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Sunday, 28 November, 2021

How To Make Your Avakin Pretty

Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
• 10 min read

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With the stress of that life, many game makers have come up with a great idea. Av akin Life is also a considerable monument capable of standing next to names like The Sim, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, … Although it has only been active for the past few years, it has earned a lot much success.

Only Android version released right on Google Play, it has achieved more than 10 million downloads. It is not included in the print version that can play emulators on many platforms without official support.

In general, for more information, you can search its name on Google, so you can immediately see the game’s home page. Because it is a simulation game, owning an excellent graphic design is a straightforward one.

Not only that, it is continually changing and developing over time, so players will feel that they are not bored with the new images. You can freely choose your gender and design your physical traits, things you can’t get in real life.

You will be able to build a beautiful home with many small features that decorate your will. This means that the game will help you build a miniature society right on the internet.

avakin community wiki

Everyone involved in the game can create a beautiful identity for themselves and then meet friends. The game is intended to give you a smooth and engaging experience for a new life.

If you have a talent for singing, then be a singer, have a good taste, be a fashion designer, or like cooking, become a restaurant chef. When you have a lot of money, make yourself a cool style to show your bravery so that players around can admire you.

If you've got an all important question about Av akin Life, well this Friday is our chance!! Lewd Jessie, Adam and Abbey will be answering our questions live from 3pm GMT.

To make sure you don't miss out, like the Av akin Life Edits & More Facebook page and follow them on Instagram official_avakinlifeedits_more !! If you hadn't noticed already, this week we received the brand new Lion heart Castle apartment in store.

The event will take place over 4 weeks, with 4 rounds of games and challenges and a mega prize of 20,000 Ava coins!! This is a very difficult challenge and there are 45 players taking part in this massive event.


The contest began on the 5th March and doesn't end until the 30th and it really is worth entering, because the winner will receive all the below!! You may remember over the last few weeks, we shared info on the Av akin Life Amino Community group, which runs events and quizzes for small gifts and prizes.

There has still been a lot of positive feedback and people getting involved, so if you haven't already, make sure you check it out by downloading below. In a week when Friday's castle apartment and its related clothing stole the show, the only other release for both genders was Off The Hook collection from Drop Science.

The girls were truly spoiled this week, with not one but two new releases from the Secrets brand. Firstly there was the Day & Night pajama set collection.

Ten trendy sleepwear items to be worn as streetwear in various styles and colors of silk prints and satin slip dresses. This week the wings were bigger, glittering and more glamorous than before and need to be snapped up quickly, because this amazing collection is available for only a limited time only.

With Easter upon us, there is no surprise that we have started to see the themed Cosmos costumes begin to appear in store. Added to this on the Friday, was a big release from the brand due to the new Lion heart Castle apartment.

avakin hair very pretty comments definitely would wear

For the girls only, three new cute and sexy Easter bunny outfits with matching bunny ear hair sets, gives us all we need to join in next week's official Easter egg hunt in style. The new Cosmos cosplay release for the Lion heart Castle apartment this Friday stole the show this week.

This week's Iron release split opinion with the girls, as we received the unusual Wonderland dress. The Glimmer outfit featured a check print long-line overcoat, stand-out white shoes and completed with layered up chains and beads.

This week's Style Weekly 'Look of the Day' has been taken from both Lewd Ria's official post based around an item from the new Day & Night collection from Secrets and Faith Av akin also provides us with her own weekly fashion ideas. To achieve a very chic look worthy of a magazine cover shot this week, RIA advises us to combine the below items.

Some of us may know them better as weathermen/women, but whatever you call them, many of us regularly watch them on TV to find out that all important weather forecast. If it is going to be bad, then to see a positive and appealing person delivering the news can make all the difference.

For a bright and beautiful look perfect for an appearance on TV, this week Faith Av akin shows us how to achieve it by combining the below items. Unlike a lot of Av akin modelling groups/agencies, Vogues Of Av akin regularly bring us their own exciting themed collections, put together from items both old and new.

avakin unicorn

The collections also gives us a lot of hints and tips to achieve that desired look. This week they have been ultra busy and yet again come up with another five brand new awesomely amazing collections for us to try ourselves.

Luckily for us, Brandy Burry's brilliant Av akin Life Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages are a great source of information on all the latest apartment releases and provides some great ideas, hints, tips and examples on how to decorate each apartment to get us started. This week we get Lockwood's run down on the new Lion heart Castle apartment and take a look at how community member Allie Av akin decorates one of the most recent apartments, both featured on the Av akin Life Apartment Design page this week.

A fairy-tale Medieval castle fit for royalty, guarding the surrounding countryside. Hold an audience with your subjects in a throne room with a roaring log fire, host a magnificent feast for visiting lords and ladies, or gaze across the courtyard from a tranquil balcony.

Amaze visitors with a dramatic entrance hall with stained-glass window and customizable carpets and banners. Featuring a great hall, bathroom, throne room, balcony, corridor and bedroom.

Also featured on the page this week, are some great decorative designs by community member Allie Av akin for the Central Park apartment released last Friday. This week Sappho caught up with community members BUNS GMG, Chaos Incarnate and VÁ178 FTRD to ask them about their Av akin lives.


Talk to friends and spend time with my Fiancé, soon to be wife 6) Where is your fave hangout spot Kamala Restaurant or my club Chaos Underground.

Animal Print, Flat colors and sparkle clothes It simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Av akin Life as much as we do.

Therefore, we want to ensure that literally everything and anything Av akin related anybody wants to see is included and shared with the rest of the community. If you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos and posters, we would love to help.

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