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How To Get Bitlife Accessories

Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 8 min read

When players first load in Billie, they should instantly receive 2 for free, however after that, you need to finish any of the available live challenges taking place the game. Since these focus generally on being on your character’s face, we’re thinking the accessories will also consist of piercings, tattoos, lockets, and other clothes you can place on their head.

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They offer no additional gameplay benefit to your character, but they make them stand out with a unique item on their icon rather than the standard choices. When players first load in Billie, they should immediately receive two for free, but after that, you need to finish any of the available live challenges happening the game.

Because these focus mainly on being on your character’s face, we’re guessing the accessories will also include piercings, tattoos, necklaces, and other attire you can place on their head. Billie accessories will first be available on iOS, but Android users should expect it to arrive in the future.

It is something new that we can obtain, which in reality is not about earning any benefit for us, only that it will be relevant as a unique object among the options available, being these holidays and entertaining, at the time of which we load the games we will win 2 instantly totally free, only later we need to complete any of the challenges that will be presented to us live, now if we want to understand how to get accessories, let's pay attention to the following content. Among the many possibilities with accessories we have sunglasses, hats or themes that are directly related to certain events or updates, we may choose this in the activities section, this option is at the top, taking Keep in mind that the only thing we have are clothes and sunglasses to choose from, later this can change when expanded, the focus of this is towards the face of our character, it is possible that among the things to add are piercings, tattoos, necklaces and more outfits for the face, it should be noted that these accessories were first available on iOS.

This challenge is all about relying on luck in most, if not all scenarios from your time of birth to the day your character dies, and as far as we can see, it’s a pretty easy one to complete. Again, if that’s where the finger points after you tap on “surprise me,” then work harder to reduce your chances of getting fired the next time you hit on the Age button.

You can go to the club, though it will be up to Billie as well to decide whether you’re going to get into a brawl with that rude customer or hook up with the random person you met while out dancing and drinking. Show business jobs like Singer and Actor are also good options if you have very high Looks and at least decent Smarts, so you could go down that route as well.


These are oftentimes tangible signs of success, but for the purposes of this Billie challenge, you’ll have a much better chance of earning that surprise a million if you, as much as possible, stay away from relationships and don’t buy any property that could depreciate! By staying single, you avoid the possibility of having kids, which could take its toll on your bank balance and thus, your assets.

So, you can play in numerous ways to get different ribbons. After completion of the game, you can check what ribbon you have earned under the cemetery in the main menu.

There are 40 different ways to play the game to get different types of ribbons. So, here are the numerous ways to play and earn all the Billie Ribbons.

Before starting the list, let me tell you that you have to make sure not to exceed your activity in other parts. Just follow this Billie Ribbons list, and earn whatever you want.

You need to bet a lot and don’t earn too much money from gambling. Don’t take the rehab offer, and keep your health a little low to die quickly because of addictions.

To get the Barbie Girl ribbon in Billie, you have to play the game as a female or a transgender. The major part of this life is you have to get plastic surgery several times.

Avoid mainstream established industry jobs like singing. Graduate from High School and get a degree related to business like Mathematics, Finance, Information system, etc.

Get the highest position available in the organization and you have to maintain your net worth over 20 million. And yes, you have to adopt cats and take care of them by spending most of your time with them.

Spend your life like this and get the Cat Lady Ribbon in Billie. To get this Billie Ribbon, you have to commit a crime in the game and end up in jail.

When you escape, get a sex change operation and go to a foreign country. If you get caught somehow, escape from prison and continue your Deadly life.

Try to make your family happy by giving them gifts and all. Don’t earn too much money, just a decent amount will work fine here.

Avoid divorce and activities that end you up in jail. Remember major keys, one wife with at least two kids, a decent job, and make them happy throughout your life.

Avoid more than three kids otherwise, it will end up with a ‘Fertile’ ribbon. You can become an actor, singer, model, chef, or writer or you can have a great social media following (at least 1 million).

To get a ‘Fertile’ ribbon, you need to adopt or give birth to at least eight kids in Billie. You have to give gifts to every family member from the beginning.

Get a part-time job to gift small things initially to each member. You need to show appreciation and avoid arguments with your loved ones to achieve this ‘Generous’ badge.

You have to be an immortal kind of person by living for more than 100 years in the Billie game. Visit the gym regularly and stay fit.

You need to be an unemployed person and earn by stealing from stores and performing freelance gigs. Go to the dating app, target older people with great wealth.

It would be great if you propose to your partner at a cheap wedding. You can also achieve this by being a good human and try to save someone’s life without any help from police or fire service.

You have to enter this field by making a good amount of money. This repeated process should be done at least 10 times to acquire this ribbon.

Don’t spend a lot of time in jail otherwise, you will get a different ribbon unexpectedly. After you become 13, board the social media and post there frequently.

You have to go viral a few times and gain lots of followers. If you have thousands of subscribers on your YouTube channel, monetize it, and become verified.

Spend the majority of your life in prison and die there. Remember that don’t escape too many times otherwise, you will be rewarded by the Houdini ribbon.

Just spend your life by h9itting the age button over and over until you die. This achievement requires 20 million dollars of earning.

Avoid drinks, drugs, and bad relationships. Buy houses, renovate them, sell them, and make a profit of over 1 million dollars.

You need to make sure that you visit movie theaters at least 20 times a year. If you performed well in studies then go for very high profile jobs.

Keep your net worth under a million and purchase at least 20 exotic animals. Complete the game as a Tuscon or Miami-born app developer, Tester, or Mogul.

You can also choose to die of a disease at a young age. Cheat on your partner, spread STD, and abandon your kids and pets.

Convince people from the nightclub to attempt a three-way with you and your partner. To complete this, make sure you choose a partner with high crazy stats.

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