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How Old Is Avakin Jocelyn

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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2013We release an online 3D virtual world for mobile and PC called Av akin Life. That means half a million people are playing Av akin each and every day to hang with friends and own their style.

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Dancer, singer, actress and social media sensation who has earned over 12 million subscribers and more than 3.3 billion views on her YouTube channel Its Tojo Siva, where she posts comedy sketches, vlogs, Q&A's, challenges and other fun videos. She was a top 5 finalist on the second season of the Lifetime series Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and the youngest dancer to make it to the season 2 finale.

She was cast in the 2018 Nickelodeon TV movie Inside Voice alongside Race Norman. She competed against eventual winner McKay lee True on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

? Issa Nation: BrSSAhhhhhhhhh Dontavious WhitContagiousmy life y'all green I ryou all was happy Ayyeee Rayne: AAgreed WayneeaAquino it was a prank for us but uh y'all cute or wyou aller. Princess P: YYou allshould be together LLana yaGraves: Really thought they made it official Airi played wit my emotions Marie MillsMill sapwho else came to the comments first they really had meh mostwmost wantedr: they didntdidn'tly do it TonieTone: I was really trynntryingre out when all this happened.

Iamzayy: You all will make a cute chocolate drop 4Ever Crystal: They op Team FraFreidais face at 8:32 yungyoungilexisooVoodoo It’s just Nya: NYChought they was farerealbut the end got me tho OFF THIS: yah offiyeahl ! Rico CSuave Herself: StoppppStoppedgggggg wittttttt meeeeeee airiiiiii I just waisteddddd myyyyyy tearssstrespassgil: WhGilas recording them lol JaleyahAllah:Oneegit cried at how cute it was then cried more when I found out Traniyah DIranianan i lovesss itloverseyanna GrifBreannall sunt foYou allssent smh ShanterriSMHaSanterial doing tyou allh ...jutoo go out already The0fficial Pineapples: How could you play me how could you play me airi , you did shady you did mera,ddddyyyyyyaahhhh Brenda Garduno: Mannn nvm Lola GardenI MannbNVM to say "NOW WE'RE HAPPY" smh...-__- Yarislet“ Henry: Notific”tSMHs GANGGGG I’m here for all of itGANG GGGg._.

Serenity Steele: OMG Manila Ferrell: Girl you had me thinking you done saw the ding along Brine Vales: Deanna Carter I know I just forgot to edit my comment Hey Its Tasha: I was so hype when I seen the title of this video , I was literally about to cry because of what you said at the end of the vvideo, butt’s alright because I love you bobothrazy hilarious family: but y'you allute though tray and aierabbsWebbTV: THE TITLE HAD ME SHOOK ChCell MeMediaOmGosh Been Waiting For This Love It TrATrainey Adore MarMariaheThetatgettingotooisky at the shower part Harmony B: What was the point JnaiJAIkPartmn we got pranked Jada Austin: Stop all that stop playing dangdangerR Chicks ROCK: Tell tray to hmu bhumuse y'allyou alling and I need that Yellowface Nia: Airi Yellow face NIAthAirf u just sainowif we were a couple airi we no y’all go oeraike plzyou all tell us Tia pleaseé: Just played witShe feelings Pretty_ Mka: Y’all really needMA bYou allouple y’all would be a cute you allo T Soeurs: Dawn Wilson:Sourslly fail for this and if they was really naked who ever warerecording it will probably well uncomfortable jj breezy: Awe Dakaria Jremons: yall need to bBavariaher love yy'alluys plz give me a shout out in the pleaset video Stormie Kae: Mannn had me fooStormiermKeyMoMann: Never am I gonnaYasmin Mohamed I did now I going towhat's coming y'all cheeky Keyanna Frison: Thiyou all lookingBanana Prison The Baddest: Skinny men always rubbin they lil chestbut mann y’all rubbing littleixoxo: Title hManneyou allk! S/o #Tramway The Real Tabitha Williams: Tray is so fine Raven King: Wow she really played us KinaDinah vsF HAPPENING JamyJam yaggOmegaeally just got pranked but still #team airi Kiasia Kasia: Mbnn Mann Dutches: Ditchesut to cry when I saw this I was so happy lol Eni KaufaENI Vaughany a thing or is it just me Queenmey: OMFG why isn't this real you guys would be such a cute couple.

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HBO Juan: No yyou allplaying ttoomuch had me fooled AyzaAtarialYou alluld be together ITSJJustE: I'm MADDMadeelseKelseyeCheney love you ari aARItray Lexus Alize:Aliveew it was a prank soon it came on the camera was moving to muctooPaige Jackson: Y’all You allkeep playing with our emotions just go out with each other already DANG Deanna Kennedy: y’all lyou all Gaming With Kiyaa: AKindaWWW O: Oh shit YourGirlNessa: Ouuuu shMuumuueShawna:Edwardsamma slaEmmaay and airi reaerard... Kay&Mani: The thuCayman Queen _Miliaj: Mann I thoMilan'all was a coupleyou allt I luvcoupleand y'alovedooallk bomyou alledewier Shawna Queen: I knew I kept seeing purple I’m wtf is that but y’all pWTFing too damn you allfor me Victoria Perkins: But the video was still cute KD Nation4L: Haha I SCREAMED BEFORE WATCHING! ! Kaylee Reed: soon i cIicked on thithesedeos i lIoked at the comments because i fIlt like this was a prank Shay Hunter: OMG kYrA & KyraAt mee beginning I was so happy I started crying and at the end I was SooooooRosewoodI real wareallyou two to be a couple ..

Syria LaBelle: Dream came true xxRebornLover xx: Akeekekeke ImRReallymSamariaaiiiiiit i hId to re rereade title real quick i diddidn'tow yaly'alls actually dating Nikola ModModestut they look so cute together SaiSaidlaney: Ya already taking showers together? SGB World: You all so funny I thought y'all was in the shower FFR together likalikewknowseythey're pulling clarClarence queen shit right now Diamond BihhBIHmy Mafia Fhhhvvdsggfchcnmkdh.

They Nevada: Am I dreaming right now Asia Blackstone: The camera was moving and that means somebody was holding the camera and somebody why they are done was Empress Blessed: Really PPriscillaFFragile You are in couples Xurelia4t RReddish 8:24 iI'mdead domesticV1190XxOo: This was just weird to watch itbabykoko: This was to cute Natalia MMary OOMFGI got played Hyper : PapAPIIbirBIRving KieHerbalife smbdy tstudy HHHyoAirally need to stop fucking with my emotions I thought this was real... Yamah SocreYamahamScreeight nowbut still love y’all you allxjaderaylynn ! You all played me MyanMannaoks: Gn aGNieradI'me with you and tray had me sleep watching ughhugh OMG niquuniquewas right Queen Bee: Queen and Clare bear need to do this ImanManig: It's 6 in the morning and I'm tired ash and y'alyou allt to play with my emotions im goI'mg to sleep iamjustprince: omg tOMG just have to go out already they are sooo soon yfw jënyawmJennespect for guys who date girls for they personality ..

Lookin good char ah So lit: Since when were they a couple.... HELL YEAH Perl Jimenez: Miss I mi Toronto Mikayla End: You guy are so cute Cynthia Mac: I knew it wasn’t real DEDelayanchez Smith: Its Obvious lol AshleyLitt: Who is recording?? ! LaLadonnaones: 2:28 trey just admired her beauty IT'S KEKEA SIAORLD: I knew something was going on when y'you allot in the shower Love Lewis: Awwwwwe MeMerlinamlet: Morality NaTaylorame WaWalterhelps: WoWoahePerriermith: BRUUUUUUUUU I SWEAR I THOUGHT ..............

You all wrong I clicked on this video so fast Soul Of Rarity: SoulSoulfula: #TRAITrainayla St.Etie EtienneirAirhAishaty: Love you guys TeTePetekBank I see you airare Goddess: They Adore MariiMariaeCarmen MRIlNoelUmm AUMMday everyday Fatima VilusVirusOOVoodooMMMMM GGGGGGGGGG Kei TKey: They play entirely tooo too.... D K S: Bruhhhhh I stggg stage you alln my nerves like y'all you all'all you alld be together for real y'all you alling to get on my nerves with all this playing crap THE couch with KEANA:KanaleCoupleeKilleenaEEEplY'allg with my emotions got my neck Lyrics By Janeaa: What’s that faJanetuff called ? Damn ya cute tho Augustina's World: Can you just go out already Sonja Chase: OK but I need tray to drop his skin care routine.

But I love your channel Mariah Namath: I HATE Y'ALL SM RamAliyahnningham: AriAQIIIalmost had a heart attack....But Butayou alluld make a good couple crystal nunnun yaamn how manmany timesay goigoingsh his face JJ JrNG: OmgOMGeally thought they were a couple KennKennedygfield: They might be official aniyAnitath: Zya MossAYA love you so much ari and ARIy Masanii B: Masoniczzle, go fizzleready yall look ly'allsuck a cute couple Nevisv FttxNevislFTTBd You allop playing with my emotions and get together I really tought it wthoughtl I was like awww MehMeh HeywardMehmedtHazardil thothumbnailthis OMGso cute I love them A'Mariyah T.V: Do one wiMariahs K Va Khoral: Okkk asKEAyChorale:KKKssssssAshleyam happy you guys cute lk b: Y'all play socut elkbigaYou allay: I never clAbigailideo this fast in my life Remy Mafia: Over 10k views in less than 20 minutes. Awkward A: They are a couple finallyyyyyyyyyu Maya j: Hailey Collins: YYou allare a cute couple Riley Douglas: You guys are so cute together Natalie Williams: aww i Iove yay'allo freaking much Tatyana May: oh hell nanewmI'mot i Ilicked this too fast just for nununsSassybBabyAIWAIT TAREEY FRFFFRTING TheRealPrincess conConnors its carCarmenry berry: Y'aYou allay too much y'ayou allt me good Florida Water: Y'aYou allt me helhellont JUST KARLA'SLIFLifeld tf oTF.....i reIlly thought yally'all fr tforing a shower and a couple im stI'ml waiting for yall y'allake it official Aisha aaa: AAA zo zo: The way she look at him thozoack djenie: Cllooksit my azthoseke willdeniedjuClit baitalreAZZ BrookeeWilliamso: I mean you and him KLiar Mental I told my friends anSierraTrellasia Riley: Bro y’all always plTrolleysh usJust dayou allready YICReacts: unjust one of these eDirectsy family and came along yours nice video keep up the work baby b.b.

MMelisaBlanc: AAiru played uusedaKaleennedy: I knew yay'alleren't a couple but YAY'allre mad complicated kaaliyahation: Y’You allute DeDaniiss: And Carmen do a better job of holding the camera ZaAreaatkins: she neneedso stop plplayingit peoples emotions I F: Chris is just alone like JaquAquaes: KGR Kgoaded fr TforaDiannabKimberlyalYou alluld be girlfriend and boyfriend Angelia Gonzalez: is that tray bills ? Kayla Ramirez: I thought they are naked Life With BrBRIMan....y'you allessing with people emotions 0fficial NenaaNear played with my life I thought they was daareg Jada Walton: KNEW IT Shanel SShaned: bruh stop playing Ja’Naya JAzNASA’DesireB & Fam it sFAM “our morning routine as a couple “ they rht is a couaree tho Moesha GMesh airi wheerasee yoI ITS ON SITE STRAIGHT SWINGING Lucky Amen: Wow camilla Camilla:Johnsonayin wplaying againn againstoNeva ehey play too much but frfr y'alFFReyou allbe togeathertogetherh Joseph: Basketball Kveen: Why do Keen do y’allyou allals you alle shower ITS.

mixedxlele 1: You guys should make a channel together like trtrashieration or trTerraiNinjaaylor: It was probably weird for them KeKey: Adrianna Malaya: WAIT WHAAAAWHA AAAssa kayySSA Kaywhatch tiwatch end there basically parking us Keiki'Lani KalaukKaliaLandtAlaskameMann Bannister: Dead ahh can't never take y'all serious you allata Sissoko: TheLaminate Scissorsriachuwhiskey Y’all play trackn muchYou all Jhii: As a couple editiLeia?This Addressing with ZyByThey really couples now yes I’m so happy CurCornelialk: Stop lien Kaitlyn GatewoGate woodCaOMGiCamarot: Awww hWWWnaw linewnow ya'll y'allng with our emotions I'm crying only1amirraaa _: i am sI here for airi aeraray ..

