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How To Cancel Bitlife Subscription

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
• 7 min read

If you're on iOS, please visit the game's Settings which are accessible from the Main Menu. As long as you're using the same Apple ID, your purchase will be restored at no cost.

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On Android, simply visit your device's general settings and make sure you are signed in to the same Google Play Services account you used when you made your purchase on your old device. The next time you launch Billie, your earlier purchase should restore automatically.

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. The “Citizenship” subscription includes all current and future VIP features, an ad-free experience, unlimited generations, and dark mode.

The subscription price will be charged to your Apple ID account upon confirmation of purchase and in the 24 hours prior to the end of each subscription period. Cancel your subscription at any time in your iTunes Account Settings.

4 Sep 2019Hey Citizens, this is just a quick fix to clean up a couple of items you reported in this week's update! Adding 450 new scenarios to the game involved a ton of writing and editing that has kept us busy since we saw you last.

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• Hundreds of new scenarios including situations specific to every career Start collecting all the careers in the game!• All-new “performance” scores for full-time jobs and the military Retirement plans for deserved employees The all-new Job Recruiter can help you find the perfect position for your skill set!• Adjust the hours you put in at work, or watch your bosses try to adjust them for you!• Intelligence test mini-game!• Interface improvements A lot more textual content Tons of bugs squashed I’d love to maybe suggest expanding interactions with lovers, maybe.

Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. Alternatively, users seeking a refund can contact our support team, who will then guide them throughout the whole process.

Today’s guide will focus specifically on becoming a singer, which is arguably one of the hardest careers to chase down in Billie. Like the beginnings of many successful careers in Billie, it all starts with you being the nicest kid ever.

Normally these lessons cost you money, but taking them when you’re still a child will mean that your parents will pay for them… only if you’ve been good. Just like martial arts classes, your parents can refuse to pay for them if you’ve been bad at school or ungrateful to them.

Once you take a voice lesson for the first time, you’ll see your skill bar increase. This is perhaps the hardest and most frustrating part about becoming a singer, as you’ll need to take vocal lessons over and over again until your skill bar gets high enough.

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Basically you’ll have to hammer the voice class button over and over again until you’re ready to become a singer. Do note that if you’re an adult (past 18 years old) each class will cost you $255, so make sure that you have some kind of work.

One of the possible special talents you can choose is music, and this makes your vocal skill meter fill up MUCH faster than it normally does. A few weeks ago, Candy writer paid tribute to a beloved hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Black Panther Challenge.

Now, they’ve moved on to the DC Universe with a tribute to one of its most iconic superheroes of the past 80-plus years. The Dark Knight Challenge is your chance to see if you can live your Citizen’s life as close as possible to that of Bruce Wayne/Batman in a number of ways.

You can get these out of the way from the get-go by creating a male character born in NYC, but if you have God Mode enabled, it would be best if you give him good Smarts, Discipline, and Karma. Regardless of your starting Smarts, it is possible to get perfect grades throughout your schooling, just as long as you religiously select Study Harder at least once a year.

That would require using the Work Harder option at least once per year and avoiding troublesome situations with your coworkers and supervisor. That means not spreading rumors or pranking others, turning the other cheek if they do the same to you, and avoiding hookups with coworkers.

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