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How To Change Your Avakin Name

Christina Perez
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 7 min read

To help you on your hunt, check out the very useful video guides by Mk TV featured in our YouTube section later in this edition and by using the brilliant key below by Sapphy-Kelly Reece. The event runs all the way up to the 28th April, so we have plenty of time to find all the eggs and claim our prize.



All we have to do is post a photo of a silly outfit, a cheeky prank or teaming up with friends for the ultimate surprise and upload it on Instagram with the tags #AvakinAprilFools2017 and @AvakinOfficial for our chance to win 3000 coins!! A lot of us may have already completed the Av akin Official Easter Bunny Hunt, so it is great news that the Av akin Life Edits & More team are bringing us another to give us enough to do this month.

She will then give us a riddle to work out and for a correct answer we will receive a point. The hunt starts today(Mon 3rd April) and the days/times are provided on the poster above.

You may remember we regularly share info on the Av akin Life Amino Community group, which runs events and quizzes for small gifts and prizes. There is always lots of positive feedback and people getting involved, so if you haven't already, make sure you check it out by downloading below.

Over the last few weeks, the girls appear to have been spoiled, whereas the guys have felt a little hard done by. Firstly, both genders received items from Lewd Couture and the Tudor Love Affair collection.

The girls received pearl-encrusted gowns in contrasting colors, completed with intricate crowns and elaborate hairstyles. The guys received sweaters based on shining armor and chainmail-inspired hoods.


Many of the guys items this week in nearly all of their collections, are based on military style/camo-print designs. The selection of tops and vests they received from Bionic followed in this theme.

The Return collection continues in the military-style theme and featured a variety of t-shirts and jackets within the range, completed with military boots. The guys Iron release this week also followed in the military-inspired theme with the Fighter suit.

A glamorous dress in bold, glowing orange fabric, draped in elegant folds and a strapless hemline, made this week's Iron releases popular with the community. To achieve a rough and rugged look perfect to take you from day to night, RIA advises us to combine the below items.

For a busy, modern attorney/lawyer, looking good whilst remaining professional is important for making the right impression in the courtroom. For a smart, but sexy and stylish look perfect for the modern courtroom, this week Faith Av akin shows us how to achieve it by combining the below items.

The collections also gives us a lot of hints and tips to achieve that desired look. This week they have been ultra busy and yet again come up with another SIX brand new awesomely amazing collections for us to try ourselves.

avakin album picsart

Luckily for us, Brandy Burry's brilliant Av akin Life Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages are a great source of information on all the latest apartment releases and provides some great ideas, hints, tips and examples on how to decorate each apartment to get us started. An apartment high above the bustling city of Seattle, with a built-in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

A modern, sleek living space with stunning views across the city. And if you have purchased the new apartment featured above and need some ideas and help decorating it, this week Allie Av akin has provided us with some of her own decorative designs for the new apartment.

The search icon for furniture, because I have so much it's hard to scroll with some lag and it also saves a lot of time Add a storage feature to save items you don't use that much, but you can always recover later.

Honestly, just positive vibes whether that is casual socializing, role playing or being there for a friend in need. It simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Av akin Life as much as we do.

Therefore, we want to ensure that literally everything and anything Av akin related anybody wants to see is included and shared with the rest of the community. If you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos and posters, we would love to help.

avakin snapshot modeling death magazine edition 2400 february

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