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How Often Are Bitlife Challenges

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Challenges are worldwide goals done a few times each month with players around the globe. Note : This section might be outdated; as of September 7th, 2020, archived challenges no longer show up in the game.

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Billie added the Archived Challenges Catalog on iOS on April 5, 2021, and is not available on Android yet. The Alphabet, Ghostbusters, Shamrock, Gold Digger, and Black Widow challenges are Archived.

Be a male Play college football Join the army and go to war Become a fisherman Have a son named Forrest I Hate Work Challenge Expired August 29-September 2, 2020 And they all thought you were the nice, quiet one who kept to yourself.

Encounter a ghost Carve a scary jack-o-lantern Give a child some candy Go out in a costume ?? Candy writer just provided one of the biggest updates for Billie yet, with the inclusion of weekly challenges.

That’s right, every week or so, Candy writer is going to introduce a brand-new challenge to the experience that will encourage you to play the text-based life simulator in a wide variety of new ways. If it’s something else you’re looking for, go ahead and check out our Complete Guide to Billie, which includes links to everything we’ve written so far.

The big new feature of this update is weekly challenges, which provide you with a new way to play the text-based life simulator on a near-weekly basis. We’re not entirely sure who has been taking care of orphan babies up until this point but at least Candy writer has addressed the issue.

whole challenge

Plea bargains have been introduced to Billie, allowing you to agree guilty to a specific crime in exchange for a reduced sentence or less severe punishment. If you manage to get rich enough in Billie that you can afford multiple cars and houses, you can gift them to friends and family.

We’ll naturally be discussing the main part of the update, but also talking about a new type of crime you can commit, a new way to improve your relationship with your NPC significant other, and new things you can do when it comes to your asset (car and house) purchases. In the event of miscarriages, the option is always there to exit the app before accepting the prompt, so that you can start again from the previous year and hope that the pregnancy doesn’t have any complications.

Previous versions of Billie essentially left orphaned children to their own devices if one or both parents would die. While this would, of course, result in a huge drop to Happiness for affected children, the game assumed that the orphaned kids would have some sort of guardian at some sort of home, but there was no such realistic option for these young Citizens to end up in orphanages in the (usually) completely random event of one or both parents dying, with no step-parents to take their place.

Candy writer has yet to give Citizens the resources they need to become the next Bernie Ma doff, but in the absence of pyramid schemes that could make your virtual humans richer through illegal means, the game now includes a white-collar crime option in the form of Embezzlement. Depending on your job, some or all of these options may be available, but just to set your expectations, you’ll probably be better off burgling houses or robbing banks (or trains) if you want to get rich through illegal means.

In earlier versions of Billie, it was easy for richer Citizens to pay big money for the best lawyers available and get away scot-free, even for certain serious crimes. But for petty criminals, car thieves, or bank robbers, hiring the best legal representation in town and paying top dollar for it was often a very reliable way of avoiding the slammer.


That isn’t quite the case anymore with version 1.31, which has introduced Plea Bargains into the broader Crime feature. As the game would explain, pleading guilty could help reduce your sentence if you are convicted, so if you’re not rich enough to afford a top law form, you can choose this option and still spend some time in jail, but probably a few years less than you normally would.

It’s a calculated risk if you’re not loaded with cash, but if your Citizen can afford top legal representation, it may still be better to plead innocent and hopefully walk out a free man or woman. That’s now an option thanks to the new update, as the game now allows you to buy cars and houses and give them to family members or friends as gifts.

As we mentioned in our last Billie guide, it appeared that a lot of players were unhappy with the new person emojis that were introduced on the last update. That’s something Candy writer has been ironing out over the past few big and small updates alike, including version 1.31, and among the things you should notice, male Citizens are no longer guaranteed to go bald by the time they reach the age of 45.

More new hairdos have been added as well, and it now appears that male Citizens can now rock long hair, albeit only once their emojis change at the age of 21. Unfortunately, the option to choose your own hair color has yet to be included, so everything remains random as far as your Citizen’s emojis through the years are concerned.

For those who might not be aware of the term’s meaning, a Karen is a woman, typically middle-aged, who acts in an entitled manner and has a tendency to ask for the manager, react unreasonably in certain situations, or make highly uninformed comments in public or on social media, among other things. In fact, you may actually want to start making trouble and stirring things up at a young age, as we’ll be explaining in the next paragraph.

whole challenge

But you can buy a minivan at any time in your virtual life, just as long as you hang on to it until the challenge is completed. Being that suing people is a classic sign that you’re dealing with a Karen, the requirement to file at least five lawsuits is an important one, if a bit challenging.

You can ask to meet up with social media trolls or spread rumors, prank, or insult coworkers, and hope that the other person attacks you in retaliation. Of course, this would put you at the risk of serious injury or death, but just as long as you’re avoiding super-high Craziness Citizens, you should be fine.

Choose a doctor whose skill bar is red or orange and there’s a very good chance they’ll botch the operation, regardless what it is. If your surgery gets botched, the doctor’s name will appear in the list of people you can sue in the Lawsuit menu.

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