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How To Get Avakin Coins

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 22 min read

Actually, if you use any tricks then it’s a risk on your account to be banned from Av akin communities. 1) Tap joy This is the community that has the copyright of advertising on Av akin life game, Tap joy advertising others application and many things which help the user to earn Ava coin and av akin life get money from them.

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Street café and other spot are available in Av akin where you can work and earn money through it. Folk who had lots of funds they love spending their money on Av akin for buying everything.

4) Create Instagram You can earn through Instagram by completing challenge what Av akin life official give other, even though many other Av akin Instagram make a game (Giveaway) of posting their picture of the timeline and if someone wins it they got wings and whatever they want as per the cash they advertised of. It’s quite easy, you just need to watch ads video and after that, you can open mystery boxes.

If you already have those things for paying it for full prices and seeing it prices fall down to half rate then probably you feel bad but if you got a chance of buying anything for half rate then you feel amazing for buying it for profit. In addition, you can join another place and ask others for knowing the key location, I found many people are very helpful.

7) Av akin Fashion You can easily earn coins if you’re good in fashion or design, I saw many people earn lots of coins from it. You can participate in gold free of cost but you need to wear something which is compulsory to take photo shoot.

Spot an official 24k member, post a pic for a chance to win newly released Iron outfits! ! Best Tips for making lots of Ava coins in Av akin life.

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People are generally creating new Ava coins for gifting their main account apartment and earning coins by doing trades usually. If you just work on your new account for an hour daily for making coins like for joining in the contest and playing Egypt along with for making some effort for getting XP then you easily get 30,000 in a month without doing much.

2: Collecting Diamonds daily helps you for making coins by trading it. 6: Participate in the Fashion contest and play Egypt for earning Ava coins daily.

8: Daily bonus wheel is opened 3 times in a day, you need to see when it'll available again for you along with ads one also available after that and the 3rd one available after 7 hours. Thanks for visiting here, I hope these things will help you in playing Av akin life.

You want to hang out, you want to work and lead a family or even build a business. But unfortunately not everyone can fully enjoy the game when the lack of coins or gems begins.

To getAvakin Life free coins, use the developed manual. You can easily getAvakin Life Ava coins for free online you do not need to download any files.

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Today we have got for you Av akin Life Hack, which is a professional creation that allows players to get free diamonds and coins to play on the highest possible level! Today we have got for you Av akin Life Hack, which is a professional creation made for everyone, who really wants to play on the highest possible level without the need of purchasing extra premium stuff.

One is responsible for generating the infinite number of coins, the second one provides you all the diamonds you desire. Except for that, app includes special securities like SLL protection, certificates, and of course widely known proxy servers.

This is specifically designed to make your play more exciting and adventurous as you go along with each game level. If that’s so, you can learn from these Av akin Life cheats to ensure that you will level up your game in no time.

Now, follow these instructions to get unlimited resources for ultimate gaming adventures with Av akin. You can use Windows, iOS, or Android mobile phone to connect your game account to the software.

If you’re using Mac, Notebook, or PC laptop, use the USB cable to connect your computer to the device. Important reminder: after connecting the device, make sure to open your game.

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Once the data is read, you can now click the Connect button to start getting gems and coins for your Av akin Life game account. The beauty of Av akin Life hacks is that you can choose how many coins and gems you want to generate.

These unlimited gems and coins will surely help you defeat your enemies and overcome every challenge that comes your way. This is specifically designed to make your play more exciting and adventurous as you go along with each game level.

If that’s so, you can learn from these Av akin Life cheats to ensure that you will level up your game in no time. Now, follow these instructions to get unlimited resources for ultimate gaming adventures with Av akin.

You can use Windows, iOS, or Android mobile phone to connect your game account to the software. If you’re using Mac, Notebook, or PC laptop, use the USB cable to connect your computer to the device.

Important reminder: after connecting the device, make sure to open your game. Once the data is read, you can now click the Connect button to start getting gems and coins for your Av akin Life game account.

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The beauty of Av akin Life hacks is that you can choose how many coins and gems you want to generate. These unlimited gems and coins will surely help you defeat your enemies and overcome every challenge that comes your way.

