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How To Do Avakin Edits

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 12 min read

The official Subreddit for Av akin Life, a social mobile app for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. | If we feel you are doing something wrong, admins have the right to ban your Reddit account and have the final say.

avakin avakinlife community edit


Custom jewelry is not just about reflecting the personality of an individual, but also about creating something that's never been done before. And women adore jewelry. So yeah, there's a high possibility of adding custom jewelry.

RB: Which colors will we see in Av akin Life this fall? To me, fashion means how you truly want to express yourself and to show confidence once you feel the perfect combination of clothing.

RB: What is involved in your daily tasks as Fashion Guru at Av akin Life? I recommend darkening your eyebrows as it will act as a frame for the face and enhance your eye color.

RB: What are you most excited about for the future of Av akin Life? Av akin Life never forgets to surprise Awakens by introducing incredible stuff and social spots, and new brands. Therefore, I can't wait to see the new brands they will drop in the future.

His Lover Rain His creativity is really awesome Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you like to know more Interview like this. Today I am sharing with you Av akin Russia Top Editors” check out this magazine for knowing their ideas for making edits.


Naturally, to achieve success in this matter, the main thing is to have an incentive. I watched other people edit pictures that motivate me to try something like that, and then for starters, I asked @ avakin_pride for help.

That is, a public location was given (the same club, café, beach), and you could use it to create your own server for gems or Ava coins. Well, this was done to make some kind of meeting with my friends, and so that everyone had enough space for the event.

RB:When you joined Av akin life and when you started making your first edit? I started playing Av akin Life about 6-5 years ago (maybe more).

I started editing late, at that time there were not so many editors in Av akin (only a few, but I personally did not see). Previously, photoshop was considered at that time to cut a character and insert a beautiful background with a good effect.

What Suggestions would you like to give AvAv akinor developing their community I dream and hope that Av akin will develop for adult players.

avakin meet

Creating, perhaps for an additional fee, on proof of age, but the content is 18+. I still don't know how to draw a character without redrawing it, but I hope I will learn it by keep practicing as I am doing.

I used minimal processing of photos, because I did not know how to especially use Photoshop and other interesting applications. The most difficult thing is to draw the details of the character (face, clothes).

I want the character’s image to look more realistic and try to learn this. I really admire the people who professionally draw in these applications, I am inspired by them and every day I try to learn something new in order to reach the perfection of my treatments.

Av akin Life inspired me to start crafting characters. For editing, I use the ibis X program, since it is comfortable for me to use, I have adjusted to its functionality.

The most difficult thing to edit is to realize the idea that sits in your head and you need to do just that and nothing else. I used to try to draw in Ibis paint X, about a year ago I switched to Autodesk, Sketchbook.

avakin models magazine heroine edits seeing visiting thanks hope found them amazing check

There are a lot of different quests, mini-games, exclusive badges that you wear with pride as a person who took part in the event. In the early spring of this year, there was a sharp desire to do some kind of processing.

At the end of the work, I decided to create my Instagram account. Started at ibis Paint X. I currently use Autodesk, Sketchbook for drawing itself, and for some backgrounds I use Pinterest.

I think our creators help the game move forward. Follow the Editor: Dunya__earl Dun ya Earl does amaze editing, and she’s from Belarus, Russia.

I started drawing art according to Av akin about a year ago, in the summer of 2019. It takes too much time as compared to the digital arts.

I think it would be interesting to add animation for the wings to the game, as was the case with the waiter costume at the Halloween club. Also, various interactive events, which are aimed at the fact that the audience itself could make a choice.

avakin models magazine edits heroine seeing visiting thanks hope found them amazing check

About Luisa: I am an art administrator for the Russian community, but do not work for Lewd. I am a content creator and moderator of the social network, but in the Russian-speaking community, I am listed as an art administrator.

Autodesk Sketchbook, if you need to assemble the model in parts, then I start with this and then move on to the eyes. If I use the usual Av akin pose, I start right from the eyes.

Nobody sits down and starts to edit like “Professional”, and the most important thing is to create your own style and follow it. In 2017, a competition was held in the official community in VK, and the winners were mainly editors.

I first downloaded Av akin in 2016, but then the game did not catch me and after a couple of months I deleted it. For me, the most difficult part of the editing process has always been and remains the nose.

The most difficulties that I found in the complex textures, such as fur, different kinds of fabrics. My city is famous for the fact that there are winters of -50 centigrade, as well as permafrost and diamonds.

avakin katie interview clicking thanks

Lastly, what suggestions do you like to give AvAv akinor developing their community? Av akin life doing Amazing for developing their community.

I hope that content creators will help the community gain their voice by developing things. I started playing Av akin life since 2015, and I am from Ukraine.

Lastly, what suggestions do you like to give AvAv akinor developing their community? Anakin recommend more often to consider the proposals and wishes of the players.

The game is developing amazingly, day by day new things are adding up on Av akin, community needs to add up something unusual thing too, which I like. I thought for a long time what can be offered, but I realized: everything that I wanted from the game and the community: has already been updating.

Lokobrikse: We created Instagram account dedicated our couple about 2 years ago. Drunken: I began editing about 6 years ago when I started actively posting Instagram photos.


As for Av akin related stuff, I've been editing photos for 2 years now. Lokobrikse: The most difficult part in editing is most likely to bring the original Av akin Life graphics and redrawn parts to the united harmonious overall look.

Drunken: The most difficult thing is to edit picture by color appropriately, considering all the complexities of the character and background from the game. Drunken: I dived into the world of Av akin life about 2 years ago.

Lastly, what suggestions do you like to give AvAv akinor developing their community? Drunken: More interactions with partners, additional motivation to create new stuff and, of course, live broadcasts.

It was quite difficult for me, my friend Lola consult helped me as much as she could. I joined the game about three years ago and am still a player in Av akin Life.

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