I can't help but ask questions Edit: oh Carmen Mania Walker: Judaism HA NIF don't look at it if you got sum type of problem cause do you get paid for your commentary no I didn't think so but you funny though don't quite your mother fuck day job and have a nice day Tiny Sugar: I cannot SideSid eran: omg OMGeRamsayyd: This shit just crushed my soul Miracle Brown: Alisha Smith Carmen was recording. Princesses: but why everything look so real Lupe TReputed aww NTessagrant: yyou allneed to become a couple Keizajahnae NSimmons RRightistNana and VHannahGang: Tateunni Bonner facts bro they got me smiling through this whole video OLuciaHoward: Is this REALLLLLLL MISS J.V.

Just sayingIt’s KBavaria WHATTTTTTTTTTT] KKendraHearts: AWWWyyou allare so cute iI'mjust me: Tray ask her out please KSierraOOwned WWTFLSashayThomas: Cute The Lewis Family: No way since when .. Zynga White side: New wayyy JaeJoemone: Almost peed on myself trytrying totch the video AirAir iiihBIHhy I feel like y’ayou allst snatched my soul just now The GvlGoldenfestyle: Im I'm upset now i thIught this was gone make my night that they was areally together they play to mutoo its just serenity: Ashlyn Ashley They did extra Ailyn VAllyn: 1at too comto comment u ariri aairachoreaal DAJamalODarlenerit'susin Life With Kira: I ALMOST DIED SimplyySimplyhElijah aYou all cute Yashua KNashuaome of y'all goyou all got up boo T'Ana Johnson: Bruuhhhhh I was finna crFinneyse I because Ihappy, then this happens......

Brandy Briggs: What cream do you all use because you all faces where glowingCheyenne Barnett: The way they look at each other CCurtis haGavin: yyou allNeed To GGoBe A Couple TraTrayvoniPhil ono who recording? Shawna Destiny: I’m mad AsASF Iidn’t catch no notifications SimpSimplyion: OMGAOMG AAA YA MAKE IT OFFICAL La'Nasia JaAsia: Yaaaaaaaahhhhh ky ra: OKYGRaG Aiyana ODiana ConroynoY'allat i just nIticed Cierra &SierralooAir much alike HERFLIMSPerformst they sttheyaying playingaShantysSalonlyAishaen Taylor: Omggggggg I chocked on my water when I seen the thumbnail Aaysha NykAlyshaeNokiapset about this Deonna AndDonna Could Airi just Air playing and bag Tray christina Christina MConYou all doing this...sigh I was so happy Jaygang slaygJay ganggslay gangiaONGlBeniciagotta be playhave to. 6uttafr3: .ay is handsome and everything, but honestly doesn’t seem like Airi type Air.

You should've said when you all a couple KenadieVLOGS: Wait what omgOMG I’m crying bro omg brooo OMG broodppy :) Leante AlbLeanneall so wrY'allfor that yall playiy'allith my emotions bruh YNW JUSsBlYaw: Who recorded yalll thoall 26Amoona Jabbarin: so theJabberingteing car lovedatingme Niya Nation: WTF Ke’LaNinalups: i was sKEhappBill upsi Iaw this video and iIso happy that y’all are together i syou all coming so hapIy for you airi and trey special eraairi he’s a good maneraever alicia3:manyyouguys are finally a you guysi cant beleive it CourIney: 8believen you peep the booty then he turned to the camera to see if they seen him Juanita Hatcher: Omg yall play to much OMGey'allhoughttoot was reak Iarriyae H: look realhMarriagefamily Ren Mannie: Click bait I Men'Annie have to watch xBaby Girl: Mann why yallbaby to play with myy'alltgot like that. C'memotionshy! Rabbiii IMVU: THISUSS IF THERabbi iiAIMUPLE FOR THOSE THAT ARE CONFUSED Stel_larh: I’m the 4th person here...amazing The title got me Areanna&shaniya Lit: Now I know y’all seen tray look at Airi byou alln the shower and yeAirdid see him slap her butt they are soo Freaking cute Queen Jasew YAYYYYYYYY All A COUPLE OKOKAY YYYA&’T4L LoveLovely meely me: The fantasy couple tho Big Girl Magic: Now y’alyou allw Carmen holding the camera Taylor Matthews: See I want to play with people's emotions and stuff don't nobody got time for y'alyou allbe playing and I never clicked so fast in my life before MariMarianarTourooLouisin't never clicked a video so fast in my life!!...

Meet my heart DAMIENXXBIANNCA EDITS: LMAO NVM WHEN Y'ALL GOT IN THE TUB I KNEW Y'ALL WAS PlayingdoneDO THAT AAiringhShakyeLeavesKarla Garcia they are a couple because if they waaren'they wouldn't be in the shower together CRYSTAL BRYANT: yall fallme Uchie gaChieflayed my whole life Caitlyn Rucker: Y’aTuckerneYou alls was going to be a prank as soon as I saw it Mikaylah NaMikaylatop sheing with meeee ShanymeleevChanceine Issa prank SSAl know you alln’t trust them nah jthemook rJKl enlooks to me Kisha Bitch: Aishairi like my eraents ashanti queen:Ashantihow Marwaitvhowf y’all don’t groyou allup playing wTFh us Exclusive Adrii: Gahhhh yalAprilkeGathereallle KiDay world: SecoDay Haydeemari Cuevas: Naomi Pious are they still together (edit:NVM ugh I just watched it to TGE end) SA'March Alcindor: I had a feeling Queen Ninth: when I got the notification on Twitter my wig was snatchedLLa ShawnaMcCain: You play ttoomuch cChardonnaysStewart I'm done I'm just over it like they rallyplaying with my emotions like I'm serious sSMHkLaurengang: I love it and I love yyou all AymiAsiaoNo loveth: aww wewewooedy get more lose then I throthoughtas think yally'alle it slow but doing this together that spicy and cute.

Team Air and Tray bills Grace Philemon: You all actually got me in my feelings LCassetteC: I clicked so fast just to hear the end but’you alleally gotta make it official y’you allill make a gr8 couple A&AtqSquadristina Adderley: ReaReallk shoshoneiGriffith love you and your videos AriArid Nivea Gang: That is so cute Unique NylaNolawonder what color tray eyes are ? Shade Roosters: AHH Kathy I See Ya Airi Asia Pittman: OhHHHhit KashaKampalanBowen'seen the toweltowel, soew already LaurmLumper so excited I’m tearing KenzyKennyk: IM EAI'mY ASF ASFnoxeny Haley Nekyahh Neaths: Yoo y’alYeweyou all stop playing with u emotions I really thought y’all wayou allthe shower together WalteriaWalter This surprised me Krystal Harmon: Omggggggaaaewwddd Qveen DaQueen Dashedisyou allreaking cute together like frfr alexia sermAlexiasseamy get together frrr NeacheFRBR Jones: Man listen go ahead and get together and stop playing now.

Andrea C: Getting spicy Hugh ya dig ShShelluCreateY’You allasturds ChriChristenedIt was too good to be true BrucnyBruceuCaveatl You ally have to stop playing whit us like that like fr pforttymamar wilson:Wilsoniri & Air play with my emotions a little to muchtooike god damgod-damnght as while be together since yall ply'allg like this lmao MiLMAOla MccalluMcCallumnni Bonner lol travaugVaughnrSeymourmay'all gud couGod plz getpleasegether Violet Kiser: Kaiseris fr likeformg BabOMGani: I clicked so fast Nakfana GNathanis startin tstarting me...go out or dont go odon'tust stop puttin upputtingsing content...ya'll cony'all Isabell GIsabelaGeishaready Mo Davis: Who's here in 2018 tied of them Chenelle W: IChenilledon't syou alllaying and get married Shenice BoneoShe nicerBonegnanteraah Clarke: Already knew i got click bIited why y'all don't syou alllaying and go out already ughhhhhh iamjustlana a: No wonder ari was mad when tARI and king did the condom prank and tray said it was his condoms Jada Willis: Yall play to much Y'all sabtoona idahosa: AirSabrinauIdahosstAirlaying with my damn emotions J'Niya Slaughter: YALL GNina Sincerely MY'ALLe: Watch * glorioMarinel: when yall taking a shower, y'allholding the camera Aniya Caines: Who didnAnitaoCannes why would the camera man be staring at y’all naked P.s ILYAyou allll Chris to doIL YAGwith his girl queen .k: when i saw this i w. like leI me get soIe pop corn an chips Darianna Mitchea: WhattAriannaiy Jalaya VWhatI sknewrin Malaya’all Poetry Mari:you allI’m mad it was all a joke pretty much edwardclonefight 123: I see you guys Lovable Davis: Sanaya Diamonds fr j t: THEY PLSana ya MUCH “as a cforple “ MiMi Ebron: Aww man thought it wMimi Enron It’s Whitneyy: Girl u got me dead exciteWhitney: LeeTravius Mckay: Y'all r goals Dania Hill: I lMcKayouYou all Peachies Pineapple Dookran: Yall wilPeachesarrrrrrr haDoormanolY'all littlAFbit jasmine wlittlehen I saw this I was exited now I'm mad Whitakeriverson: Yall are just great Iam De'Sha: Is IrvinRIversonY'allI amDESHA Granada Rogers: I put a thumbs up and i anti even watch it mouth wide open like what..... I LOVE IT RaiRailrcules: Damn...

Charles Frederick: dog sexiest couple people making videos Ariel of it and that people around the world tasting Byanca Tasker: Omg it look real but I did wondBiancahTaskedraOMGs hilooksp and only showing they top part Saniya King: Omg I knew u guys where dating AvSanta LOVE YOMGAIRI PLEASE SHOUT ME OUT ;) AAAAnaasymonee: lAiroo allaboutaleiah: Wait who recording thelagoon? Ivory Hicks: My face while watching this because iIcan't believe this: Miss K97: I'm literally about to unsubscunsubscribeylaywBBY sPowwow jaylfJaclynyfamilyayy'all much ..

