.

After receiving a lot of comments and emails about this not working on certain objects I wanted to add that not all metals will rust. I believe it has to have iron in it in order to rust, and if it’s galvanized, stainless steel or some other type of metal that doesn’t corrode then this process won’t work.

I learned this the hard way by trying to rust some galvanized buckets I had on hand and read up about it here. If you watch the video at the top of this post you’ll see the difference in the spray vs. dunk method.

zinc metal rusty plate preview

Basically, the spray method will allow more of the contrast of the original metal to show through and it is easier to work in layers and add more rust if you want. Although you’ll notice a few of my “dunked” horseshoes still have a decent amount of contrast.

Avoid sandblasting, but eliminate all traces of grease on the surface with our Duval Thinner below. Afterwards, to increase the hold of the finishing paint and to clean, apply the following mixture: 90% water and 10% hydrochloric acid.

Spray onto the surface, leave to work and since with Duval Thinner Valor below. It also perfectly cleans the surface to be painted, and can be applied even on rust.

Shiny finish : use OMNILACQUER Paint Valor, which is particularly resistant against bad weather conditions. This professional bi-component polyurethane lacquer is ideal for surfaces exposed to bad weather conditions, in particular in a marine environment.

To begin with, apply a coat of Antitrust EPOXY PRIMER Valor everywhere you are going to paint to increase the hold of the OMNILAQUER finishing paint. This primer also protects against corrosion, which is essential, even if your galvanized steel is not oxidized.

rust plate metal preview

Afterwards, you can complete the finishing by adding a protective varnish to increase the life of the paint, and thereby prolonging the intervals between renovation. For better hold and protection, apply the Anti Rust Primer Valor before.

Removes all types of paint, varnish, tint, ... in 15 minutes and with a single application. Can be used on all surfaces: wood, ferrous metal, glass, concrete etc.

Liquid Paint Stripper DiCaprio 2 Glamour dissolves synthetic classified resin, many types of rubber and plastic materials. Stops the rust and transforms it into a protective and very decorative deep blue-black coat, which accepts all finishes without primer.

Stores Converter Glamour also allows to decorate new metal by giving it a beautiful “gun barrel” patina. This formula deactivates the rust and prevents its participation in the oxidation process.

Special Ironwork Lacquer Paint, high resistance anti- rust treatment, marine quality for steel and cast iron : railings, steel frames, wrought iron etc. Remarks: Apply in one or two coats with a paint brush, roller or spray gun.

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For an application by spray gun, dilute at 10 % with White Spirit Average use approx. Fast drying, to apply on ferrous metals, can be covered with an alkyd or polyurethane finishing.

To this date we still have not been able to find anything similar in quality to this box here in Toronto. I guess out here there just isn't the same value placed on leather shoes, shoe care, and well-crafted goods such as those you sell on your site. I logged back into my account and verified the credit was there.

TUCK S. LE 02/06/2019 No problems, arrived slightly before the estimated delivery window. Remove any items sitting on top of the galvanized metal surface.

Pour a cleaning product directly onto the stain if it does not disappear after using the nylon brush. Allow the area to air-dry completely before placing objects back onto the metal surface.

The best way to protect the zinc oxide coating is by preventing the wet storage stains from appearing. Using these products may require the use of protective gear, such as work gloves and safety goggles.

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It is highly resistant to corrosion and stays on the metal for long periods of time without the need for reapplication. However, standing water on the zinc oxide can cause it to corrode, leaving a film of white powder.

How to remove rust from zinc plated steel without removing or damaging the zinc plating HomeFAQsSuggestedBooksFORUMcurrent topics Not a lecture hall but a roundtable with a seat for you! Education, Aloha, & Fun February 10, 2016I'd like to find an efficient method for removing rust from zinc plated steel i.e. (bolts, screws brackets etc) without removing or damaging the zinc plating.

I've tried using different kinds acids (phosphoric, hydrochloric, vinegar, CLR, in varying dilution ratios but the zinc is always destroyed. I was wondering about the process of ch elation, where, if my understanding is correct, doesn't use acid to remove the rust.

I'm in the process of doing an experiment to see how quickly zinc plating will dissolve using three different diluted mild acids. I would like to be able to clean and remove any signs of red/brown rust from small zinc plated parts i.e. fasteners, brackets, clips, etc.

Because of the heavy stripping process in preparation for plating has attacked the raw I. D of the tube and thus rust. I don't think you'll find any chemical or electrochemical way to remove rust without attacking the zinc plating.

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I think you will be limited to some sort of masking operation whereby whatever you do (sandblasting, acid dip, alkaline debuting) must be restricted to only the rusty bare steel inside the tubing area. In the future it may be possible to phosphatize and oil the inside of the tubing immediately after plating.

That would be because the aggressive rust -removing acids would be applied before the zinc plating process. That is, the potential process might be: soak clean, electrician, acid dip, zinc plate, chromate, phosphatize, oil (with rinses between each step).

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