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How To Get Xp Avakin Life

Christina Perez
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 7 min read

cappuccino It's a shot of espresso along with some dry foam and chocolate sprinkles. Americano Kick-start your day with a shot of espresso topped up with hot water.

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Platte A sweet coffee drink with some espresso and with steamed milk. Orange Juice along with Grenadine makes it good for taste.

Bar Sliders: Three tasty mini burgers in brioche buns. Poolside Crush: Raspberry slush, topped up with lemonade and decorative fruit.

Mixed Bar Snacks: A delicious selection of olives, ssundriestomatoes, and nuts. CChicoDelight: Smooth melted chocolate.

Why not prepare for the thrills with a drink from the Juice Stand? popcornDelight: A delicious blend of soda, juice, and fruit to celebrate team popcorn.

Cotton Candy Delight: A tasty mix of lemonade, slush, and fruit to celebrate Team cotton Candy. It's an amazing beach with lots of beautiful Av akin girls there.

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Peach Iced Tea: Sip on something sweet with this sugary and refreshing iced tea...I Itcost you 4 Diamonds and provide you 18XP Cotton Candy Delight: A tasty mix of lemonade, slush, and fruit to celebrate team cotton Candy.

Tacoma: Savor this delicious soup brimming with shrimp and vegetables. Path no Tupi: Enjoy this hearty and traditional dish of duck in a leafy yellow sauce.

Corina: This tasty street cousin is made from chicken meat and fried dough. Coconut Water: This subtle, refreshing drink is just what you need on a warm day.

Carrasco: Feast on a rich selection of perfectly seasoned and grilled meats. Egypt's game in Avakinlife is really amazing for giving you the chance to get 200 Ava coins daily and provide you a different badge which shows just in Egypt Public Spot.

There are 5 Scarab pieces at Egypt adventure which always remains at the same place. You just need to search for the key for opening the main treasure chest.

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There are 5 Red Boxes in Egypt which have some tattoos and some other gifts along with some of them have Ava coin and Diamonds. One red Scarab piece has the Main key to open the Treasure chest.

Squatter: Join a friend apartment 50 times you will get1000XP Long Haul: Rack up 128 hours of game time you will get2000XP through it.

RSVP, send 5 Invites to friends to join your apartment then you will get1000XP Cream of the Crop, if you visit any public apartment were many other members in it then you will get50XP for it.

gossip Guru: if you're good at talking and you post 1000 chat messages then you will get2000XP Knock -2, Join a friend’s apartment for 5 times.

Conversationalist, post 100 chat messages you will 1000XP after completing it. Gatecrashing, spend 1 hour at a stranger's apartment.


Charity case, gift 3 items of furniture to friends, and by doing this you will 1000XP after completing the task. Interior Designer, buy 7 furniture items then you will get1000XP.

Thanks for Reaching here, if you like to know more about anything than just comment down what you want to know and share if you have another other tip for leveling up faster. Levelling up in AvakinLife can be a consistent process depending on your everyday activities in the game like socializing, purchasing, and even collecting all have to do with how fast you gain XP and level up.

Chatting with other players and being active in different social spots will definitely help with XP. The longer you stay in a room and interact the more 10 – 15 XP boosts you can receive.

You should always do your daily activities on AvakinLife, but once you are done you should definitely have fun with your friends and see where it takes you. Picking up a shift at Club Sundown is not only fun, but it can also help your XP boost.

Buying an apartment can be a lengthy process, but there are many perks while picking out the best ones that are worth your Ava coins. When buying an apartment, you are likely to receive 300 XP after purchasing, this can dramatically help you in the levelling process.

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Feeding your pets every day is very important to keep them in a good mood. Though it doesn’t matter what kind of mood they are in to receive your XP, you should always take care of them.

Our developers have rich experience in the hacking currency for mobile games. AvakinLife is permitted to play 3D virtual presence where you can talk, meet new mates, spruce up, and complete your own place.

Shop til’ you drop, make new mates, chat with new people, visit open pads, manage your pets, build new pieces of clothing, level up, use activities, buy furniture, and extensively more all in your second life, AvakinLife. You can win them, buy them with real money or you can use our AvakinLife Free coins hack.

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