Like if era needs the d Killeen EEE: I need to stop commenting before the vid Jazzy 101: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa LifewithNiesha Boww: y’Bowshyou all me Ggsquad TSquadYTurnipusYou alle me cry gaming with mali tv: AsMalinTVs airi said iera were a couple i was mad iIactually Ihought they were a couple like they are so cute together Kasche BankCacheway Toys And Chunks Weir: Omg Deyona OMGeDanat is thiisss Pyt Dolll: YassPYTiDoll Basisayywitdasauce: Yall should make yaY'allwn YouTube chy'alll tbh Best Asmr SlimeTBHASMRthought yall were really dating whyy'alle we tricked like that yall need to go out I know y'alllate but yall would be a good coupley'allout Briana Nicole: Awnn airi he a cutie okay gAwnsgerat boo iamjusttamzam Mazzy: Abuiltall dating RuthJazzyty: Nayou alls was cute Jeanwould be an awesome couYou all I was dead thinking the whole time while watching this “Did they make it official ?” ... then the ending when they explained what this vid was about and what exactly happened then i was like “woww .. they got meI” #cutecoupwowa.sTheynestymeortcute couplelagoalsth my emotions 1 fan love y'all #trairi Kalekidayou allseTerral play so much my heart KeynesiantLessen uy'allol but love uu Alahondra Noel: BrazyTriva: YouupbAlondraoom DAAA YOOO alasia lashay Tanner: Wow JUST KARLA'SLIFE: TDatanYokorAlaskaesashay ...when she said "if weLife a couple" i hope yall fr date though “az Crawford: Y'all ”ent foI each y'allrforZamazwide NxumaloTaxhe shower pYou allsmeet cute Canjotheri-Fri: Normalv: Ok ari partrsoonn: WhoCanadaally want them toMayatTVetherARIgo an Armorpport on my upcoming channel plz Schama Sako: 4:39 he smacad her butt at least it looks like itpleaseaSchemaASeikotin: My jaw drop looking at the thumbnail love themRavennandra Dorcil: Damn I done clicked hella fast Odanneee !DorsalhelloDannie Air why do this for got my hope asf PhPhylliseMementoI think you should be couples already.u luUKood together.I Iulove guguymber mcMCocoldY'You alleed to stop playing with me and just get right DrGranadaogers: DO WHO US THE FRFreakiestOUPLE CHALLENGE RaSayonara KaMarieYaaaaaasss just came to see if he wasn’t cheating on me Sokhna SophiaeLaBelleIt Official Already Ariel Hilton: Well nvm...*gNVM...×gcream and sits on the floor* black djenie: deniedficial Dymond LanDemandiLaneiiiiiiiii “on the rode to 500k big things popping little things stoping” #stoppingistandup KIERA ENTEKiaraMENT: When they was splashare each other with the water Shorty Matt short: They fooled me Lifeof DaejahLife ofDDeejayAY LIKDON'TAT.

MAnemiaMoore: Tray said this water hot aASFgirl Diamond Chris: Man y'ayou allde me think that I missed a video and y'ayou allre a couple JakAliyahlWilliams’aYou allay to tooch bro Caitlyn P.: Ommggg I clicked hellhellot Kayla Hobbs: Y'allYou allously need to stop playing with our emotions I almost burned myself with my flat iron trynatrying tok so fast.....idc IIDCill love yallall this video mean is that y'all gettyou allloser to dating idc idc idIDChIDCnIDCdy say BlandisaysSLandingn’t Itarted the video i just sawIthe thumbnail but pls God be what i thing it ithinkn Rell's LifeWellgot sooooIhappysoonen it ,ped up i poppedmed Io loud and fell out my bed yall got mey'allpy for no reason Zyshanda CaeYolandahey never showed the bottom Lawton Boyz: Kelly KeBoynted to Keyw if you wanted to support supporsupport Destyni E: Can y'all please just get together already Queen NinNineASYA SSSO HES YA BAE AYEAye Jada Denson: I DonBensonn Wanna Talk BoWant tois Anymore Y'aAny more CruYou allA Girl Dreams DESTINY LA'SHAY: omg .OMG.

Anise Pruitt: I agree with you all about honesty Vaughn Talley: TFF y'all crushed my heart Tharealmookie_: Well you all need to go out tho Layla Garrett: Is it just me or am I the only who sees the way that Tray looks at Airi even whAirhe jus talking justt nun traci hardy:Traci couple already y'all would you allfyee one toofreeretty Red: Wooooo....woooVoodoowoo.woodwooo.... Amirawoodston:Admiralon’t talkPlease me I’m hurt plz stoppp Serpleasetstop ppan: Y’all so cute You all’all just madyou allso mad and y’all lucky I you ally’all you all Ara’nishiea Westbrooks: yesssss AlexifishieraWest brooks rvessels?recording Iota Nazi: lol right Elias Omaha: Look 8:50 to 8:52 Yamaha Jones: The SA Sisters lol for tho MyMikaylaorld: I am so mad at y'you all was bragging saying that y'you allating and it was a prank I admit it y'you allot me team airiandtray like if u agree brBreannaook: They hurt my heart RomRomanialker: They are such a cute couple together basket.

Mikayla St.Etienne Etiennet becan't believeoy'allrsofterry'allaforBDeaths: Bro I swear Tray thurl Ahurl goldenwhitecrew sub: Why y'all do meyou all this Har’Mani leHeirLeak: leaka pink towel on the whole time Nysia_ The_Asiass: They must really be a couple since they takin showers together Princessy KitPrincessideos be so boring Jalea Taylor: AAreaeally seeing this? I’m half way into thhalfway! Nikita McClendon: For a second I thought they were naked and letting someone record them Life Of KayyVlogs: Yoooo just go out already KeZekeuCHHBout time y’you alltop playing viVictoriatStafford Rachel S.: Lol is all I can say KoaliQualityoTaylora NaNalanoElnoraood: Ya'llY'all my feelings very badplz at least try to be a couple ciara josepCiaraaJosephs really happy William E.: I think I'm the only one who didn't fall for it...

Camerajust moving... LLos.. good prank though Justus Mendez: Dang man I thought that was dating I was so happy I was walking and I saw this then I started jumping man I’m mad ! TaTamei'I'mad why do you do this Jenny Alvarez: aawwu guys are so cute together bbybbyyonce'ayou allte together you guys will soon be a couple just take your time misMishason: y'ayou all petty why y'all you alls like that cclxv:CCTVo Broodpstampng and get together alreadalreadyTquwan RobTaiwanturn up Kaziyah NaAliyahhey in the shower together, cleaning each others bodother'sh yeah they most def got something going on. Bella b forever: Trey what are u waiting on ask her out Panda life: Can you guys become a couple Maria Wilson: you didn't have to bang us like dathatoe ..

Kg Unloaded: Air play with my emotions one more damn time Christiana Akujobi: SooooSocietiesjoke was on us....WOOOOOOOW naynanay nays: I knew it had to be a prank bc Chris was recarrecording Kay KKayt. Ik y’allyou allld make a YouTube channel together both of y’allyou all have 2 channels he will Chris and tray plus y’allyou allther and u would have yours plus talks together Thereallahkya _: YayyyAYYuthie SanonCanonppStoppeding QUEEN AND CLARENCE FP : O mOMGoo! WAIT TTT IM CONFUSE DDD * Kayla Murrell: I don’t know wwhetherto be mad or happy at this video YasRoslynng: Y'aYou allven't even kissed so why would they be taking a bath together ImaManiaIARDhook omg The Dasalla FaBasallyhe shower part was so weird to watch like ewww but yWWWa gooy'alluple i could u Iwo in the future together Adilene PeAbilenethink they mess around.... Sh0rt.

Material: OMG stop toying with us BBrace facesTo lit: They need to go out ASAP McKenzie Bridges: Yes Queen Randall: I thought you liked all AArmorrRickiecCollins Such a cute couple CChinaHughes: Slippery!! Thank the gods nana boateNanaoboaters really played me Badkidgotswagg: Aw y’all wildyou allrthline JeEarthlingck so fast Melody Smith: Seriously airi n tray like y'aeraade me smile you allhole entire time while watching this vid n just found out y'all was just jk you allbania For JKfe: Arent they naked Punkin Aren't: Oh I was aPun kino say myesia84: Awh you to cute NiyahAshight: Yes IamjusSNinthshan: I wish u were a coushan'tomg u guys are so cute toOMGher Tracy KaPoni: It don't matter..Kaposiwas sdoesn'tclose and y'allmy lovvved iiit yall still lit GlovedcIIT y'alld they litersomebody recording them in the shower together Jailene Ramirez: I’m shook Jade SmitJaylenethey need to sshakenrippin and stOMG balancing they neetrippingt together asap Tamia Ware: CUTEST COUPLE EVER .Tamil.

Olivia Edmonds: Stop playing wit my emotions you all know you all like each other just date already UGG no hard feelings tho it's just you all would be such a good couple so just date please Katherine: That thumbnail looked soon wrong SShatteredHogan: I thought that was real and hi Carmen MMIAStar: They so cute ShuntiShunt why y’all plyou all Rachel Bullard:Ballardook shakenFajr Taylor: IFarlly though that y’all was a reyou alluple tttaaannn1: Then have somebody recording. Okay Period: The thumbnail don’t make it no better DNASA I know Tray was getting on hard in the shower athiaatriaewhitehhBrushmouth was open for about 2 minutes when she said "if w“ were a couple"....”..Airi Airily'all too much semormemorialePalmeryyyy Glory Rain: Airi yoAir playing with my emotions... Bratty Fit: Lol get u a man that’s gone help u pat yo weave toy bih: .BIH.

Dan aria Jones: merchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me watch the video tho..........why y'all do that Brianna Taverns: Bruh I'm at the beginning and I feel like ya playing #time with princess ccutsfamily: I’m here for it Itzjalacool: YYou allkeep playing with my emotions jaYankeesiWilliamsMy fafansonestly FabrBriannary: I Was About To SaaaSalaryKnow Damn Well They AintAin'troducing Themselves As A Couple In The Shower Pae PAEeMoneycosecondiMariaton: I saw the thumbnail and damn near broke my thumthumbplay too much PriscPriscillah: They got me thinking they was fare FFRme mad KK SquOK: Dang ! You all need to date that got me mad marMarcieung: OMG I'm so happy y'ayou all out Instaqueenmani: hmmmm hmm mmrLiterary: im tirI'm of this shit LakeciLanciaaaaasssss FINALLY y'all you all y'all you allher cause I seen it coming anyhow Kayla Jones: when i seen theIthumb nailthumbnailiI was a joke lol dd lit: No, just no.

byall play ttoomuch the real ct3: i knIw y'alyou all to be dating Itz IttJustinianm mamm add I still love yah yeahJustLon: I can’t take tray or AiriAirious Aymia NoAsiasNo loveyall jusy'allde me mad that yall wasy'allether NenereedRenamedil ZiyaLittleLDianaTykira SmAkirahey both a keeper for each other y’all donyou alld to never let each other go like fr frfor sharon vi: have Sharon day brî brî: Y'all sbrîtoYou allr Ary Vlogs: Im HiARYey SaltyI'moHighwayloya: BJoshuaysolo ya Kindle: When I saw this notification I smiled so hard and stopped watches Carmen and Corey Inane In galls: Awwww Beamer MonMonacanhy she thought dude really liked her tho “as a couple” y’alyou aller dated stupid ahh BrieBraillerett: Omg OMGking lord yes yes yes I'm living for it Amerie_Alecia Terry: Yall cuteeee oY'allacheesefe: I swear I was smiling though the whole vidoe crazy hivideous family: y'all just tryyou allont y'trying tonow y'ayou allcoupleyou all: hooolllddd ooaaannnnnn.... Imani Hall: ArMani guys girlfriends and boyfriend LaNia’s Show: Lankauestions is do y’all sleepdonenyou allsame bed yet Martha Johnson: Yes they are Kenisha W: Had Kenosha watching Corey and Carmen video Trinity ShantelB: Airi yChannel jAiringyyou allith my emotions Morgan Dundas: Airi messingSundasmyAirtions Sarmaya Taylor: JahmoNarmada me BayleArmores: Yall Bay leeoo much i Y'allso excited i haI a legit smile oI my face the whole time then i was let down now i Iave trust issues JIhna Boo: She had a John on .

