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How To Do The Bitlife Gold Digger Challenge

Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Earlier this year, Candy writer introduced something that arguably added some major staying power to its most popular game. By that, we’re talking about the Challenges feature for Billie, which, since the feature’s launch, has asked players to give birth to 26 children (or more) with their names starting with each letter of the alphabet, get rid of 10 spirits at home as an Exorcist, and become parent to seven redheads while earning a ton of money as an Irish Citizen.

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So what’s the latest challenge for players of the immensely popular life simulator game for iOS and Android? As the game explains, this is your chance to become rich beyond your wildest dreams without ever finding gainful employment.

Don’t get in trouble at school, get good grades, ignore bullies and troublemakers, and avoid the temptation to play hooky. Once you reach the right minimum age (depending on your country), pass the driver’s license test so that way, your parents will reward you with a new car for being good and ensuring that your relationship remains solid.

), your best bet is to sell the car your parents gave you so you can buy a ring to propose to your partner. Knowing that they have a high net worth, they will want to protect their hard-earned money, and by that, it means demanding that you sign a prenuptial agreement before the two of you tie the knot.

In order to avoid this, you can either quit the game once prompted about your spouse’s death and restart it so you can go back to the previous year and divorce them. To this end, going bust repeatedly at the Casino’s blackjack games is a fast and easy way to reduce your net worth before playing the field once again and looking for another rich guy or girl to marry.

Our test Citizen was close to 80 by the time she’d made her one millionth dollar as a serial divorcee. We would recommend making this the last part of the challenge, as buying it too early could result in your flashy new Italian ride no longer working by the time you’ve reached the $1 million mark in terms of settlement money.

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I would recommend starting in a country that is know for being 1st world and having a lot of money. Once you get to 18 and out of high school, you can start going to the Love menu and using the Dating App.

Max out the age limit and the desired income option. Once you've got your prospective significant other, go ahead and lay on the charm.

Use the Compliment, Conversation, Movie Theater, Spend Time, and Make Love options with them. The old age method is safer, but you need to get divorced a few times, so we need to make it quick.

You will then repeat this process a few times until you've accumulated a million dollars. You should also have enough money at this point to purchase a Lamborghini from a Car Dealer.

Challenges are worldwide goals done a few times each month with players around the globe. Note : This section might be outdated; as of September 7th, 2020, archived challenges no longer show up in the game.

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Billie added the Archived Challenges Catalog on iOS on April 5, 2021, and is not available on Android yet. The Alphabet, Ghostbusters, Shamrock, GoldDigger, and Black Widow challenges are Archived.

Encounter a ghost Carve a scary jack-o-lantern Give a child some candy Go out in a costume ?? Candy writer has been on a roll since releasing Billie late in 2018, as the massively popular life simulator for iOS and Android devices has arguably been the best in its genre for well over a year and counting.

On Sunday, Candy writer launched the latest challenge in a growing series of limited-time tasks or quests that have been helpful in keeping players coming back to the game on a regular basis. This time, they took to the dark side, as the Black Widow Challenge requires you to create a female character, then have them kill each of their six husbands right after making love to them.

In the recent GoldDiggerChallenge, the matter of prenuptial agreements was quite an important one, because signing one would prevent you from getting any money from your ex once either party files for divorce. Drive-by shootings and pushing someone down the stairs or off a cliff have a fairly high success rate without your character getting caught or the victim turning the tables on you, while other methods, such as Fastball to Head and Atomic Wedgie, tend to yield a much lower batting average.

We're going to need to work as a clown, prank someone for many years, and call someone a fool. Age up your character and either just graduate High School or drop out when it's a possible option.

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Once you have the job, be sure to use the Work Harder option each year to keep your performance up. You can only prank people you aren't related to, so make sure you have at least a couple of friends growing up.

Make sure to keep your character healthy by going to the gym and exercising, because you'll need to live at least until 64 to do it 50 times.

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