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How To Do The Bitlife Groupie Challenge

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 17 October, 2020
• 7 min read

All you have to do is sign up for any social media pages and make a Billie video. You can do this over the entire time of your life, so feel free to do it when your social media account has plenty of followers, making these video numbers extremely easy to reach.

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To do this, you need to apply for the Billie job in the game, which means your character needs to stud the computer science education track while living in Miami to become an application developer. Once you graduate, try to apply for the Jr. App Developer position, and see if it’s Billie.

You can refresh it several times until the people offering a job is to work for the application. Once you have the job, you can complete the final objective, which is to marry any Billie team members.

Find one you’d do well with, make some casual conversation, hang out, or attempt to give them any gifts. Good luck completing this challenge in the allotted time.

A new BitLifeChallenge asks you to be a groupie and the journey involves a lot of things that you must do correctly. Here, we will give you all the tips and tricks you need to complete the GroupieChallenge easily.

You need to be from Miami, Florida because that is where the Billie company Candy writer Studios HQ is located. Next, you have to study hard and graduate school with flying colors.

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As far as career goes, you have to join a tech related University course such as Computer Science. After you are done with college, join Billie as a Junior App Developer.

You can either restart the app or increase your age to see if this job opportunity shows up. You have to ensure that you don’t get fired from the job so you need to work hard.

Initiate conversations with them and boost your relationship to a high level. While you are here, check out our other mobile game guides on Gamer Tweak.

Start by being born in Miami, Florida, as this is the headquarters' location for Candy writer Studios, the company behind Billie. Make sure to get good grades and study through High School.

Go to college and get a computer science degree or anything in the tech field. Being an app developer will allow you to join the Billie team down the line.

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Post Billie videos to your YouTube account every year. After graduating from college, you can start looking for jobs as a Junior App Developer.

After securing the job, work hard to become a valuable part of the company and not get fired. Look through the job menu under Junior App Developers and find coworkers who might make a good mate.

Keep building a relationship with a Billie coworker and save up money so you can afford an engagement ring. The latest challenge Candy writer launched is called the GroupieChallenge, and while its description makes reference to Yoko Ono, you don’t have to be a famous rock star to complete it.

Instead, this challenge focuses on the few real-life elements baked into the game, specifically the fact that you can get a job at Candy writer and share the same office space with the same people (albeit in NPC form) that helped create Billie and make it the enduring hit it currently is. But if you haven’t, or if you aren’t familiar with how to get it, this ribbon is awarded if you get a job with Candy writer, which has offices in Tucson, Arizona and Miami, Florida.

If you get the job, you’ve completed the first main requirement of the GroupieChallenge by joining the Candy writer or Billie team, respectively depending on whether you chose Tucson or Miami as your birthplace. But if you want to speed up the process and go from mere double-digit views to quadruple digits, we suggest buying 5,000 subscribers for $145 on either platform.

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The other three networks are merely optional, and we would, in fact, recommend leaving them as is so you could concentrate on posting TikTok and YouTube content. If you haven’t hit the magic 1,000 mark at that point, you certainly will once you reach celebrity status as an app developer, so don’t fret if you somehow forgot to pay close attention to your social media activity while trying to complete this challenge.

You will want a pretty smart Citizen for when you start, but the most important part of this is to make sure you are born in Miami, Florida. You will now want to make sure to go to University and find a major that will lead you to becoming an App Developer.

This is Computer Science or any other scientific major that sounds tech based. Computer Science is a guarantee, so if you want to be sure you get a chance to work at Billie, then close out of your app fully if you don't see it as a selected major.

Now that you have the position, make sure to work hard so you don't lose the job! Once you've selected your person, start talking to them and get your relationship stats up with them.

Maintain that relationship and age up a couple of years to compile some money. You should now be able to buy a Diamond Ring over 1 carat so that you can propose to your significant other.


You have to take into account how special it is how to complete the Groupie challenge you must complete a series of challenges; Get 1000 views in one video, work for the Billie team, Marry someone from the Billie teammate these requirements are completed, the first step is to register on any social media page and make a Billie video. To do this, you need to apply for the Billie job in the game, in other words your character needs to study computer science education career while living in Miami to become an app developer. Once he graduates, try to apply for the Jr. app developer position and see if it's Billie.

You can check who will be the employer just below the career choice when you click on it. You can update it multiple times until the people offering a job work for the app.Once you have the job, you can complete the ultimate goal, which is to marry any member of the Billie team.

Search among any of your classmates that you think you get along best with and strike up an informal conversation, hang out, or try to give them a gift. Now that you know how to complete the Groupie challenge in Billie you can follow this guide to make the steps easier, the only detail is that you will have a limited time, so if you want to complete it, you should start with that.

To join the Billie team, the first step you need to take is to get born in Miami, Florida(USA). Tap the main menu button on the upper-left side start a new life choose the country and place; Miami, USA.

The next step to join the Billie team is to enroll in the Computer Science program at the university. If you are born in Miami, you will be able to apply for the jr. app developer job at the Billie team.

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We all know how difficult it is to complete New Year’s Resolutions in real life but it is quite easy in Billie. To complete Resolution Challenge in Billie, you simply need to do a few things in the same year.

To do so, you will need to head into Activities and then Mind & Body section and select the gym option from the menu. The third thing you need to do is go into the Mind and & Section and then select the book option from the menu.

The next thing you need to do complete the Resolution challenge in Billie is to go into the Mind and Body section and Tao in the Meditate option.

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