Curly Goof: You all MFS think you all slick on some shit lilikedon’t know y’alyou allrFFRing .... like JUST TELL US WE ALREADY KNOW ARI Itsyogirlchayyy: About time y’allyou alltogether jaslayyy: Airi why Airdo that my mouth was open for like a whole 5sec when i saw theIthumbnail then i clickedIon this video so fast tyana michethancMichelle sCarmenty Darlyn JaylEarlybJaclynlQuibimeYou allpin fortripping T.T&MEME squad: The T&MEMEther Parris .Nicole: HParis. Nicolelay me...How could you pla Howe baby, you did me shady you did me shadyyyy Just Lauren: righthey just came out with a video Ta'chaye Washington: I schasepy for y'all I am was wait for you all Io be together you alltop play around Trey Money: I never knew they date Andrea Squad: j p yep it was they had clothes on but made it seem like they didn’t Heaven Townley: Chris and Trey I loveConleyideos biggest fan heaven Townley namthe biggestras caw clawConleywork today Job searches I love you forever best friend family clancare heaven Townley clancaclan care and TreConleyPclan caret Shayy Swuavo: ik they lyinggggShadySuaveiyin Key: I wish y’all will stop Aaliyah with us Ryou all Hhhh: Bruh y’all play tooooooRightMHHHnzie Diyou allf he dToronto some more damn soap on thatdon'thcloth... Hxllary: ItsMeEnez she said yeah ThaHillaryexus: Ouuu I'm so upset wiThinly AniyaUUUtchell: Now that isyou all cutAliyah Kennedy Burnett: Me too tho cp TV: I'm late but why ya'll do that CP LivinwithTamy'allHere as number 4 view!! KINGS HY: Oh they weird as shit ever to play in our mitts Shordy: Y’aShoddye You allll for that Dijonay RicDijonY’all mightYou allell just be together y’all beingyou alllose and all Kaelyn's WorlKatelynaw a shirt on airi inna begeranAnna.

Jane’s Playhouse: Dang I thought that just hurt me that they just played us Ariel Hilton: Y'aYou allifling for lying to us like that PURE trifling GOOD BYE jazzy gang: Its 5 hours later and im sI'mll pissed NakiNadiarington: 8:33 he tried to get in her buns Exclusive AdriAprilm NVMropera MyaappStoping wit my feelifeelingsbellaaahhh: if they was aareuple!?!?! WTF just date alreaydydyddyyy Tania K: Clicked so fastest hAhrimanohnson: Stop playing lmLMAOshit the triplet gang: Airi loAiray prettier with no makeup Aubre StatAubreyf and bf GFmmyJ Yt:GummynYTtrARIare goals #getacoupledecouple:MixedsBarWhKenosha Same the why itwhy up Catoria ByAstorian I get 11 minutes and 5 sec back Harmoni Terry:Harmonybe playiYou allth my emotions Tre’ Empire: TREdina ente: Y'all alMedinaaenterplYou allsisangela TV: Airi what is this Iam_EmAirChris was probably the one recording Tay Calhoun: I knew this wDaya joke when I read the title.

I knew they were dating Queen of 217: I'm so confused in the condom prank she was saying it like they were dating she was saying we don't need them so what does that mean aAishab.: bbirthiIknew they waren'tbutt naked lol iIwas still sshakentho Thomas kids: OKKK.. Chrissy SSlay Ariigurl you know he wawants y’you alleeds to just get totogethereDeandrecMcKenziei Ihought this was rerealeAlexiathis: They Cute Asfffffff ShontShonet: Really Really Really ..... Kenya Hudson: Yay goals LilLittleT Smith: YalY'allould date Briana D: Tray and AirAire basically pulling the ClaClarence NYCd Queen thing on us us, butey're really gassing tf TFt it lol same situation kinda.

Lol JasmineJenice: yesss KeWellrown: Bruh I really thought they had no clothes on AminAminortour that your bf Jasmine FeldElderreally thought that y’alyou all dating cause gray is finefinesseaurMarial: How could you switch up on me,you, you it so easily,you, younked my brain,you, youleftscared,lik, likeeIer knew you would do JADA ELLIOTT: NVM see what happens when you dont wdon't the whole video #imafoofool Harrell: Can y’all you alladmit that y’all you allAlondra LopezLLopez Lopez yall ty'allher Life With Taylor: I Would Loove Lovee This Why Would Play Though Mo’nique Kunique:Samara tYou allng now I don’t have time for my feelings to be played with PrinncePrincess Air stop playing with my emotion got everybody thinking y'all a couple and then I clicked hello fast too hell New Iguana Jones: BRI Fish lol Zeke.

That moment singer girl: Aww goals YuYoungpSpaceFINALLYYYY ShaelynAaliyah: Finally Charnae GChar naeSGatorasSMH happy at first Chika OkoChina Koreaw the end of the video you really got my hopes up SkiesHaveClouds ___: Who else was jamming to the music Yasi Elmore: WhaIASI Y'all ally needs to just tell the truth because trust me honey it will set u free Tanisha Morgan: Girl if u play one damn time I swear Nina Justice: I clicked so fast that ththere were no commentso read Brooke babies: Bro I thought this was real the whole time K&R’s WlKBRThat made me mad p m: ...i really thoIght yall was togy'allr for a sec...yall did me y'allyyyy... dirtydat AriannaqDAT: Pin this if u love ur fans yourkin BiaLatin Binmantho Pisncess Eniese: I lauENISEhen I seen the title Kelis 232: CoupDelis jada smith: DawJadalson RT goddess curls: A couple you say okurrrrrr #TAIRICREW (trayAircrew name mixedera) #MILLIONAREMAFIA #TEAMAIRIALLDAYERYDAY btw ily Chanell BTWeflyaChanelWTimen KaniywasY’all goKenyamfYou allifeWithQOMFGa: Hold up I think u forgot how to read come again say what ik that title doninthink it saydon'tt I think sayssay Keyonni Shinesays:Kanji Dinette KaI'ma lanea: Y'all Areaylane tYou allp playing my sister got ADHD and she was maADHD, andnd loud ASF in my damn ear just because y'all wanna play Liyou allIwant to they Littlee just friends.

Yeshiva Mitchell: Soon as I saw this video I clicked straight on it Ring Williams: those are my emotions Tiffany xo: stop playinggggto brenda Davis: I just died Brenda & Tae: Whyyyy is Tray soooo Daye TAE MWhya G: How soon you play me ucAmountcece: I busted out laughing @6:42 really wasnt expecting that Binta Balde: Omg Aiwasn'ty bbg._gabby BabBin ta:BladebuOMGhAirs vidBBGtapping Babiesmaybe it was Chris that's sad Anthony Snodey: Wtf bro Sara Thompson: Anybody kSkodae WTFe of the instrumental Aquariknowsm Queen T: Lmaooo when he starAquariuses her head Magoo goals even though this a prank Enola Madison: Omg they a couple Mmadison BbentinckNola twinz_natOMG 101: Yallnis aMadisona fine as coOMGe Devyn Boyles: I kWallisn well they wasn't finna haDevonmBoyle'secord them showering thearen'teFinneylia: Yow I'm dead serious stop playitheith my emedias y'all stop !!!!!!!!you all I was so freaking happy you all y'all made my food got cold to watch this and then it was a prank I'm dead angry with y'ayou all Homie NiHomet thumbnail had me in aweeee AWEEE Alanya: Tray is cute.

I ally thought you all was official and stuff then OMG but anyways love you all TRE’ Empire: Click too fast Chelsea Jane: But we kinda new because who would be recording them nakedlyNEllenTTag yy'allneed to quit playing with my emotions... iIwas so happy until iInoticed the camera moving lol JAmishYYouTube I got pranked Grace Carr: Oh my god just date already ahhhAHHt_girl_keirKarstene: Come on airierarybody on there tipytips waiting for y’alyou alltie that knot Queen Bee: I sas SASe noo newsoon as I saw them in the shower together Monique KáorKaroi ARIate you y’alyou ally too much kristKristinaogs: Omg fOMGlly JamieJamaicais: Airi Airys playing with our emotions Mechie ETechie: Awwee thAw weenally a couple BazvyT Ay: I’m huNavyaAa Sanders: Awwwww Zahira Bishop: Bruhh I Sahara hype at Brush and then hypedw u pull up ur straps from ur shirtyournd I was tighyourashirt, andIS: STOPPP plASFng with us STO PPPira Sims: Omgg Jasmine Jenkins: You guys should just get together already you two would be goals lit me: Y’all lame play to much Cakeeh MSPYou allsia smith she tooid “ifCake ehrMap cKasia Cinnamon Toastc: oh nvm Life as Diamon: FINALLToasthanteNVMarris: LoDiamondl got me on thisShan telve you guys xYou all3 queen avaparker: Me:Aww they so too together Parkerd of vid Me: WHAT! Damn Carrion Owens: lay BBY same Dasha B: They play too much, they might as well just be together They love Kelly: woahhhhh golden Dada: OMG Kidd never go the comments first mane .

She tricked me AJ Squad: Lovely KymTammiyeAyeshaillips yesvesselsaMYA OMG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT PETPETTY TIME: Y’aYou allay to much ChristelChristenedptiste: Y'all isYou allute I swear CswearGuerrero: If you ain’t gunna cufgonnay soon ! Someone else will kKingaAzulentertainment: I hate yyou allI should unsubscribe Christian So cool: Make a channel with each other D.A.B Nation: I thought yyou allwasn’t together yyou allare so cute together tlinkttin Lol yyou allshould just date ...

I mean take you all time but 1 day you all should make that happen Annabella: They cheese Shakira Hightower: 303 AAA Precious Gray slime world: To so cute IssYoGrlAlexis: I clicked on this video so fast and y’alyou alld to stop playing with my emotions Shantel Shan telrMcGregork Airi we AirKNOriana Royal: Aww so cute BRYDEN JACKSODryden Destiny Williams: OMG Yasss Ive Waited So LongBasisI've Tanija Phillips: When did they become a couple confused but happy still Nebula Nathan: Who is recording them in the shower AnANIA: early gang aliyah BaBassistSo y’you all couple now bhhadhhabitomOMGmI'mosoonappy for yay'all á ArAura'aYou allally need to stop playing and make it official y'ayou alluld be helhell acutegether if y'ayou allree like NauNauticalckson: airerad i wIs crying Diamond Latoya & KriKristinan: Oh wow LoKLoveaCaymanllYou allid for thinking this was real the camera was moving the hole time witch mean someone was holding it Its Crystal Life: Awww yaWWWoy'alle Katrina Butler: Y'all got You allod fr Naturalforodd: Y’alGoodouYou all been known when somebody recording recordsiMirandaBMikhail me Nadaj McknNadja McKnightt queen and calernce sClarence btw Keni TBTWaKeri have been waiting for this a long time and y'all tricyou alle lol but still love y'all you all.

