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How To Complete Bitlife Spooktober Challenge

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Zack Palm October 24, 2021 Bit life Guides A new weekend means there’s a brand-new challenge for players to complete in Billie.

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This one is all about celebrating Halloween at the end of October called the SpooktoberChallenge. Encountering the ghost is the easiest objective to finish.

The quickest way to do this is to purchase a haunted house and wait a few years. You’ll randomly see the pop-up that the two of your carved jack-o-lanterns together, and that will count for the challenge.

This activity, supposedly, only appears when your character is a child and under 18, so make sure to do this one immediately. You will again, similar to the previous challenges, have to fulfill some requirements to complete the Spooktoberchallenge in Billie.

One great thing is that you won’t have to restart the game frequently to end up getting born in a specific location, as you can complete it from anywhere around the world. All you need to do is get a decent job and save some money so that you can afford to buy a house.

Once you have the money, head to the Assets tab and look for Haunted Houses in the Real Estate section. After purchasing a haunted house, open up the Spirits tab and select a ghost to summon from the list.

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To put it simply, craving a Jack-o-Lantern is a random event and you just have to spend some time with your relatives to complete it. Spending enough time will bring up a notification that you two just craved a scary Jack-o-Lantern, and this will do it for you.

While performing the robbery, your character will wear a costume to hide identity and that will count for completing this requirement. If caught, you will end up behind the bars and will not be able to complete the mystery requirement and thus the challenge itself.

As most Billie players know, Sunday is new challenge day, and that’s when the game’s maker, Candy writer, launches a new limited-time event where you will be asked to create a new character (or continue an existing life) and complete a set of requirements based on a certain theme. As of this writing, Halloween is just a few days away, and it wouldn’t be like Candy writer if they didn’t take note of the upcoming holiday and base their next BitLifechallenge on it.

The SpooktoberChallenge, as it’s called, is actually easy to complete compared to most others, but there are a couple components of this challenge that may throw you off at first. So join us for this week’s Billie mini-strategy guide, where we break down each requirement of the SpooktoberChallenge and show you how to fulfill them.

At the moment, there are at least a couple of pop-ups that would allow you to do this, including the one where you are asked whether you want to dress up as a silly, slutty, or scary devil, but none of these resulted in any check marks getting added. Instead, we had to think outside the box and see if there are any more organic situations that involve wearing a costume or giving candy to a child.


It may be something conventional like an airline pilot costume or something like dressing up as Darth Vader, Michael Myers, or a ninja, but just as long as you’re not settling for a boring old ski mask. Completing this requirement, assuming it was the last one remaining, will do it for the SpooktoberChallenge, and you will again be getting a choice of four prize chests and a new set of eyewear or a new hat.

We recommend focusing on doing well in school to get a decent career later, save up some money, and buy a haunted house. After you graduate from high school, get a job, and accumulate some money in the bank, you can start looking for properties.

Head into the Assets tab and search for Haunted Houses under Real Estate. The Jack-o-Lantern carving event is random, so you’ll need some luck on your site to encounter it.

Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, and you’ll need to show your holiday spirit by giving some candy to a child. You can complete this at any point, and an easy way to do it is if you have some siblings or relatives under 18 that you can give some candy.

You’ll need a costume to do so, and you can always restart your app if you manage to fail the robbery. The final requirement shows up as a bunch of question marks in Billie.

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This time the game is in congruence with the current festive mood. As a result, it has synced its latest challenge with the Halloween Festival.

The entire journey is definitely going to be one spooky ride, but enjoyable in equal measures as well. Furthermore, this mission set doesn’t call for a particular career for you to be a part of.

If you don’t have much income as of now, then try doing a few jobs and side gigs to earn yourself some bucks. After that, head over to the Assets section and search for Haunted Houses.

Try summoning them up and soon as you come in contact with them, the first quest of BitLifeSpooktoberChallenge stands complete. If you tick mark both these requirements, then there is a strong chance of the carving option popping up.

Continuing in the festive spirit, the tricks and treats are in order. However, if you don’t have one, then head over to the Relationship tab and lookup for a child under your family tree.

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While this role doesn’t necessarily mold into Halloween’s spirits, but it nevertheless would complete the fourth quest of BitLifeSpooktoberChallenge. There you should find the person that has just bid aide to this world, chose his name, and select the option to mourn.

This time Bit life it is up with the SpooktoberChallenge to celebrate Halloween in the last week of October. Billie (the top simulator game on Apple Store) gives the variety of challenges to its users every week.

Using some set of rules, commands and random events it enables the gamers to experience a virtual life. The users start the game as infants, who also will be given virtual parents tasked to take care of them.

As they age, they can make certain decisions like, going off to school, choosing their desired subjects, getting a job, spending money and having a partner as well. The wrong decisions will often take them straight behind the bars or the character will simply die.

To celebrate Halloween this season, the Bit life users are given a spooky challenge named as SpooktoberChallenge. Once you earn some money, you have to purchase a haunted house so that you can complete the first requirement.

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Encounter A Ghost Carve A Scary Jack-O-Lantern Give Candy To A Child Go Out Wearing A Costume Mourn A Dead Friend /Relative If you are facing any trouble, just restart from the beginning or increase the age of your character.

This event occurs multiple times in a single life so; you don’t have to put any special efforts. To complete this task you have to search for someone under 18 on clicking the relationships tab.

The hidden task for this spooky challenge is to mourn a dead relative. If you make wrong decisions then your happiness will drop to the lowest level.

Accomplishing the Bit life Ferris Mueller Challenge September 6, 2021 In “Entertainment” The new in-game event has a variety of scary challenges to complete.

Encounter a Ghost Carve a scary Jack-o-Lantern Give candy to a child Go out in a costume Mourn the death of someone Once you graduate from high school, get a job, and save up some money, it’s time to hunt for some real estate.

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Head to the Assets tab and search for Haunted Houses. The Halloween event is of course stuffed with candy and other good stuff.

It makes sense the trick-or-treating is a huge part of the real holiday. Players will be able to give out candy to kids in Billie to be able to complete this challenge.

The easiest way to do this is to head to the Relationships tab and select give candy to someone under the age of 18. If you have the cash to pay bail after getting arrested, that’ another route that works as well.

For the obvious, you need to meet a few requirements to mourn a dead relative. The products below are affiliate links, we get a commission for any purchases made.

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