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How To Fix Rust Holes Without Welding

Daniel Brown
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Thanks to modern chemistry and manufacturing, we now have two-part epoxy panel adhesives that are strong and flexible enough to bond metals together more or less permanently. Having tried everything from trusty old Bond to welding in steel, this was my first time using panel adhesives (unless all those tubes of Testers model cement count).

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Mike BumbeckMy target here was non-structural steel-to-steel repair, the expected end result being somewhere in between exquisite hand-hammered Italian coachwork and the standard New England Tiger Hair skimmed over expanding foam hack and pack. Following some quick work with a Sharpie and cutoff wheel, a perforated steel and Bond sandwiches littered my workspace floor.

Mike BumbeckNext up I used a pneumatic flanking tool that clamped its offset jaws onto the steel and gnawed around the hole so the steel patch had a recessed contact patch to sit flush in the adhesive for minimum body filler work. As there are no ready-made patch panels or skins for the mighty Montero, I fabled up some one-off templates with a Sharpie, poster board, and protractor for angle measurements.

Mike BumbeckMike BumbeckWe used every clamp I had access to, from Vise-Grips to hose forceps with some masking tape on the contact points. My prevailing theory was that masking tape would be easier to grind off the metal than a clamp.

After some grinding with a 24-grit resin sanding wheel on a four-inch grinder, the patch was ready for a skim coat of body filler, primer, and finish paint. Fiberglass fender flares or an aluminum NACA duct to a steel body, for instance.

Did You Know Repair or Fixing rustholeswithoutwelding is possible? We Know Metal surfaces are lush, but if the tormenting air brings forth the rusting, it can turn into a nightmare for the owner. Imagine you have bought the most needed washing machine, and after four months, this rust hole appears, enlarging every moment.

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You can fix the rusted metal part without welding at home, just by using a few things. In this article, we will discuss how one can fix the rusting hold by using fiberglass sheets and metal mesh.

Rusting is when there is a slight scratch on the polished metal surface, and the humid air carrying the high oxygen content reacts with the iron, making the iron-oxides that is the rust. It is not something you can stop with some average solutions; you need to conduct a proper operation to prevent rust.

The best part about fixing the rusted piece of a metal is the slow re-rusting process. So, if you feel that you can easily buy all the needed stuff, go for fixing it yourself instead of relying on somebody else.

During the lockdown period, you can order the bonding materials and polish solutions through some online shopping stores or buy them from reliable sources. Get sandpaper and rub it on the damaged surface; this way, you will remove all the rusted parts.

You can attach the sandpaper to the drill machine and then use it to clean the rust. It can rash your skin, and you should wear plastic gloves while you fill them in.

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It would help if you had a spatula to put over the Bond glass fillers; these are a thick version of fiberglass. While fixing all these things together, keep in mind to set the orbital sander with a speed of 100 rotations so that you can finish the work faster.

After getting the desired shape, you should wipe off the dust and not start the sanding step unless you are sure that it is extremely dry. Now, once you are done, to make it even stronger, you should start applying the regular Bond Body filler.

Priming is essential; otherwise, the metal piece will not look great even after removing the rust. The last step is to use the metal wax, make sure that the spatula or cloth you are using for the polish is dry.

Mostly, people think that a slightly wet spoon would not harm while applying wax, but it is incredibly useless. Because the wax coating is underlined with a water layer, the metal will again start rusting.

You can skip this step if you feel it, okay, but waxing is as essential as priming on a lighter note. If you see a small patch of rusted iron, then the simplest way to clean it is by painting and polishing it.

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Coat it nicely and correctly, now put on some polish to give a more superior look. The metal piece is ready, and you can use it for an extended period.

Always use gloves while you put the fiberglass or Bond solutions; they are incredibly sticky, which can prove very annoying. While spraying the paint, cover the body of the metal with newspaper or plastic sheets.

This way, even if the paint is not matching still, you can make a great design without disturbing the metal piece’s original color. Always read reviews about the products you are using, and do not purchase them without expert opinions, especially if it is your first experience.

If you feel that this is the need of the hour and without welding, you can fix your favorite rusted metallic pieces, then what are you waiting for? Attach a 60-grit flapper wheel to a 4.5-inch angle grinder and put on your safety glasses.

Pull the trigger of the angle grinder and run the spinning 60-grit flapper wheel over the rusted area of the metal. You need to mix enough two-part epoxy putty to cover an area at least twice as large as the rust you need to repair.

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If left unchecked, rust can quickly eat through the surface of carbon based metals. If left unchecked, rust can eat through the metal, resulting in a hole.

Two-part epoxies are designed for this purpose and when applied to a clean surface, the final repair will be undetectable after painting. I know the proper way to fill this hole is to weld in a new piece of metal.

This small hole is on factory bows and I noticed it there after getting it media blasted. Would you recommend filling the hole with a little JB stick weld epoxy, bond, or solder? I know the proper way to fill this hole is to weld in a new piece of metal.

This small hole is on factory bows and I noticed it there after getting it media blasted. Would you recommend filling the hole with a little JB stick weld epoxy, bond, or solder? If it isn't painted yet, run it up to anywhere that has a welder with a dozen donuts.

Same elevation as that out on the door seal area, right in the middle of that large pit is one...tiny now but still a hole. The one you are concerned about is going through from the inside. Yes very much but as soon as someone lights up on that, it's going to open up to two or three times the size it is now.


My local stores only stock the liquid version. Poke it with an awl to find the thin spots, cut them out and weld in a new strip.

A quick and easy fix is to spotless to bare metal of all rust ruff the area a bit then slightly dimple the hole inward. Cut a piece of metal window screen to fit into the dimple so that it is slightly below the area surrounding area of the dimple and pressing against the metal and covering the hole.

Once the filler is set sand flush with surrounding metal and finish like you would normally do with body work I've used epoxy putty for small holes and it seems to hold up where there is no stress.

It comes in a plastic tube, cut off a small amount, kneed it for a couple of minutes, and work it in. It sets up in just a few minutes and sands easily and takes paint well.

Blue painters paint behind it works well, let dry sand flush, remove tape................. As we say when doing code work, grind till the defect goes away or you see the light of day.

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Problem is I bought mine years ago when it was about $15-$20, not the $33 shown here. An epoxy putty with ability to pull all moisture out of rust to stop it would have been real cool.

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