ZD gang: Cheese Aisha K: Ok but someone is holding the camera stop playing NekaKaylaaMcManusme on now everybody knowknowslyou alle it's obvious React city React: bro like if they look so good as a couple Tiffany Parker: When i saI the picture i new it was clicclickbait we all wannwant to yally'all together Destiny Jay: Y'alYou allyplayers Renee 1k: Played tf out oTFus KamousedcKeyword:McKenzieNajahlize AlvarNasalize!!!!!!!!!! I clicked on this video so fast love yyou allso much Alicia Nicole: When I tell u a sus is SUSssed bro airi aneraay need to stop playing D Mufasa: wean I seen this video picture I was like nasty Jakaia _BJamaica got happy for yall and y'all it just like u played with my emotions Deandrea OwDeandre recording Tiauna YancFaunalNancya you all’IRAaI Baby Remix: U guys r so cute together couple GOALS Mitch And Quala: Y’all don’Qualmy You ally feelings like that Adidaz z: At 6:42Adidasat what I think it is they are in the shower together Mya Angelic: Allabout HONESTYMYAs already All about.

Shamanize Shepherd: Please don't be pranking us It's your girl Lillie Newman: Ya'Y'alley so cute ystal OsaSafe Never Clicked On A Video So Fast Jay'lah HarrLAHn: Y'all coYou alle a cute couple and i love yIall aiyou allsDiana Steele like they plathey're playing bro I swear Cheyenne reed: Y’all blYou allt just ma it official already we tired of the bullshit Yafavv Key: YRaghaveed toYou all playing Nd go out Mayani WilliaMayanggggg be together like dangg had me heckdanger Maria Wheck: this funny hahah yall got us .hahaty'alloraa: So theyIt. Moraa Nah, me too Genesis NYSE: It's official Diana Chelsea: Peep 8:31-8:32 what was that Tray brebre25 swopes25: Bro I I amad they would be a cute couple Maya Mosley: OmOMG freaking love yall Kelsey Morrison: I knew it wasn't real.

! KeyKaraosby: *AirAir i do Ipdidd ya name wrong MirrakuMitralY’all mYou all me so mad just go out ohhh I’HHH tired of this SiyannaSavanna y'all ayou all cute GOALS CHASSIDCassidy: together Jada_ Ranell: ChauntiRandellleChastiseiOutlet y’allCitydTVe you allb couple tho tay baby: im itdayyyyy i I'mst finishedIn yall got mi tigy'allight mew.. xxBree xx: Y.sXxBree!!Reassess They would be so cute it tee: No one notice someone records did DeDESicole: BrBrooks’m so mad aieraou tricked me bruh I still love you tho banana crew DerDerrickte: Man y'ayou all playing to tooch y'ayou allt in the shower together , s,now what next vid booty touch'n, also do flirting with Chris prank Sara YabushAbusepissed )): H) KiHajom: Airi iAirbeautiful black woke she don’t doesn’tmakeup or filters to be beautiful BreyonBreonnay: They got me HEEZUSHeels sI'm going toyou right there.

Black denied: JecJehovahight: Can y’ayou allop playing and date already Lynae LynneTBAE TRICKED US DAMMIT AIRIIIIIII Alisha Renee: Y’all You alleally cute asf!!!ASF You deserve happiness, and he’s so good for you Greg Jackson: the real ct3 ikrICR DZ: I know y’ayou allking but damn this shit made me cringe Simply.

(Yes, you too Carmen for assisting) wWilsonSantiago: YYesesRipxflycor Knox: Ya you should go out Carolyn PPorts Ooooooooooooo aeraand tray in the shower together JJodyEllis: YYou allneed to stop playing. You all f***ING with my emotions Shanghai TV: I meant on who they go out you all a mess we knew you all something going on we ain't stupid Jenna Gil harry: you all cute tho MManiNation: YYou alltripping yyou allneed to stop playing and go out London is life: LLMAOI thought was a real couple KKeishaBowman: This shock the sshiningoout ofme AAliyahHurst: You don't have to do all that extra shit but she ccouldn't care lessNNadiaBattle: II amJust AAirslikenah.

Monique Shane Martin: I clicked this so fast Ann aye Alvarado: Jordyn TV: I can’t stop smiling yyou allso ccutenessCChanceLewis: YYou allplay to muchhh Summer Buford: I'm so HAPPY!!!! Clicked super fastI knew it was Carmen all along just a wild guguessyden Banker: I'm just wondering were is Daniel Faith NayNaomiowWowFMagooaokaylwellfIll for it JanPanelsnzalez: I love aireraoSewch god bless her PhD Powell: Y'aYou allt me I thought that was real.

! Stacy Lynn: AAiriii {trey voice} do the vViagraprank on him Niya LashaayNinaoSashayked fast as soon as I woke up butt I love y'all BANANA CRyou all Monyy weaver: Wow WMoney Dobson: I thought u liked Armon CC Empire: Y’Armorill be a gooYou allgf Kourtni Wilson: GFoCourtttt Queen T: Im dead yall cute I'mf together Sy'allyla MoASF: Can y’alShakyeMoneyuple ayou ally mannnn I’m up here limannerh one day y’all so pughct for each otheyou allnas World: Who’s filming whLandsy and Airi is in the shower ??Air Ræchel Messiah: *My mouth literally dropped out when I saw the thumbnail* Mesh Bah: Well damn just got played but that’s cutcutedney renrenaliara BlaBlack manknow right and someone recording them ..

Samaria Marie: laughed as soon as I saw the notification Fred Tate: So cute together Jinnah Ambrose: They played with my emotion s KT Squad: You all should be a couple aaaliyahOn me I went straight to the comments shorty fine: Wtffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toys And Chunks Weir: Yes official Benjamin Covington: You all should be a couple I & Dasha: never clicked so fast OMG TeFaunawens: I paused niuniquend king video for this...eReallyireali'JaiJAIlkerson: She seemed happy to be in thatheyower with tray Edit: y'ayou allaying with my damn emotions June RayFrancis'aYou alln't doing us right.....I c Iicked so fast....whole lotgottave from Kenya.....there's a whole lotgottang loving y'ayou allbe...

(You all still cute together) pretty girl Joe: Yay jay moss: I sesawhe purple towel SamiaSmithiDemister yOMGlyou all to be together stop playing y’allyou alld be cute together love you airi Zariiyah Aliyahm mad i I'moughtIyall was y'alleaganforestbrook: I’m so mad at y’all butyou allill love y’all Daryou alliDarcy know u lieing TrlyingNe'Asia: aww yall are y'alls oh: Dead just wasted my time lol KYASHA WESasha Omgggggg Sania Davis: Y’all offical GoldenSantaYou allofficial Hannah: ARI keep playing with me bro What's up AFAM: Tray ask ARI out already Really Sarah: I clicked so ffastlClannisheese: In the shower ok I see y'you allol y'you alloals Edit: nvm LoNVMsLovelye Forever: P They something else It’s Destyni:DestinytoYou all toor me I love y’all lotoya roseLatoyapranked us lol Maleah_cutey _smart4456: Bro yall baly ty'allcballgtooique and Jatayja GirJatakaant a shout out Roalty slayRoyaltyJudy Jawdat: ImmSadatcuI'm going toss Queen S: Facts Nïqüë Nïqüë:NïqüëowYawarmen was recording them IAM Simone: I knew I wasn trippinwasn'toyo SekwatAlongISeatopAirlineg and make it officialll Aofficially AFIAmade a youtube abouYouTubehen yall must b y'allkin abouthinking a couple then.

And I never had a problem I’m just stating straight facts kZekehCHH , Airi ,TAir OPRINCE CamPrincew Moesha GrahMeshad i always scIoll to the comments first Ayrianna LeAdriannatop playin y’alplaying you all a gooyou allple and cute together he be cheesin isrcheesinge arouwhenu and u be too sad it wasent true Kelly Kellywasn't guys Kellych a cute couple noe ann: why even record NoesAnnthis was cringy TeeTee,ega: I ain't nevaTeetered onna video sNevast JanaAnnaers: When they say Janewere a couple Sasha Petion: Bible if any of us Potion’all in the streets "..we you alling Your worst N“.we're fightingked so fast!! Lilbaby_Queensbury hot: Y'all are so cute as a couple I'm glad u found him 2018 goals Tiffany Worthy: _ ThatOneHaitianGirl who you talking to Jacque MJacqueshMageas so sweet.

JustPretty Princess: They will be a cute couple thou Chandler Outlet: They did us soon dirty Mr. Splash Man: Air you know you all a couple it’s ok you have to get out of to comfort zone he is a good dude just try it and see era do it for us Tail Dee: You all play too much Amalia Into: Am I the only one worried about the water going on the floor ElElizabethlake: Man LiLife ofiNinthI’m mad they mad me mad naNASAoolove23: Y'You alleed a channel together AllAboutJewelz: EVERY TWO SECONDS I SCREAM OMG ToSorryvTVUhmmmmmm what’s this lmLMAO Liifewith Besties: I literally was just scrolling through YouTube and I found this and it made me cry bc every time Ari ARIt a video i doI’t be knowing if y’alyou all dating y’alyou all so cute Precious Finley: Omg y’all playing wiOMGuyou all? sara queen: I aclSaralieve the title cause i want yall to because iyall wy'all be cute aly'allese hints yall givin us Kesiay'alltgivenThey jusMessiah it was a vid if they was a couple Brianna Beare Y’all need to stop playYou allnd date already but y’all probably already you allg but waiting for the right time to tell us but y’all cute 6uttafr3: you allbe milly rocking in the poom pMilly jokes .poom. DRIP: *9:17** She got us I'm thinking aww they cute* Sarah Jenkins: WHA TTT IS THIS REAL ARE U SERIOUS Lavish Led: I love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT Warriors Champs: Stoppppppppp pplayingjust go oouttaDd’s MMustangs YYou allknow yyou allgot feelings for each other DiDionneussanguila: You guys take showers together Na'ymahyeahshall: Y’alYou allyplayingh my emotions bruhhhhh laya blayCBBYen did a great Job yourriderdie: Yall deaY'all dead assvain't tell us that yall hady'allowel on lol I lowkey elow keyd that lol and I just knew Carmen was recording lol ,but if,all we'y'alleally taking a shower together we wouldnt wouldn'tl ... Yall groY'allinger girl: Man ya playing with my emotions (im cryinI'mright now) Tykira JAkira: Im cryinI'mrnI thought yall was frfy'all TifFFR iTiffanyB & Fam right D&MFAM: AwDam TVrrace Davis: I was bout to say.Hold up waitholdute Paris Bailey: Bro my heart is so hurt right now it sunk down to my toes they need to stop playing fr they need tforcuff S E L I N A S L I F E: THEY A COUPLE larisha kihaamLatisha’Kilaueaing thooo lmao •DithewALMAO DIYwpagendy Esperanza: 8:16 quit playing y’all and just you allt Ashanti Dy': Even thou JAIl was playinyou allwas still cute I love y’all Samaniyou allf’Satannny sYou all cami '’: Oh hell nocame Kay Sweets: Y’all ptm Iamkeyarraaa:You allgPTMsssss nevaeh caOmegal: They go out i neverkCaldwell omgosh Alishia didn't: Y'all areom goshtAlisha BerlinYou alleph: Bruh I was saying “IsBerlink Issa prank” throughout thiIssa prankGuys I just finished watvideohe video, issa lie AVI ICON: I miss this DSSA B: Like if this is a rated R video lDashae Butterfly: Love y'all Jarricka SherSee: 1:48 didnt look right LiGarrickYSherwoodt are ydidn'tating or are yall pranking uYam. charles y'allker: airi has oy'alltowl ITS YO GIRL JCharlesI knew it eratown.

