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How To Complete Bitlife Challenge

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 29 November, 2020
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To complete Resolution Challenge in Billie, you simply need to do a few things in the same year. If you are new to Billie and struggling to complete Resolution Challenge then don’t fret, we have a guide covering the same in the simplest way possible.



When you begin Resolution Challenge in Billie, a message will pop up on the screen: “Winners never quit, and quitters never win! To do so, you will need to head into Activities and then Mind & Body section and select the gym option from the menu.

The third thing you need to do is go into the Mind and & Section and then select the book option from the menu. The next thing you need to do complete the Resolution challenge in Billie is to go into the Mind and Body section and Tao in the Meditate option.

A few weeks ago, Candy writer paid tribute to a beloved hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Black Panther Challenge. Now, they’ve moved on to the DC Universe with a tribute to one of its most iconic superheroes of the past 80-plus years.

The Dark Knight Challenge is your chance to see if you can live your Citizen’s life as close as possible to that of Bruce Wayne/Batman in a number of ways. You can get these out of the way from the get-go by creating a male character born in NYC, but if you have God Mode enabled, it would be best if you give him good Smarts, Discipline, and Karma.

But you’re going to have 15 years relevant work experience in order to get the AVP job, either by applying for it with another company or getting promoted straight away. That would require using the Work Harder option at least once per year and avoiding troublesome situations with your coworkers and supervisor.

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If you choose the former, quitting and restarting before confirming a haunting event may be necessary to avoid those dreaded post-haunting stat drops and occasional bouts with PTSD or high blood pressure. Finding a car dealer that sells Lamborghini's is far easier, though you may also want to do this after becoming CEO or once you're a promotion or two away from getting the job, unless you’re okay with paying maintenance costs on an annual basis.

Assuming you’ve gotten two top-level martial arts belts, the CEO job, and all the required assets, you should be good to go, and ready to redeem your free hat or eyewear by choosing a prize chest after completing The Dark Knight Challenge ! Players will have a limited time to work down the path of becoming a famous K-pop artist, and it won’t be an easy task.

© Provided by Gamer Be born in Korea Get a job as a dancer (Android) Become a famous singer (Android) Become a K-pop Artist (iPhone) Get a million subscribers on YouTube Achieve 100% fame Have a son named Won ho From there, you’ll want someone who has high looks and health to ensure they can excel in the professional field of dancing and musical arts.

When you’re 18, Android users try to find a career as a dancer and then work your way up to becoming a singer. For iPhone users, you’ll need to convince your parents to give you vocal lessons, which you can do starting at six years old.

Once you become a K-pop singer on either mobile device, you need to increase your YouTube participation the entire time. Because you’ll be taking vocal lessons and becoming a dancing, doing music-centric videos is a good way to increase your followers.

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Next, you’ll need to reach 100% fame, which you can do by writing books about yourself, being a part of commercials, or taking your picture for magazines. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

A clown lifestyle is simple, and it’s an occupation you can choose without any education, so feel free to do this whenever you’re ready. You’ll need to wait for the job to pop up as an available occupation, so you may need to refresh it every year until it appears.

The item, silly string, is a weapon you can choose to use before you rob a bank. You may not see it the first time, so if you’d don’t, refresh it for another year and then try to rob the bank again.

The Prince of Crime will be proud, and you might even fight Batman trying to put you back behind bars. It’s time to channel your inner Batman knowledge and live your life as The Dark Knight.

Be a male Live in New York Become a CEO Own a haunted Victorian home Own a Lamborghini and a helicopter Achieve multiple black belts Most of the challenges on this list are straightforward and accomplished through being a successful business owner.


You will need to live in New York, so you might as well be born there to make it easy and check it off your list. To increase your odds and help work your way up the corporate ladder to success, you should study and get good grades in school.

Head into the Occupations tab after graduation and start looking for a corporate job. It will be easy to make money with your newfound success in corporate business.

You’ll also need to buy yourself a Lamb and a Helicopter, which you can do with enough money from the Assets tab. Finally, you need to get yourself multiple black belts in some martial arts.

Select the martial arts you want to get a black belt in, and take lessons. Candy writer struck gold in 2018 with the iOS and Android life simulator game Billie, and we don’t need to remind you how popular it is evened up to now.

There is no specific requirement when it comes to your character’s nationality or gender, but you’ll have a better chance at completing it if their Smarts and Looks are at 70 or greater. Once you’ve created that character and stuck with them, you will then have to choose the smartest possible option in the scenarios that pop up before they enter school.

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As you grow older, the Spend Time with All option will become more important in restoring Happiness as friends and family members pass away and you end up attending more and more funerals. Now you don’t necessarily need to read a thousand-page monster of a book, but a couple of hundred pages should be good enough to get your Smarts up to 100 at the age of 100.

But even if you end up with more than $1 million in your bank balance, it’s still possible to get down to $100, simply by going to the Shopping tab under Activities and making those big purchases. The trick here is to choose the item that’s closest to your total bank balance and purchase it, may it be a house, car, plane, boat, ring, or whatnot.

At that point, you may have to do some math and look for a combination of purchases that is equivalent to the amount of money you need to spend in order to get back to $100. The fake jewelry items are a good choice here, and you can also buy one or ten lottery tickets to get your balance down.

Most of the time, however, you’ll be buying losing lottery tickets, so this is a generally safe way to reduce your balance. One of the requirements this time is a mystery challenge that you won’t know until you complete the other four.

One great thing is that you won’t have to restart the game frequently to end up getting born in a specific location, as you can complete it from anywhere around the world. All you need to do is get a decent job and save some money so that you can afford to buy a house.


Once you have the money, head to the Assets tab and look for Haunted Houses in the Real Estate section. After purchasing a haunted house, open up the Spirits tab and select a ghost to summon from the list.

To put it simply, craving a Jack-o-Lantern is a random event and you just have to spend some time with your relatives to complete it. While performing the robbery, your character will wear a costume to hide identity and that will count for completing this requirement.

If caught, you will end up behind the bars and will not be able to complete the mystery requirement and thus the challenge itself. The last or the mystery requirement in the Spookier challenge is to mourn a dead relative.

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