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How To Rust Proof Outdoor Furniture

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
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Choose from a variety of methods such as protective coverings, sealants or indoor storage to shield metal furniture from damaging moisture, which results in rust. Because the rain is not metal yard furniture's best friend -- the moisture is a primary catalyst to rust -- it makes sense to protect the outdoor pieces from the elements.

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If you can't move your metal furniture to an indoor space during the rainy season, protect each piece with a weatherproof cover. If the furniture is not cleaned regularly, the accumulated grime -- dirt, human perspiration, suntan oils -- can eat away at the finish, leaving the outdoor furniture exposed to moisture.

If the furniture doesn't have a protective coating, rub on an automobile paste wax or naval jelly; cover each piece from top to bottom to keep them from rusting. This means that once you purchase metal furniture, it has serious prospects of making your outdoors looking classy for ages to come provided that you manage to keep it safe from its arch nemesis the rust.

By now you probably wonder how it is possible that metal is at the same time extremely durable yet so exposed to the influence of rust. The answer is simple the rust affects only surface layer of your metal furniture which further means that it is not weaker, it only looks a bit worse.

However, seeing as the aesthetics and style is a major reason for you going for the metal furniture in the first place, you should try and prevent this. For example cutting yourself on a rusty metal can be extremely dangerous if not treated properly.

Rust is a process of oxidation of metal most commonly facilitated via the mediation of electrolytes which can usually be found in rainwater. This means that by minding the weather conditions and hiding your metal furniture from the rain you can often quite efficiently protect it from rust.

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It is highly unlikely that you will spend a quiet evening on your garden patio with your friends in the middle of the chilliest winter or that you will throw a barbecue for your coworkers in the pinnacle of the raining season. Every one of these courses of action is quite simple and easy to adhere to and their end result is always worth all the effort.

Follow these simple guidelines to help iron, steel, and other metals enjoy the longest life possible. Once precipitation and harsh weather have conspired to compromise and chip away at the coating on metal, then it’s only a matter of time before rust makes an appearance.

In comparison to less expensive painted or varnished metal, these coated products are far less vulnerable to peeling and flaking. Although they’re more expensive initially, metal items with superior coatings are worth the cost in the long run because they truly last for years.

Use a hose to rinse away all traces of the detergent, then dry the metal with a rag, or on a good day, leave it to air-dry in the sun. A simple action like clinking two metal surfaces together can chip one or both pieces, and dragging a chair or table leg may result in scrapes that leave the furniture vulnerable to rust.

Also, if you live somewhere with monsoon summers, harsh winters, or other types of severe weather, consider bringing your outdoor metal furniture indoors, whether it’s for short-term shelter whenever a violent storm threatens, or for a season-long hibernation when the temperatures drop. A reasonable alternative is to cover the furniture with a breathable fabric for the duration of the foul weather.

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When you come across a small patch of rust, spotless the area (as described above), except work fine-grit sandpaper into the procedure. Lightly sand the rust away, then wipe off all residual grit before touching up the surface.

Today I am excited to share a post about prepping furniture for the outdoors. However, there is typically a bit of extra TLC that needs to go into vintage pieces.

(The deck isn’t built yet, so I am using them indoors for a bit, but ultimately they are intended to be outdoor chairs.) They had some wear and tear (a bit of chipping paint and in this pic you can see they are a little dirty from being outdoors).

Just in case you needed any extra inspiration to get working on those projects. So it’s pretty important to maintain your metal furniture by sanding smooth any chipped areas and repainting them.

There is no reason to expose them to wear and tear when you aren’t even able to be out there enjoying them! If you don’t have storage indoors or some kind of shed, just buy protective waterproof covers for your pieces and use them through the winter or any season you aren’t using your outdoor space.

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It’s a basic slab that’s stained from random coatings over the years and it’s also full of cracks both big and small. According to Rust coleus it is designed for a variety of applications and is the most cost-effective, and environmentally conscious way to revitalize wood and concrete surfaces.

There are more than enough selling points for me so after choosing our color online we anxiously waited for the coating to arrive. We selected Brownstone which provided a neutral tone so it wouldn’t clash with our exterior walls (pink) and red brick.

The most time-consuming part of the project was prepping the space as it needs to be free from any dirt or oil and given time to fully dry before applying the product. If you are applying to a wood or composite deck the instructions will vary so refer to the Rust coleus website for details or check out the installation video below.

Tip: The temperature should also be above 55 degrees for at least 3 days and nights to allow for proper application and drying times. If you paint to fast the product can tend to “throw” from the roller so keep that in mind and go nice and slow but hopefully you’ll have properly taped the area before.

Tip: I also used a sturdy piece of cardboard to hold along the edges of our grass which is a much easier solution than trying to tape or cover that area. If you don’t like the texture you can use a brush to make it smoother but note the paint will also settle a bit more than it looks like right after applying.

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After waiting the allotted time to dry you can walk on the surface and then give it a few more days before adding the furniture. His work has been published on Wired, Bob Vila, DIY Network, and The Family Handyman.

The stuff you want to know, but don’t dare ask….because if you ask in the light of day, you’ll likely not get legit answer. At least, that’s what my sweet Mom told me when she gave me this vintage metal glider.

Now, to be fair, my oldest is only 14 now, so I cannot vouch that this works for every teen, in every year of their teen lives….but if my Mother said it, you can bet your bottom dollar, I’m going to give it a try. Apparently it worked like a charm for my brothers and I, when we were growing up.

*This post is sponsored by Home Right and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It was a permanent fixture on our back porch for almost all our growing up years; it holds many fond memories for me, and now that it graces our back porch, I want it to last for many more years.

It will do a great job spotless and removing any old paint you may have missed with the wire brush. Make sure you get a good primer that is intended for outdoor metal furniture.

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Two cans gave me great coverage and got into all the nooks and crannies of this glider. With the Finish Max Extra, you don’t have to thin your paint (unless you’ve got some crazy-thick, old paint…but that’s another whole post in itself).

I literally opened my can of brand-new paint and poured it in! Now, thinning paint is NOT “hard” by any stretch of the imagination, but it *can* be a little time-consuming.

If you need to wait awhile before your second coat but don’t want to start all the way back at square one? Slap the lid on your paint container and it’ll be ready when you are.

Just a couple touch ups on a few areas I missed on the first pass. I am completely sold on this sprayer and it’ll now be my go-to for all my many DIY projects.

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