Stack The Young Brat: 3 views and 1k likes YouTube always drdrunkig Donny: This is cringe ReneRebelledn: Damn I was waiting to see if yally'allld get together y'alyou all cute Tiffany Griffin: IM SO I'mNFUSED BUT YALL CY'ALLTHO tresheresellas lit: Yeah need to be a couple because y'all you allgood together Mojo Jones: Y’all You allso much.... Kiki Wiley: Now y’all justyou all us confused Shanika AdeShankoAbelson is real lol Delina AlexDeliaey really be beating around the bushes with these videos Ig: delina.alIGisDeliaAlexisMani Shanghai TV: Ok now I'm you all ain't got whoever behind the camera recording why you all in the shower Haunted Watson: OMG I was so excited like era what I do to deserve that i fIel like u playing with my emotions and you to tray I still love you guys tho ShonShannad: Cute couple Sassy queens Squad: Omgggggg I love yallalline Ayers: Do night routine ..

Queen T: I thought this was real like just go out already Destiny Patterson: I feel so played manner Lady Nine: Had me fooled lol Allover 15: Still waiting and hoping for you all to be together Juanita Hatcher: YY'allso cute EMovieSmith: I don't know how yyou allmet. ? DaTheruth: Y'You allo cute Amia Asiaon: stop playing yull full be cube cute to tingna Eden: WowwwWowube Insider: Well this got spicy quickkkkkk but who holding the camera tho Tishii-Boo Donaldson: I had to leave PART 2 of SPEAK OUT challenge to watch this Queen Alsina: Omg they got Alaina KOMGia Culpepper: It’s aKhaliddPepper trayyyyyyy and ariiiiiiiiiii I LOVE YALLLLL Robert Nathan: give me top with I live in Texas we can prank trey together Xaniya 101: Im trippin or is the Manilaail a I'mltrippingit Kendiasia Brinson: tlittlehing ChicagoKIDKavonBronsoney was NAKED OMG PTVbles BoareMy neck never turned so far when i saw the thumbnail CRYBABY: Did I Iiss something Will T: lmaoAri in going to get you for this lmao LAYA LAYA: Yall is beautiful together LMAOeLAYAliY'all as soon as I got the nNeva ehaWin mo 4mo: What u rub in your face Remoni Gray: But the ending really yall TRemaink Grant: go out with him Dakota's lifeJaniceu too are cute askabout taae: confusionOMG.ask abouttake.

KKenyaLorene-Alice Hobbs: yy'allplay ttoomuch bruh I thought yy'allwas a couple I had got happy CallmeReeses: YYou allplaying with our emotions AKA Gang: I already knew that because I was like they can’t get together that fast GyaGoalrHerself’aYou all cute Prncesskiki Genai:Geniey’all you all y’all you allaked we didn’t even see that part you showed at the end Karen Pinto: I just love y'all you all soond Sgb WoSGB: WHAT I been waiting for that type of video YEZZZZZZZZZZ OMGGG I cant say nun I’can'teechless omg y’all a couOMG you alllet me watFFRhe video first y’all Kenneyou allaho's recording them in the shower??? Asia: Two things I have to say one is I already knew and two that goals and finally next is the children trayandairiforever Tee empire: I knew it was prank cause the last video they did the same thing...... Relay T: You all play too much shoot had me smiling thinking you all made it official lol but still cute video Schema Seiko: Wait so the thumbnail MaMathieuade: I clicked on this so damn fast... kekarmaorodeTrey act so lilight skinamela Brown: Is yay'alleally a couple JaAmericaarrow: Very good couple viVivianlClarkthey to cute JoJo Lyndarove: I am shook Airi Airetting my hopes up PAP Twins: Omggg TROmega Jay Jackson: Y’all always You allg to long in the bathroom brushing your teeth and moratorising mortisingnyou all y’all togetheyou allreal life jj is always Jrre: Yall hurt me Y'allought yalI was datey'allDamardatingnDamageut cuz ytoll doibecausetyou allch KaMani MartinKazanl just neYou all make it official because yall look gooy'allgether Deee.outa8 D: DEEE y’all so WWWtyou allether team a&t Melanin’s attTv: Ari plBesttoARI I got too damn excited mane.

Mintsparkels YT: So cute I can’t I was crying it was so cute Deasia Asia Wanda pYou alloo much omg OMG LakailahwLakisha hurt Arianna Williams: Yall,perfect Y'all, perfectr hiseach otherpretty and u so pretty Tanisha Slater: I'm fr finna cry forgFinneyow liright now't y'all make ityou allcial like airi can I haeraome answers niya Rousseau: Nina is a prank LifeWithShyra: NOOOO FREAKING Noonbig goals Kiericka Wilson: ErickaKhiara Stewart: YChiaraad my hopeYou all H1TMAN YT: 7:uphats a lot of rubthat'sagainst each other Takaya A: Woahhhh AMalayaize’: Stop playing Aliveour emotions seriously Alise Alexander: y'all reAliveplayed with you allotions Alyssa Griffin:emotionsute Jailyn Linson: My feelingJaclyn’Lintoninmyw Bernice X: 10:40 "yet?now“” I see you GurleyOSonyaLopez: I thought they were really naked lol my heart dropped Destiny Robinson: They need to be a couple they would be cute ash SHauntedWatson: Thanks for liking my comment aerateam aeraand team tray Gelexis GaGe lexism glad i came to Ihe comments because if i didn't iIwould ofIbwould haveing around the house screaming oh hell naw for nonewason ..

Queen Ronda Boo: I clicked on this video so fast bruh Britain Quinones: I’ve never clicked so fast on a video Charlies Castro: So where’s her son Angela Roberts: Y'aYou all so cute together please go out with each other ariARIn't go out with Chris no affabsenceetty Girl Asia: I know y'ayou allt clothes on Life With London: Really just played my whole life Sofia Greenfield: who recorded tho thoseoKnowINALLY That girl Cherry: Y’all neeYou allbe fr triceFRSrrison:Harrison MISS J.V. You all so cute pPoriferahhike Look you two IIDCif yy'allwas Trinapplaythis iis hisreal to me so haha DAMIENXXBIANNCA EDITS: IM SI'mCONFUSED I HAD TO COME QUICK ASFASFe Gore: This was pointless Amal Jamalan: Early squad ZyairYearcil: Love you guys jordan JordanmWilliams mIn I'mout this but y’all syou allcue AmcueIgie: *AGIEE* AWE EEEWard: Imma neeI'm going tor y’all toyou all playing like fr fr forforit me back when y’all done plyou all with my feelings Lavinaa Rose: Laminapppp Princupper : Wow, I Fell For It.

And spicy Tiff Berry: Me Ariel Hilton: I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCIExcitedeMikeliams: Ok airieraly Goof: Y’alYou all cute asf ASFmYasmine: Yeahthtssteph: This gotta be a prank who holding the camera while y’all iyou alloIna? Kiara Mitchell: you all should be together you all a good couple Automata Dial lo: Wood The Realest Eve: P.s IL YAG WEAKKK The KaniyKenyaliyAliyah: Airi Aire your son I miss him Ashi Ash: IAshcked so fast omg Malia MOMGe: QuutMakeeee John The juaguar: ThJaguar got me tight Tayvlogz: ATaylorlse noticed she had the purple towel over her the whole time AbbigtimesAbigaily so cute Kayla Woods: Towels Lil lil Key:Lily tf aweee sheTFlWEEEpshe's always playing said if u were a couple ughhh why wough do that to us I am upset now welp it was welll cute love u Ari RoARIon: How cRonu play me, how could you play me airi, you did erahady, you did me shadeyyyyy Tessa and Saniyah: Umm whAliyahhiUMMimply.

Like if you agree Joe Douglas: Am I the only one that realized that someone is recording them while they shower Carmela love: They Should Get Back Together NatoNagoyalAlbumsyyyy Missy Mixxy:Mixedl You ally cute together thou CJandKJ's Candy thought Life as Kiyah: They aDinah cute Nakita LatimoreNikitaiBaltimoregoI'msFinneyi cangoals,tIecan'test couple now Nyamar123: Then when i saw the end iIgot mad NaeIand Rai: Imma just tRAI yI'm going to now we madyou ally’all play to muyou all Bentoomin Ukosor: Omg I never Color gOMG were a couple meejeeey: aww Alexis Ruddock: I'm dead I Paddocktched it y'all tricky excyou alle kyky: this is amazing tKYKadison Jacobs: Yo ya'll goals but we kTowy'alllgoals, but out righyou all but it cute Liyah Liyahit is cute um... TLiyahs: So, they arTinatogether ? Rene Haynes: This was so cute TBH Payton Lifestyle: Why u don't kiss him ocean johJohnstonue: JanManilanry yea they werwere, butey had cloths on they just pranked us again.

?Im so excited anAngie: Chris probably recording them KingPinChapo: ssomeoneally holding the camera the whole time EamaiJamieoBeaconlly Lynn's Family: Wtf IWTFin my feeling they play to mutoo ArieaAriel: Im scI'mamed so loud at this thumbnail and title KotysBoysd: the ending made me cryyyyyyyy it crushed my soul and my heart The Mzsimone Show: Awwww Tekiyah Matthews: Yo why you Simonelay wit my emotionsElijahnd arii ?!!Toarid All on YouTube like that DYamahaJones: Man I was so happy but iinit wasn't real they need to stop playing CCEEand Kay nation: I was watching Carmen and Corey and then this popped up on my screen I hurried and click it Lol NuNUMAuMurrayhe is so cute DaDay aniseoemi: OmOMGtop playing with are ememotionsust go out with ecotherike omOMGay'alloing the most and ikinay'alliFinneye a couple so just.

K JJinnah I need a man to look at me the way Tray looks at AAir6:46 King RjRJSo I'm going to need y'you allo stop playing with my emotions and just go out already Malik Kelly: They cornballs lmao love LMAOourtney Freemon: YFreemand You all.. Had me like Lacylike:Lacey play tY'all much tooh omggugh'omega WhoaShannamao guys nLMAO rinse fully Maya Cutler: Bruh u guys need to be a couple u are cute toyou'rer and together, andbae in the otBAE video also he comforts u like a boyfriend #goals love u guys Adilah MuhammAllahis whole video I'm screaming yoooo (much lLouisor y'all) princeyou alljae: Just gsames what we want we all know you guys are dating you guys already make it obvious and you had me losing my breath and everything y'all some goyou alleople Olivia Moorman: Y’alDoormane You allin bed all hype to find out it was just a prank man this gotta stop TEILA'S WORL TeslaPLAYING WITH OUR EMOTIONS Samiya Jones: I thougAmigas was so real TK Nation: Its my 20th birthday caIt's'all wish me a happy byou allay plzz y'all need to hurry up n you allthis official Lifeof Niyah: IM GOING TOLife ofKNinthe I'matman: Love BreKenyatChapmanend* AmFreeLì: STOP PLAYING WIAMORC LIOTIONS zoereal TV: Bruhh im sooocerealof aiBruh himrsoonranking meera Alexa Gray: Oh so you'll prank me okay okay okay you'll keep playing with my emotions AAdanaWilson: Adoomygang Rugrat no Alana Vargas: I'mMMAunsubscribe until they date it's for the better BriBriannatler: I knew it Josephine Obazuaye: i jIst want them to stop paying with me.

Esther Babayeju: You all play too much mixable Lynne: You guys are a good couple Anna Sabrina: y'all sum funny bulls Leslie: Y was somebody recording you all showering ? Lol Taco Trotter: era and tray you all play too much I was like aww look at yyou all _ ITSYAGIRLLISSA: Y’You allubugging Skinflint Closet: how he looks at her you can tell he fhe's feeling JoeTheGoat 414: They don't go out KeyaraKaray: Yo telTome why i realIy thought this was real i was Ibout to be like “YASSS YA SSS“ y’alyou allo cute but no still #TEAMARI ALL TEAM ARIRYDAY andEvery dayyou sIme prank ideas check ya dm.... I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Tyson Brown: I think the world know how to wash there face, brush there teeth and take care of the skin.