AVA KIN LIFE is an Android game with a release date of 12/10/2013 from Lockwood Publishing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers “answers to gamers” questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game.

You have complete freedom to enjoy the game the way you want. A huge selection of fashionable clothes for your character; Communication with players from all over the world; Thematic and seasonal public places where you can make friends; The ability to make your apartment available to all players, only to friends or completely closed; Tools for the decoration of the apartment; Café and bar to earn Ava coins.

Developers are constantly working on updates in the game. To keep abreast of events, join the official community game on social networks VKontakte.

To go to the store, click on the corresponding icon in the top menu. Clothing, animations and poses for your character, furniture and Perkins to decorate your apartments.

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Some kits appear for a limited time or include exclusive products, do not forget to check them. Some products in Av akin Life are represented by real brands.

Av akin Life always has links to online stores where you can purchase real goods. Ava coins can also be won in the Mysterious Box and social media contests.

Ava coins can be bought directly in the store, which can be accessed by clicking on your balance in the upper left corner. Username; Your real location (country and city); Game version (Settings> set of numbers in the corner on the left after CLI build); Where were you in the game when the error occurred (apartment, public place); Make and model of the device; Connection Type (Wi-Fi / 4G / 3G); Describe the problem; What did you do when the problem arose.

Being in the main menu, the so-called wardrobe, on the left you will see tabs, one of them will be “Invite friends”. Or click the profile button in the top menu bar> Friends tab> Invite.

The “Walls” and “Floors” tabs will appear in front of you, allowing you to change their color. Level up by earning XP (experience points).

avakin lockwood amazon

Some products can be built in a construction machine or obtained from the Mysterious Box by looking at advertisements in which Ava coins, crystals, and unique products can be served. Go to your apartment; Click on the “i” icon from the vertical menu on the left; Click “Apartment Photos”; Take a photo; Click “Set as apartment photo” in the lower left corner.

When you switch to photo mode, you will be asked to use filters. When you select the one you like, click “Set as apartment photo” in the lower left corner.

Go to the location and select the globe icon in the chat window. Click on the “Messages” button in the upper panel; Open the “Messages” tab in the menu on the left; Press and hold the Messages tab on the left until the Read and Delete and Delete All pop-ups appear.

Av akin Life is available on platforms such as Android, Apple, Amazon mobile devices, and the Facebook Game room on PC. You will not be deducted funds until the user accepts the gift.

You will not be able to give gifts until you reach level 6 or make a purchase in the application itself. In accordance with the Terms of Service established in the game, developers will not return such a product to you or replace it with another.

avakin amazon lockwood

The gender icon is displayed at the bottom of the vault screen, and you can click it to change it. When sending a request to the support service, indicate your username, the username of the other player to whom the item was presented, and the name of the item you intended to give.

Go to the apartment in which your Petain lives; Click on your Petain; Select “Interact” from the list of actions; Select Water, Food, or Affection to increase the corresponding counter. Actions can be performed while time is running on the timer.

Go to the apartment in which you wanted your Petain to live; Open the apartment editing mode from the menu on the left; Select the category “Perkins”; Drag the mat of your favorite Petain within the furniture grid; Click “Save.” If the problem persists, send a bug report to the player support team.

Due to technical features, at the moment Perkins cannot leave the apartment. When you play Av akin Life, SHOUT cast broadcasts music to your device.

Some stations may be blocked, depending on the country of residence. Go to the apartment in which you would like to use SHOUT cast; Open the apartment editing mode; Select the tab “Streaming music”; Drag the SHOUT cast broadcast device to your favorite location; Save; Click on the broadcast device to display the menu; Select Interact.

avakin wwgdb games played loft

Your SHOUT cast player is paused for the duration of the editing mode due to the technical features of the game. As soon as you leave the editing mode, the player will start playing again.

Your guests cannot change the radio stations in your apartment. But all these changes will remain invisible to both the owner of the apartment and the rest of the guests.

Like any other streaming service, SHOUT cast can transfer large amounts of data. Make sure the Streaming Music option is enabled in Av akin settings; Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection; Leave the apartment and return to it again; Reboot Av akin Life; Check the SHOUT cast website, there may be technical problems with the service itself.

