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How Rust Servers Work

Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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Regardless, Shroud said during his stream that two servers is a good thing because more than 100 streamers want to participate in the action. Upon its launch, the MTV and Friends Rust server boasted over 50 streamers, but in the days that followed, many more streamers joined the action, taking the total somewhere closer to the 100 mark.

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Maybe try looking for Groups on Steam or browse the main community section for Rust to find other players looking to join clans. If you need to find some good base designs then look around on the web and on YouTube, a lot of star players like to show off their creations.

Once you have built a few structures in Rust you will then be able to construct bases that keep away enemies better while you defend them on foot (or cower from inside). If you don’t have friends that you play with then it may be worth joining a tribe on a Rust server, a team that you can work with as its almost impossible to survive on your own.

An empty server is usually a bad sign and for most Rust players who enjoy taking part in large team raids a waste of their time. Once you have found the server you want to play on its now up to you to establish a simple base and start collecting up the resources you need in order to survive.

If you do not eventually join a large group and go on raiding parties you will probably remain at the bottom of the food chain indefinitely. The methods to do this range from easy to hard and quick to time-consuming, surprisingly cost isn’t a big element in all of this.

Setting up a Rust server locally This is the only free method but can also be the most difficult and headache causing due to ISP issues. We aren’t going to go into what it is you need to do to set up a local Rust server here but you can find loads of great tutorials on the web, like this YouTube video.

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This upside to this method is the zero cost, with the downside being that due to no visible public IP address of your server no one can connect to it. Changing Rust server hosting company isn’t as easy though, although it's usually the case of copying files over and informing your current player base of the move.

A batch script is a text document that stores a list of commands to be run in sequence. It’s important to note that Rust sometimes hangs instead of completely closing.

For the most part, you will have to configure all of your server settings in this batch script. The config files for the server don't quite work yet so explicitly defining all of your settings in the batch script is the best way to go.

Line numbers are shown for reference only and MUST be removed. Echo off This suppresses the console window’s desire to display each command in the batch file as they are executed.

C:\steamed\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir c:\rust server\ +app_update 258550 +quit Executes Steam CMD to check for server updates and apply if needed. -batchmode Opens Unity in non-GUI mode, and eliminates the need for any human intervention.

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Options are “Procedural Map”,”Barren”,” HapisIsland”,” SavasIsland” and “SavasIsland_koth” +server.seed 1234 Determines shape of procedural and barren maps (used with size).

Description shown on the client’s server connection window +server.header image “” A valid link for the connection window background image.

+icon.password Lehman The password required for Icon access. Remove this line if you do not want your server to automatically restart after it shuts down.

Zero Feb 27, 2017 @ 4:13am Need an explanation of how this game works This long-awaited feature finally gives players the power to monitor the status of their team and their base while outside of RUST.

Probably the most exciting and desired feature of the RUST Companion app would be the ability to monitor and toggle the functionality of in-game devices. With a simple tap, users of the companion app are able to toggle on or off any of their paired in-game devices with the nearly-instant response time.

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This step is quite easy as long as you are familiar with installing an app on your mobile device. Follow any on-screen instructions required to download and install the app on your device.

Once the app is installed and ready to go, you will be prompted to sign in with your Steam account, all of which is standard stuff. At the time of this writing, a notification will greet the user reminding them that the app is in beta and will only work with certain staging servers, but any servers running the staging branch are fair game to pair with as long as they have the app port available.

Once you have completed the necessary tasks in step 1, it’s finally time to pair with your desired server(s). The RUST game menu screen after clicking to pair the current server to the Companion App.Pressing this button will alert your mobile device that a new server pairing is available.

On your mobile device, open the app or tap any pending notifications to pair with the server. The hub screen will display the general stats of the server including the number of players, the current in-game time, map size, last wipe date, and a slider to choose whether you want to receive notifications from this server.

If you are currently in a team, you will also get a quick view of teammates’ statuses below the server info. With surprisingly quick update times, you can see your player icon as well as those of your teammates moving on the map.

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Teammate’s messages will be identifiable via their Steam player icon, as most chat tools commonly do. From this screen, you will be able to pair, toggle, and monitor various smart devices inside RUST.

This guide will cover the basics for pairing and controlling a smart switch, but the possibilities for applications of this feature are really only limited by imagination. Make sure you have the Wire Tool in your hand for this part; position your mouse over the switch and press and hold the E button to bring up the additional options' menu.

When the circular menu appears, you’ll see the option to “Pair this device with Rust+”. If, after a short time, you still don’t receive an alert, try to pair the device again.

Should the device be destroyed, you will see a red, no response icon where the toggle state used to be. We hope that you found this guide helpful and are now on your way to enjoying the endless possibilities that the RUST+ Companion app has introduced; not only for keeping us connected to the game but for providing the means to create new and exciting ways to make intruders suffer horribly for their poor decision to step into our bases uninvited.

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