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How To Impale Bitlife

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 11 min read

For those looking to complete the Vampire Challenge in Billie, you need to finish an array of tasks while you live your life in the game. The more complicated task in front of you is to impale three people in the game effectively.

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If you want to impale someone, you want to wait a little further in your life until you’re older, and you have plenty of money. If you don’t, you run the risk of being sent to jail where your chances of living go down quite a bit.

Plus, you run the risk of losing your house and other assets in Billie, which can prevent you from completing different challenges. But if you go for having a lot of money and keeping yourself healthy, you should be able to do this pretty effectively over time.

If you desire to impale someone, you desire to wait a bit additional in your life till you’re older, and you have lots of money We’re talking about in the millions of dollars in the game when we’re talking about plenty of money. Since of the high danger of this job, you desire to utilize all of your money to purchase the very best attorneys you have offered to you.

Plus, you run the danger of losing your house and other assets in Billie, which can avoid you from finishing various obstacles. Impaling a person is tough in the game If you go for having a lot of money and keeping yourself healthy, you ought to be able to do this quite efficiently over time.

When you start your character, look for a high health and happiness level to begin with. Smarts are helpful as well, because you are going to need some money to purchase the haunted house.

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I would also make sure you have a brother or sister when you're young because they are just about the only people you can bite unless you go to prison! It's likely safest to start in another country rather than live in Romania originally.

The reason for this is that there's a large chance you might end up in jail and have to escape. The most important part of this is to keep your happiness and health levels as high as you possibly can.

Hit the Gym, Meditate, and go for Walks every year to maintain your health. You can also go on a healthy diet later in life to keep yourself from losing too much of your Health numbers.

So, make sure to head to college or take up a career that can get you paid pretty well. Once you're of age, head to the Assets' menu option and select Go Shopping.

You will usually have the ability to select bite, if not then close Billie fully and re-open it. Once you find the Bite option, pick a location that isn't going to permanently hurt the person (toes, fingers, hips, etc).

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Make sure you do this while you are young because people will call the cops on you if you're older! IF they call the police or you get caught, you can immediately close Billie completely and re-open it.

Keep in mind that even after you've committed the murders and gotten away, you can still possibly get arrested later in life. In this guide, we will show you how to complete this mission, the last of which requires biting and impaling peoples.

Owing to the lucrative gameplay style and tons of amazing things to try out, this has quickly garnered praise from all the fans in no time. You could become a dentist, a farmer, or even an overnight social media star.

In this guide, we will list out all the requirements needed to be met to complete the Billie Vampire Challenge. However, if you are had already started the game and are living in some other place, simply emigrate to Romania.

Although in real life that is quite difficult, doing the same in Bit life is fortunately quite easy. Likewise, make sure to maintain a safe distance from drugs and alcohols and crimes that might land you in jail.

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Head over to the real estate market and look out for houses, and while searching, don’t forget to check out their description. It doesn’t matter if it is not 100 years old, just purchase alive in this house and wait for the time to pass.

However, if you aren’t able to find the house with such requirements, then refresh this real estate page next year and see if it is available then. As and when that is done, head over to the Crime section of Billie and chose the impaling option.

However, as you might have noticed the said feature belongs to the crime section, hence doing so will attract some negative consequences as well. One of the most common punishments after impaling someone is to send the offender to jail.

To escape from this punishment, make sure you have loads of money that could be used to hire the best lawyers in town. With that said, once you have bitten and impaled 3 people, you have completed this mission and the entire challenge also.

With this instruction, we conclude the guide on how to complete the Billie Vampire Challenge and its four associated missions. Source: Billie By Mustafa Gaillard There have been a few “life simulator” games that have hit it big.

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That's really just the first step in a bunch of different tasks you'll need to complete in order to officially satisfy all the necessary requirements for Vampires. Know that you've only got a few days to complete the challenge, too, so if you haven't gotten started, make sure you get your Bit Person to Romania if they're not already living in the Eastern Bloc country.

Biting and impaling people might get the cops on your tail, which will get you in trouble with the law, which will then force you to leave the country. Source: Twitter Living to 100 is a bit more difficult, make sure to go on plenty of walks, exercise, maintain a healthy diet (especially in your later years), meditate, and when your character gets sick, immediately head on over to a doctor instead of just trying to beat it yourself or delay the inevitable.