Items that can be built in a construction vehicle are marked with a blue icon in the store. Find an item in the store with a blue construction machine icon; Select an item; Click on the blue button with the construction machine icon located on the right; Click Build to begin building the item.

A yellow token reduces construction time by 1 hour. A blue token reduces construction time by 1 day. When an item is completed, it is automatically added to your inventory. Please check carefully.

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If you look at the list of apartments in the store, you will understand in which apartments you can change the color of walls and floors using the icon with the paint roller icon. You need to purchase Sh outcast radio in the store to play music.

After that, you can decorate and equip the apartment to your taste by buying your favorite furniture and decor items in the store. You can also chat with friends and send messages while in your apartment. You can view each item that is currently in the apartment by clicking on the corresponding icon in the menu (image of a chair and a magnifying glass). Next you will see all the items that are currently in the apartment.

This scale shows how much free “virtual space” in your apartment. If the scale is red, then you have reached the limit on the number of furniture.

Perhaps you have accumulated a lot of incoming messages, try deleting a few to free up some memory. Contact the support service by clicking on the red button “Contact Us”, indicating your username (nickname), the name of the item that is missing, the device on which you play and any other important information.

Double check that you are trying to find an item in the correct category. If there really is no item, contact customer support by clicking on the red Contact Us button, indicating your username (nickname), the name of the item that was missing, the time of purchase, and any other important information.

ourworld android

Sometimes it may take several hours to reward a completed assignment. Performing one task several times will not give you the opportunity to receive several awards.

If you have not received your coins after a certain time, contact Tap Joy customer support: In the upper right corner; Click “Tap Joy Offers”; Click on the icon in the upper left corner to open the menu; Select “Reward Status”.

If you have any questions or don’t get a coin in a few hours, click on a task that doesn’t work properly and use the “Request Support” button to send a message to Tap Joy support. Go to the Café on 23rd Street, where you need to line up for the post of barista.

Go to the Sundown Club to become a bartender when the place is empty. Fulfill orders made by customers and paid for by crystals and Ava coins.

Avowals can be exchanged at ATMs for Ava coins, which can be found both in Café on 23rd Street and in the Sundown Club. Head to the Café on 23rd Street; Click on the white-blue schedule icon on the wall; Click Get started” to start working immediately or to queue; You will be notified when it is time to start your shift; Chat with customers, offer them drinks; Check the received orders by clicking on the bell in the left corner of the menu; Click on the coffee machine to see the entire list of drinks; Select a drink from the list and click “Prepare”; When the drink is ready, click “Collect”; Contact the client and select “Submit”; Click on the cupboard with pastry; Select a product and click “Collect”; Contact the customer and select Submit.

Click on the character working as a bartender or barista to open the menu; Select “Place an order”; Select a product from the menu, click “order”. Away is the currency you can earn by working at Av akin Life.

Arawaks can be exchanged for Ava coins at an ATM in Café on 23rd Street or at Sundown Club. Stay behind the bar during the shift, otherwise the change will end.

Then you can buy your favorite set and activate it by clicking on the shopping cart icon. At the moment, you can not yet combine the different parts of the animations.

In this game you will find yourself in a huge space where you need to look for chests. The main goal is to find all 5 parts of the scarab, which are hidden in different chests throughout the scene.

As soon as you collect all 5 parts, you can open a special scarab chest, in which there may be even more rare and valuable prey. You also have a chance to find a special key that will allow you to go to the next level.

Dress up, win prizes and compete with friends so that you are recognized as the most fashionable in Av akin. Show everyone your style by creating incredible images from the things that are already in your wardrobe or borrow from thousands of available ones, as real stylists do.

Surprise the crowd and you can win Ava coins and stellar power to flaunt all mod’s status. By voting for the most stylishly dressed characters in each contest.

Collect XP during the game and add unique products to your wardrobe. You can get into fashion games through the main panel in the menu above or through the tab “Fashion Competition” to the left of your character in the main menu.

After that you need to choose a level (bronze, silver, gold). Depending on what level you have chosen, a certain set of things will be available to you.

Things are sorted into categories and subcategories like in a game store. After confirming your application, you can share this with your friends on social networks to advertise your participation in the contest.

Choose your favorite character image (do not worry, you can change it later). Enter the username (nickname) to check if it is free or use random name selection (it can also be changed later).