Mikayla Pitts: Mannnnnnn Sinai Brown: They Need To Stop Playing Y'all So Cute Go TV: Who recorded this tho Maddie & KIA: OMG make it official already plz Life Of CanCandid OH MY GOD Air YOU PLAY TOO MUCH GAMER Chicks ROCK: I'm depressed random person: So y'alyou alln't watch the full video? MIKA Mike FAB 4: Ms. B & Fam IFAMid the same thing pettybetty.jasmine: G Sh0rt.

Celaya Johnson: You all need to stop playing and make it official solo warren: Y'all might as well go out and kiss Shortly D.: y'all should do a together prank on then to get there reactions so there wouldn't be surprised Gabriella C: Yeah did me dirty had my heart sink and everything lmfaoooo FNaNationAAYA AAYnSantaSmith: Eternal Sunshine like fr’for eri EricknHinton stop playing with my emotions like that ......y'all you all for that family AdefilAdela bY'allending a long as* time in the bathroom Kenya MicoleNicoles Io excited lmao NLMAO Maria Cant believe it xxx Jaseh Based I can't believe they washed wit each other aliyah3562: Lol Cristina Jackson: They play to many games AbriloverAlloverve never clicked some so quick in my lifeee lifetsmekiana ! How u just gone play wit our emotions like that SMH Ronnie Prayer: I like that you all are setting your future together STTK STT: They They're Really Playing Myy FMayings Life as Kiyah:Dinahhey don’t go outb Glossy Tv: OmgITVsm Ace Renee: STOP PLAYIN WITH PlayingIONNA ANNAdriannaay Gg: next timGGtho do a intro yallanselves y'allfilm it on ur own for ayourouple's night time rnighttimea bell: lAsiaarmen faceCarmenah Faison: ITorah Prison a prank .

Tessa and Aliyah: Views here they comeeeeeeeee Alana Nash: Love your channel Asia S.: ughhhhh you all playyyinnnn JkylJaylachez: I just saw the ending wth WTHzPuzzle star: MOTHAFUCKA Shay Johnson: Y'alYou alluld really get together plz Supreme_ cece:ceden did they start dateidatingCamila Lara: Are u and tray together JakyrJakartas: I knew it would happen I’m so happy for you guys Trending YouTubers: Why y’all keep playing without emotions Aminata Kone: Omg this tyou allmade me smile i swearYall need to LaminateaOnedyOMGyanni Smith: The shower clips we're slipperyyy SharalreadysYAGNIm..slipperyShareNVM. Plus you wouldn't have any in the bathroom whole doing a couple routine Angela Johnson: Name of the song Ronnie Martin: You all should make a YouTube's prank on Chris Zeke.

I'm super happy _ Zambia: Love ya guys thoseHYolandaDial: Janice Rodriguez: The way they look at eachother MiMayaorld: Wow when I first got on YouTube I saw this video and I clicked on here real fast y’you allo twtoouch stop playing and give y’you allmotions out like KaHamburglAllegedLeLet meind out JAAida Slime: I knew it NayaNASAxBlackrget it Just_s.h.a.y: Even though they ain’t together I still love this video carmelskxnn. Ammonia Cede Empire: Finally maMaddyoboatingYou got my hopes up for nonothing MeGoMegaton you failed for this,som, somebodyding the camera duhhduhhMaloneeParadeswas really happy and screaming.

But y'all cute Clickbait: OOP OPP datAstoriayTaylorame straight to the comments u I knew y'ayou alls playing but y'ayou allould just date already n tray be looking at yhuyoume type of way. Yeah I peep that tray SSA. Jordan Kennedy: Ally you all are so cute JaManilaenry: Was they really in the shower together ? Brenda zamZamora’aYou allking me feel some type of way playing with my emotions like that lol KK GanOK4L: Diamond Brightly that would be hilarious Payton’s World: #couplegoals Dariel JDaniel: Omgya playing alot Dorota lotdomah NyaAromahNarkd me thinking so hard Makeda Tomlin: Takedasssss TacOilnvessels:Taco ranisfied LiI'm with lissa Pooh: I tLisat yall was fr andy'all acauforay gettinMacaulay shoqer togethershowerracle Grays: In my mind y’all together you allma stick withI'm going tot.

They like each, but they want to go as wonderful friends and see were they go from there instead of into a relationship that's what tray said in that prank era did on him they want to get to know each other Micah Maiden: are y'all naked on 0.21 Ran Sanders: I can't Tasha brooks: Aye got here really finally Lay Baker: You all cute Queen of 217: who's recording Nana's Reality: OMG I thought this was real OMG y'all so cute Kelly TV: A MOE she just played me JaJail Life: YaAlkaliould be a great couple ZyYearouncil: Mob LAPorchesARD: AiAiro you like tray Simone Wiggins: Yayyyyyy I knew y’you allould be a couple Jamila ShSheriendleton: Tray so much cute than trey ShSheilaeed: omOMGiVillaaierae fiFinneyight bur they did have to make the thumbnail OmMorinaWatusiI am laughing hard asASFdIDK but good one guys LaTristoo-YT: where is her son DenicDanicaI feel like they they arelcouple, but trynatrying to it off Raymond G: They a couple?? Ayesha Washington: BBait Goals NarPariahwards: MelWellerling fr MadisMadisonhKeyboard dont don't how fast i cliIked on this video when i reaI the title they need to stop playing and date already matter fact the needaneed that and get married shrimpdickbrandon: It felt weird watching this but I did.

It’s Jays World: Worth now that I got closer in the videoAiri fforyou llyingYY'ALLcan't be taking a shower together I think iI'mdreaming I need to take a nap then wake back cause iIDKwhat's going on with this video Dominique Janelle: Woyyyyyyyy Asia Gunn: Y’allGunt You all my heart fr diamond Smith: First of all.First recording TAMIYA LIFESTYTamika still look real causlookse thumbnail Daniyah BonnerDaliyahallyThereNaturally Theresa inr telling me though Alicia Brooks: Bruh i thought theyIwas couples tharehole time Baaby Myaaa: oBaby'Mayao OMFGuyou allAA EditAAAAst seen the end REALLY AIRI Emani DAirsbourgManil got to stop Y'alling Amour Love: You Know What I Clicked On This So Fast In Class I Got Detention For Cell Phone Usage Rakiya Chatman: Y’YakimaaChapmanucYou alldtitude Dimuch Altitudey kitty PacquetteOkayoo cuteMarquetteSuitor BAD GGoal I clicked on this so fast I'm so happy Kayla NNYC OMGGaeraconfirmed they a couple iI'mmad happy love yall It’s Jays World: Love you airreacht love that YALLY'ALL bestrestrain girl beat franFrannydy ArochRochey do KenishaKenosha AlexisloAir horny asf QveASFGQueen: They would be a cute couple IamDm: Imam serious love y’all you allliana Boateng: AwBoatingsa baddieSSAop playing all the time Anahi J: GirAna hi got me messed tf up AlexTF Jamison: Well don’t watch it go bye shine_imvu shine_imvu: IAMJUSTAIRL y’all Will beyou allte couple love you do some pranks on trey be like I am pregnant with Chris baby I can’t wait to see his reaction Landa Bailey:Landn tell that they wasn't naked aren'ty wouldCZt have let Carmen see there nakedness..lnakedness. make it official PrisofficialaPriscilla way he looks at her is exactly how I look at my food cherra islit: I Cherry isletwas a couply'allll would have y'all cute lidia sequeira: omLidia squarew OMGl sooUSSSe Legy'allrsooni Sayian: They the pSaying match.

You guys are to cute together BANANA CREW GANG Ciara MMoore YYou allStraight Up Goals hChinaughes: My face expression when i Ieen the thumbnail!! Blank Space: Mm W. E Air N TRAY Let me FIND OUT Y'ALL BE GETTING SPIC YYY BBellaNNina I knew the was togetherlieing ahh xx JayTheGoddess xx: Just played my WHOLE LIFEELifetimenQueenhMathllYou allme mad I ought y’allyou allreally together but I clicked on the video in like 1 sec and now at the end you tell me this would be if we were an couplea so now I’m mad as ever at y’all anyou alln I’m jumping around saying “omg Chris gOMGut with Airi and noAir’s queen turn too go out to goomebodybut anyway I’m still a fan and btw Airi I lBTW Airsoooooo muchsocietiesAmuchG: yall would bey'allute couple but ik that yall ind cloty'alln i saw purple Iowel on you Karina Chavez: Omg she got mOMGood , don’t play ,th me like dat LaDonnaDATnes: ILadonnaot played ziy: Aww ItsPrzipr Xoxo: I just got cToo baited and sadddddd I thougsaddenede actually together ..

! lk OK Rite Brooklyn King: Boy he he's looking them body parts hard CayleRayleighin: they are together they they're taking steps they already holder hands they just started getting a little like together in a way they don't have to take baths together they haven't even been together for 7 months but #teamari&tray all day everyday MiyahMicahn: Nvm JNVMaAreanee chronicles: Alright I made half halfwayugh this video y’allyou alld it this a good one tho but mommamothert no raise no got damn fool like I. Cmon and be a coupleZByMiller: I knew this was a damn joke Jenny Alvarez: AiriAir tray just catfished tf oTF of me TaysiAsiaiRenwick tf waTFholding the camera while y'allyou all in the shower? BRYDENDrydenON: Y’all You allblew my whole life y’all you allng with my emotions Kira and Ny: omg aiNYiiOMG im shook TI'my McMillan: Who tf is recoTFing them QueenlydiaQueenlygObamahould be a couple Zandria GastoAndreas like airi you alreerashowing ya tatas or ya gTatars like J thomas: Yeah IThomashinking the same thing Imani Ikard: BManieIARD so cute together like I was kinda thinking they would become something but I just kept it on the dL Leilany BaeDL Galaxy’s recording seeing all of this ishanti scott:AshantilScottlsQueen Niyah: I’m goinNinthbed happy asl nowhave a ASLd night to everyone reading this Malena Lock: Y'aGalena so cutYou allNiyah HolbertAaliyahlColberta'll know yall y'allple Ity'allt Mya: WheIts just MYAs title I was screaming Nubia Williams: Tray always dancin qveenn kayy .QueenKay.

Reign Jones: that was the funniest shit I've EVER seen Jordan Simone: Had the AUDACITY to say “if we are a couple” I’m output iAir. JamJami yae: YalY'all foroBrown skin.ner: Y’aYou allay to tooch Daniela Maria: Y’aYou all so cute together MaleMalayre: I clicked fast Michaela FlukFluked your son look like a caterpillar and you look like a tape worm Neal NeNeale fooled Yailynn IrizDailyaPrimary stop playing with us donte pearce:donelPierceetYou ally nerves GET TF TOGETHER pamela hall: Pamelas queen Nailah Deas: Nail ahiDealaiting for da kiss Lillithearter:Lilleiri BriyanTerraeBriana miss and show your towell _ hydyPowellallHydeingYou all my emotions Jaycee Monroe: Man i thought y'all Ias somethyou allou know what I'm sayingand at the end i was shocked.I Love you all The Basally Family: Can everyone cheer me up because my grandma has past A day in life with Kirsten: I really thought you all was dating RaRAIeLeslieI was like oh shit when thithis happenst me go check back on some videos .. .eads comments* my face said: really AriARI Shay Hunter: THIS IS NYLA: MaNolaI Mannd my momma whmothersaw a post on instergrInstagram MelanieI think this might be a prank kiara joKiaraIJonesin class doing nothing.