You can't be going around biting people when your character is older unless you're “rumbling” with folks in the prison yard, or else you'll get arrested. When you bite them, make sure you're picking a spot that won't hurt them: toes, fingers, etc.

If the impale selection isn't there, then, just like the “bite” trick, leave the game entirely and then relaunch the app until it appears. Attempts to impale them might result in the individual fighting back and killing you, the police finding out, or you just end up injuring them, and they get away.

OR if it does and you're not caught, rinse and repeat until you clock three impalement murders, you sicko. This text-based simulator for Android and iOS lets you live out the life of your character through a series of decisions.

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As soon as you enter the game, you should start thinking about how you want to go about making money for the rest of your life. For example, if you are born to parents with low generosity, they might not want to lend you a lot of money even if they have plenty of it.

Getting your own job gives you financial independence right away, but you won’t be making a lot of money. The choice is yours, just make sure you get the best job possible in order to fulfill all your other needs in life.

It could be fun to make random choices, but it isn’t advisable if you are trying to play the game seriously. If you want to be able to make crazy choices without throwing away your life’s work, you will need to be cautious about it.

Make sure you build up strong relationships and have a lot of money as well. If you feel like asking your spouse for a threesome, make sure your relationship is rock solid.

Low monthly expenses and a good job that pays six figures should do the trick. College is definitely a luxury option if you think about the loans you have to pay afterwards.

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However, skipping college will make certain job opportunities unavailable to your character. You do have the option to go back to college after some time, but you will have to quit your day job.

Unfortunately, even if you get promoted to the highest possible position, your salary will still have a ceiling that is considerably lower than those available to college graduates. One thing to note, however, is that getting a degree will only give you a chance at getting higher salaries.

If you are struggling to find a job after getting your degree, you can always sign up for the military. On top of that, you also have the chance to get promoted to General, which naturally has a much higher salary than the military positions available to non-degree holders.

Sometimes, puberty will do its magic and turn your ugly duckling into a beautiful young adult. The drain on your income and the strain on your character in having to juggle an additional relationship could get you into more trouble than it is worth.

If the craziness rating is high, there is a good chance that a random even will end your relationship. If your target spouse is significantly better looking than you, the chances of getting that person to love you back will be pretty low.

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Hit the gym, go to school, and study in the library until you become an acceptable mate for your target spouse. If you choose to attack, you could end up in jail even if the other person provoked you.

Otherwise, you could end up losing your job, all of your money, destroy your relationships, and worst of all, you could die young. All these are negative consequences that are not worth the benefits of trying out addictive substances, so it is best if you just steered clear of them.

Of course, if your goal is to live fast and die young, feel free to ignore this tip. For minor illnesses like a cold or food poisoning, you could just wait for them to go away naturally.

For example, if your character has schizophrenia, you will need to go to alternative doctors regularly, meditate, go to the gym, and spend a lot of time with your family and friends. There is always a chance of the treatment going horribly wrong, and you don’t want that added problem when you already have a serious illness to deal with.

You just need to find the time to study once a year in order to build up your character’s future. Studying once a year does not have immediate effects, but when you graduate from high school, you have a better chance of getting college scholarships.

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Going with Nursing, Information Systems, Medicine, and Politics could help you land jobs that pay a lot of money. High student loans could eat up your income for the rest of your life, so you might want to choose a different path if the one you are eyeing is too expensive.

If you were diligent enough, you could get a scholarship and forget about the student loan problem altogether. After you reach decent stats for each of your needs, you may be tempted to stop meditating, going to the gym, or studying in the library.

It also helps protect you from negative events and increase your chances of good encounters. For example, if you meditate regularly, you will have good mental health and will be able to avoid illnesses like schizophrenia.

If you continue to hit the books, you will have better chances of landing a good job. Keep working on your stats even if they are already good in order to maintain your quality of life.

If your job isn’t forcing you to retire, you can still ask for promotions or a raise even if your character is pretty old. Of course, if you married someone rich and you decide to divorce them, you also end up with a pretty good settlement.

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Even though the characters in the game are given specific tendencies, you can still choose a different sexual orientation. A character can have strong heterosexual tendencies but can still become gay or bisexual through the choices you make.

The odds of winning the lottery is pretty high compared to real life. It usually takes around four or five characters in order to win, but that is still a pretty good chance.

Doing so will give you a significant boost in happiness as well as improve your relationship with your family and friends. Just make sure you have internet connection before going to the movies because the game will need to access the ads online.

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