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How To Record On Avakin Life
The Detroit Post
Friday, 05 March, 2021

How To Record On Avakin Life

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
• 8 min read

To make sure you don't miss out, like the AvakinLife Edits & More Facebook page and follow them on Instagram official_avakinlifeedits_more !! If you hadn't noticed already, this week we received the brand new Central Park apartment in the store.

avakin cheats hacks classichack gems
(Source: classichack.com)


More on this new release in our apartment design feature later in this edition and for your chance to win it, also check out the Friday Giveaway from Mk TV found in the YouTube feature later in this edition. With this Friday being St Patrick's Day, brand-new items have been added to the mystery box this week.

The contest began on the 5th March and doesn't end until the 30th and it really is worth entering, because the winner will receive all the below!! You may remember over the last few weeks, we shared info on the AvakinLife Amino Community group, which runs events and quizzes for small gifts and prizes.

There has still been a lot of positive feedback and people getting involved, so if you haven't already, make sure you check it out by downloading below. This week was mainly for the girls as far as new releases go, and we first received the Jump Around jumpsuit collection from Cloud nine.

Next we received the vibrant and colorful Pop Art collection from Front Row. Both the guys and the girls received a collection of dazzling, bright and bold dresses, tops, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, skirts and jeans for that daring trend, with the girls also receiving clutch bag accessories.

Six varying sets of awesome angel wings matched with super sexy and cute lingerie/underwear items made this a massive and instant hit within the community. The guys may have been a little disappointed that they didn't receive a wings' collection themselves, though the Secrets brand happens to be one exclusively for the girls.

avakin avakins age
(Source: www.reddit.com)

The girls received a sparkling gown featuring padded shoulders and completed with a stand-out white belt. The guys received a crisp white suit accessorized with a chain of rosary beads.

The outfit was completed with high-shine patent shoes and contrasting black trousers. To achieve a look with a super sassy vibe this week, RIA advises us to combine the below items.

With so many singing style dances, accessories, musical instruments, recording studio items available to purchase in store these days, it has never been easier for anyone to become a musical iron. Unlike a lot of Av akin modelling groups/agencies, Vogues Of Av akin regularly bring us their own exciting themed collections, put together from items both old and new.

The collections also gives us a lot of hints and tips to achieve that desired look. This week they have been busy and yet again come up with another two brand-new collections for us to try ourselves.

With so many apartments now available to buy or win, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with what's new and what items are inclusive to collect. Luckily for us, Brandy Burry's brilliant AvakinLife Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages are a great source of information on all the latest apartment releases and provides some great ideas, hints, tips and examples on how to decorate each apartment to get us started.

(Source: www.youtube.com)

Brandy also shows us what inclusive items are available for one of the newest apartments. Live a modern metropolitan lifestyle, in the Central Park Apartment.

Set in New York’s Leno Hill, this sophisticated apartment features desirable views across Central Park. This spacious apartment features 3 rooms, including a built-in kitchen, bathroom with shower, and open-plan living areas.

Invite friends over to meet up before heading out into the city for fine dining, boutique shopping or a lively night out. Show your creative flair with customizable wall and floors.

As always, Brandy provides with a great break down of all the inclusive items available for the newest apartments. Also featured on the page this week, are some great decorative designs by community member Daisy Vixen for both the Cypress Lane Suburban House and Marbella Beach House apartments.

It simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love AvakinLife as much as we do. Therefore, we want to ensure that literally everything and anything Av akin related anybody wants to see is included and shared with the rest of the community.

(Source: www.youtube.com)

If you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos and posters, we would love to help. To contact us for all the above and anything at all, just send us a message to the Av akin Addiction Magazine Facebook page, and we will respond to everybody.

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