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How To Do Bitlife Alphabet Challenge

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
• 7 min read

This isn't too difficult of a challenge, but it can sometimes require a bit of luck to complete because every Citizen is not created equal. Challenges are a new addition to the game and will be coming out on a weekly basis.

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We want good Health because we don't want our character to die off too quickly, and we'll need looks to attract a strong mate. You can look for options under Mind & Body a lot earlier now, so take a walk to keep your Health up.

There's rumored to be helpfulness towards fertility if you meditate, but it hasn't been proven completely as far as I know. You might run into a person that is saving their virginity or want to wait for marriage.

If you don't want to go the husband/boyfriend route, you can eventually use the Hook Up option that can be found under Love and sleep with random people. You should be able to keep going on like this until you reach all 26 kids with different names, but you might run into some complications.

Billie has just received weekly challenges as part of its big new update. In this guide, we’re going to provide you with a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you to beat the challenge with ease.

In case you’re somehow not aware with it, the BitLifeAlphabetChallenge tasks you with the incredible tasks of having 26 children during your life and naming them with a name that begins with each letter of the alphabet. As you can imagine, having 26 kids even in a game like Bit life is not easy, but doable.

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All that matters is for things to end up in the bedroom and, most importantly, to drop everything you’ve learned in school and ditch protection: Rinse and repeat: do this over and over again until you have a horde of children and the AlphabetChallenge completed.

I recommend going for hookups instead of relationships or getting a husband because you’ll do it faster this way. You want to be attractive even after the 20th kid is born if a method fails (the one-night stand), try something else.

Bit life is one of these amazing life simulator games where you can become anything be it a detective, chef or hobo. However, for this alphabet challenge, you will need to be an incredibly fertile female who can tolerate an abundance of pain while maintaining good looks like Jennifer Lopez.

To help you try to complete this AlphabetChallenge as easily as possible, below you’ll discover some necessary tips. Keep randomizing your female character until you have a person with high looks, and then increase their popularity up until the age of 18 by conversing and complimenting boys.

Make sure you have a boyfriend so you can keep rocking their world repeatedly until their scrotum looks like Gollum. Either that, or you can go clubbing every night in search of some flirt who’ll take you to their house without hesitation.

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Once your character is pregnant and gives birth, you must name the first baby something beginning with the letter A. Make sure your female character remains good-looking at all times by visiting the gym, doing yoga, getting plastic surgery, and staying happy.

Whenever she becomes ill, always visit the doctor, so she can quickly get back to work to complete the challenge. If you do get a prompt about a miscarriage though you can exit the app and reload to try again but it will get harder with each passing year.

We’ll naturally be discussing the main part of the update, but also talking about a new type of crime you can commit, a new way to improve your relationship with your NPC significant other, and new things you can do when it comes to your asset (car and house) purchases. Now, Candy writer has made the challenge concept an official one, and last week, they kicked things off by inviting Billie players to take part in the AlphabetChallenge.

In the event of miscarriages, the option is always there to exit the app before accepting the prompt, so that you can start again from the previous year and hope that the pregnancy doesn’t have any complications. Previous versions of Billie essentially left orphaned children to their own devices if one or both parents would die.

Depending on your job, some or all of these options may be available, but just to set your expectations, you’ll probably be better off burgling houses or robbing banks (or trains) if you want to get rich through illegal means. In earlier versions of Billie, it was easy for richer Citizens to pay big money for the best lawyers available and get away scot-free, even for certain serious crimes.

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But for petty criminals, car thieves, or bank robbers, hiring the best legal representation in town and paying top dollar for it was often a very reliable way of avoiding the slammer. That isn’t quite the case anymore with version 1.31, which has introduced Plea Bargains into the broader Crime feature.

As the game would explain, pleading guilty could help reduce your sentence if you are convicted, so if you’re not rich enough to afford a top law form, you can choose this option and still spend some time in jail, but probably a few years less than you normally would. Pleading not guilty, on the other hand, is best used if you chose the most expensive legal option available and would still have a good chance of walking free; otherwise, you might not want to proclaim your innocence with a cheap lawyer or public representation.

That, in almost every case, would certainly be counterproductive and defeat the purpose of the new feature, hence the need to make sure your car or house is paid in full. As we mentioned in our last Billie guide, it appeared that a lot of players were unhappy with the new person emojis that were introduced on the last update.

That’s something Candy writer has been ironing out over the past few big and small updates alike, including version 1.31, and among the things you should notice, male Citizens are no longer guaranteed to go bald by the time they reach the age of 45. More new hairdos have been added as well, and it now appears that male Citizens can now rock long hair, albeit only once their emojis change at the age of 21.

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