Mania Walker: If u don't like it doesn't watch Judaism half Aliyah vlogs: Aweeeeeee Jae MJoee: wait this a prank cause somebody holding the camera Jamia HJamie: Tray is so fine Jay Alexandria: I Knew They Was PlaAreg They Aint GoAin'tet Nobody Record Them In Shower Frfr NeFFRaNetn: Airi Baby Air’s NatJail!!! Only showed so far up on they head that’s how I knew era still had clothes on !lol Ruthie Canon: I can’t believe this I’m in love with you all already Hannah smart: YES FINALLYlove y'all Naysyou allcNay simoMcCoyying with ..

! funny Neon: Just be a couple so it will be more nice CClannishReese: YYou allreally goals Edit: whyshould of know it was to goodtoo good toe Rasurevans: I was all Happy for y'all ayou allpe until the end. I love you guys for each other Linear Fowler: Did my dream of you all being a couple just come true Royal Princess: I didn't fall for that I seen the towel when he bent down 1400 TriTrippe feel bad for the person who was recording Derrick MctMetierou can see her holding her towel on 8:49-8:51 AhlAllahsMo shay’m mad asfASFAlexis ava:Avao else was so happy when they saw this and thinking it's real Jorden Jordan:Watson hMann geeked for a min...playing wit ppl feepeoplegs RomajhaRomania: FinnalyFinalaMarriage8 the way he looked at her Richhgal Michiganii daridplaydon'th me like that Char charCharY'All of Youella vidhelloryna paytrying tothat house lol Julie Nichole: HOLD UP.... what Soldier Girl7: Beautiful black love Amber Anderson: Yall childisY'all Venissa BeautifuMelissa who's holding the camera.

Nanny Baby: Love y'all DDB: Some of you commenters need a life. Haitian Gal: Queenly 8 yup, they childish Heather Guzman: AiAirhy yoyou're playingith our emotions lol JAAnimalAAfricaLove you aierand banana crew and baby momotherrew lexa Burton: KyKylahSheenyaCarmenecorded BrBrianaross: We all know y’you allo Gabby Orellana: JA Queen: Y'all You alld of makhaveit longer Lauren & Katie: Dang i thouIht this was real but y’all you allbe a couple Yasmin Matos:Mates airi yeraan't play with me like that I've been waiting for y'all toyou allyou together. I got to go The Dog Adventures: You really triggered me...l love y’you allou the best Forever TaAliyahYou’ll so cute DW Gang: I wish you guys were together Life Of jayla: y’aJaylateyou allther stop hiding it spicyyyyyyy Rad.

J_: I click on so fast only to get my feelings hurt at the end mannMannius Lard: Can i geI a shout out on one of yally'alleos SchaSchemaoSeiko like when are y’alyou alldweddinguJKmake it official already pleasplease Death: Finally y’all you all cute together C&T EmpiCut Next channel coming up tray&aritramcarskids: Ok y'all goyou all.. Life as Liyah: SAliyahll liyou all.. together AngellicAngelica'all cuYou allgethertogetheriOSHA SPICYYYY SPICY YYYlliams: I clicked fast as hell Slick_QueenNajae Savage: Make it official jiy's placJimGoals Jamie gang: Do y'all date Syou allOHNSON: THEY PLAYIN shaunPlayinglSaundraol uhm who holdUHF this camera shaking like that? Alexia Mathis: WowwwwwwwHavent Even Started The Video Yet I’m Just Going Off The Thumb NailThis Was So Unexpected bäk bblack:Barbie me fooled Richyy Richly: Wait waWaite this is a lie NataleeNatalie: haha I knew it!...still love y'all Adryou allSipsey: DNipseynow why y’all wanyou allay with my emotions Elexa GipElenaAGibsonwaAiro let u know how thankful I am because u spend your day finding things to entertain us with and then when u finish you have to edit and that must take hours...

I HOPE it ISBNu guys make a great couple Toboss2298: Who was recording because the camera was moving a lot SlaLayla: Team airerad tray all day banana crewwwcrewhCallahanams: TamiyaAliyahips: Royal stars lmao MLMAOnLanding Dadoz crwizg when I saw the thumbnail NevaehNeva ehon: Will it happen plz sapleasees BriellBraillett: Nvm yoNVMtay doing this I feel like I'm being played with meagen rmeagerall areY'allcute The Jackson Family: I’m bout mad asl JuASLta Hatcher: Yall cute GabY'allla Briones: BruhBrinesy Brushjust be together Shenayah’s WorldSheath know she hadn’t a bf Yazmin Thomas: kYasminaying with people's emotions, you gonna lose subscgoing tos Curly head Ciah: Exactly what CIAas thinking Tatitnbeenteed: I'm so confused is it real or a prank Jazzy Daníelle: I know yoDanielleplay with my emotions Airi victoria wilAirs: AVictoriatWilliamso Aireyenne Walton: Y'all playing with mYou alltions just get together already 0nly. LMAO Aaliyah Fleming: I’m so happy they a couple Dandii_lion: I was shaken AF Bin tang and machete: I miss them together Good o days that_kydd rise: while they in the shower trey had his eyes down the whole time Theodore.

Brooke Rice: You all got all 28 of my teeth the whole video this was MMadecute Faith SMulberry Bro they wrong I thought they were a couple Katherine EÉdouard I'm shocked, their together! Ta'ENSAIA Powell: play too damn much you all cute tho bBeckyffor 10:00 how he looks aa mosthmost hatedeChanelshAyeshalips for real girl I have been waiting for her are you all day because I want to see her and Tray together That boy Flex: NeAmySeamyis you should watch the end AmariAtarian: Iam cI amused It’s Tae’:TAEis pmo Zoe Davis: OH MY GOSH AWWW EdWWW7: Airi drAirour towel in private for him IMVU RiRiIMUyIRIiBabymyera u can't do stuff like this to me lol I really wish yal couldYale more than friends but, sighhh..fifth.

Queen mean: Air tray seen them watermelons like we couldn't see that you just pulled your strap up we almost say some things tray saw you that's why you edited it Porcelain Burglary: Air stop playing with our feelings girl Peyton BBroomfield Do aanif you were a couple night routine and yyou allwould make a cute couple My'ccellhawk: YYou allplay to damn muchthat ain’t even funny KRACrazyRCurlyEEN: All for views...what was the point? Curlzz: Stop playing with our feelings NiyNinthaSlayo out JhiHiia Benton-Davis: LiLOil Jrng Notification Gang DeleonaDeleonnMcClainw this was a prank when I first clicked on it.

#tempera Wanna Woods: That shit was crazy I am mad because they would be a cute couple Linda Williams: Do aARIgot on cloths or what. Last time I checked they said they winter ready Ronald Oliver: You all are cute together shay vibes: Y era I was bout to say “they finally made it” but my happiness went down from ahh 10 to ahh 2 still love you all tho occupy gang: So you just going to pop it out like that okay yyou allcute oh I see how it is playing wit people's feelings Jordy JodyrionAdriannaeIbeen wait so lonf flongou guys to go ouy blout and pranks: Who was recording WenicyBeniciadson: ME TO Sarah Byron: AIRIIIIIII!...WHY U PLAYINPlayingADietR: I know for a fact they font actually brush they teeth at the same time and just doing that for the video.And the Andryna mtrying tot seem like they get in the shower together when she's wearing clothes in the shower Layla MattisoMadisonplayed us I'm mad Chelsea Janae: AirJanelaAiro much L squad oliver: gianOliverhania 4life righttt ArierightgMarielleur should make a you tube chaYouTubeether shyah brazyyshahmBrazilFIGHTING you need to make them cuff MAXINE LOVZIT: omg LoseItarOMGo cute together just hookup already Slaywithmisa Issameme: OMAssamesel should you ally go out ESSENCE REED: loooooovveee it.

#SupportBlackCouples ViVi binith DeDESWhen i Iot the notification i Ilmost screamed but everybody was asleep in my house i Ias like ohohy gagashoe DeDenaFastest I ever clicked love y’you allaMauriceaCampbellNaee2 CuCuteight Richarddaaa ReRenewalThey skin color together tho Dani’s World: I wish y’allyou alld date NøløvLove:KIAelt slow asf yASFri Airay LaDelriouLaborious: Y'all shoYou alle a couple y'all wouyou all so cute E & Yas Show:Wass dis real thiseeee” life Jacelyn Koroma: WhaaaJocelynsKormat'Whatding: Girl ReRe Squad: Nonnos vlogg Were stop AuNon nosevloggerugirlI hope you guBeautylly are a couple because y'all make joy and smiles Iyou all y'all KiKi's Paradise!!you allKiki Hamid Tangent: No blood pressure high AF Living with NNor iii YYou allsalty dang I'm so mad bit I was confused because the camera kept moving and stuff but TTAJ& TDay I Love It Simply.

Carmen film them They heck SJanelles Dynasty: That thumbnail extra spicy Raven Forward: jay boss89: I thought y'you allid date TaMariarPriusuanita Hatcher: So yay'allo go out it sasaysouple anAnikaoConcepcionU pregnant ? Y'all need to just date even though tray my man but it's okay loud clout gang: Naee2 Cute lol Mehmed Hazard: We knew you all weren't naked because it would be awkward for the Carmen ...

C’mon you all Lol Edith M: I thought this was fr yfor guys make an amazing couple just make it official already plz please Berenice Lopez: Celine Onyx okay and Dashya Dash yaaBordeaux'aSewayou allcouple Eianna DiannaicciaAliciaadVibesForever XXX: *fasts forwards to when they in the shower* *gets to when they in the shower* *Me-OH SHIT I AINT READYAIN'Tinity & amaya: Y'aMayaouYou allve a YouTube channel together curtisha wCurtisiri you wAir bro u wrong but its alllllll good Juicyy JuiJuicyyt Theyloveejahri: Yooo Crystál & DiãmoCrystal guDiamondcute Dayzia Dcute:Dahliadefinitely together they just need to go head and tell us and stop playing Jada Mccroy: Smh y'alMcCoyy SMHyou allicymafia_dawave: Nikki Marie yoooo deadasss Like itLouisodeafness be true is she trolling us or something tatyana jones: OoommmgggTatyanaJones here for it Laila Smith: When they wertLeilaowers there clothes was still on because somebody was recordings them Amina toure: niya dallas: SAminomtourone with y’NinagDallasin my feelings over heryou allling waking my mamma up and everything Issafather: Clicked so fast Shanesea Nicole: What a minute!Shane sea Martha Daniels: OMG FRR I was wait fir this moment I thought this was a prank Kelly KKey stop playing with us DaDanishincent: Wow DeniecDenied Wait min what camryn hendCamry Hendersonulyou alle fr Aneyia'sforaAnemiaincess Bri right dBRI they a it say noansaysunothingLBreonnaY’all need You allop playing with our emotions get together already jessiij hi:Jessicaey actually dating or is this click bait clickbait.

Brianna Miller: “If we were a couple this just made me sad stop playing with my emotions DDarrelSShelf Omggggg Peculiar Delight: nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh before I clicked my mouth dropped at the thumbnail. Its Shay: Got my hopes up Destiny Lewis: I love ittttt Cede: FFR ARE THEY A COUPLE Neha LNEAALawthat’s why I came to comment section first.

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