Click “Not Yet” if you want to return to the character selection menu. After starting the game you need to give permission to write data to the device’s memory.

There are 2,000 questions in the game, divided into five categories: music, celebrities, fashion, films and entertainment. Questions range from super simple to extremely complex.

50/50 removes one of the incorrect answers to leave only two to choose from. Players who do not play the quiz can observe the participants and discuss questions, but cannot answer any of them.

Participation in the quiz costs 1 Ava coin, which is then not refundable. The participant must answer the questions in several rounds correctly in order to win prizes.

To play, select one answer from three options before the countdown timer ends. If you answer the question incorrectly, then the game ends.

First, make sure the video recording function is enabled in the Av akin Life settings menu. After starting the video recording function, the control buttons will appear on the screen along with your front camera and microphone audio preview.

If you do not want your face to be recorded, you can disable this feature by clicking on the camcorder icon. Before you start recording, you will be given a 3-second countdown so that you can prepare for shooting.

During recording, you will see a red “REC” symbol in the upper left corner of your scene. You can do this by paying a fee to Ava coins, which will increase each time you collect a reward in advance.

Click on the “Profile” button in the upper panel; Click on the “Username” field; Enter a new username; Confirm changes. To discuss this situation, contact support using the “Challenge Lock” feature.

Each account lockout and suspension is considered individually. Most likely you became a victim of “phishing”, the so-called network fraud.

If your account is blocked / suspended, you are not entitled to a refund. If you have not played Av akin Life for 365 days and have not made in-app purchases, your username will automatically become “AbandonedUserXXX”.

If you log into the game again after 365 days of skipping, you will have the opportunity to change the username again for free. In this case, an additional free nick change is not provided.

Switching to this mode, you have more chances to be in the same community with people speaking the same language as you. Av akin currently supports 11 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian and Chinese.

Switch to international mode in public locations to meet people speaking the same language with you. Good graphics and a lot of content in Av akin Life require a very powerful device.

Devices with low technical specifications will support the game, but will not reveal the beauty of this application. The power of the device directly affects how attractive the game looks.

Some products appear in the store for a limited time. The game does not give gifts to individual players, Asia will be unfair to the rest.

You need to bind the current account to a valid e-mail or one of the services such as Facebook, Google Play, Game Center, Game Circle in the Av akin Life settings menu. Developers are trying to reproduce objects from the world of fashion as close to real ones as possible.

The number of commercials available to open the Mysterious Box is determined by your location. If there are no commercials to view, you can open a limited number of boxes for crystals.

If you click on “Free Ava coins” in the upper right corner, the Free option will be grayed out, the option to purchase the Mysterious Box for 100 Ava coins will still be available. It is forbidden to sell / transfer / exchange accounts.

Accounts of users who systematically violate the rules will be blocked. XL scenes accommodate up to 16 users, inclusive (available on devices with higher specifications).

While in the same location as the player, click on his character and select “Inspect” from the list of suggested actions. Open your player’s profile and click the magnifying glass T-shirt icon.

Go to the location; Open the photo mode; Take a photo; Scroll through the “Text” mode (top line in the menu on the left); Edit the top and bottom text of the meme; Select “Save to device” or “Share photo” to show your meme to everyone. Go to the apartment; Click on the flat editing mode icon (depicted as a chair with a pencil); Select the category you would like to work with.

Drag the item you like from the category into the furniture grid on the screen. Move the furniture along the grid and release it so that the object falls into place.

You can place small objects on tables by dragging them to the surface. Only file a complaint if a player is aggressive or violates the Av akin Life rules.

Discrimination; Phishing (user asks for your account details); Discussion of ways to hack the game. If a false complaint is discovered, action will be taken with respect to your account.

Player complaints are reviewed and analyzed individually, so this can take some time. If a violation is detected, the user may receive a warning, a temporary suspension of the account or a complete ban.

Due to some features of Av akin Life, people over 13 years old are allowed into the game. Age restrictions apply to protect children.

The fee for changing the username (nickname) is charged in order to avoid situations when players, using the system, begin to chase other players. Before changing your username (nickname), please make sure that it completely suits you. At the moment, developers are focused on working only with Av akin Life.

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