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Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

How Much Trumpet Cost

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 7 min read

While there are many good deals available to musicians of all levels, there are also some instruments that are poorly manufactured and not appropriate for making music. Click below to subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

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In most cases, saying “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is” can be applied to musical instruments. While there are many deals available to musicians of all levels, there are instruments that are poorly manufactured and not appropriate for making music or bringing to a band class.

Trumpets vary greatly in price but there are some ways you can find an amazingly good trumpet for not that much money The trumpet is the one of the most fun and exciting musical instruments there is and if you are someone who right now are considering starting to play one, you are probably asking yourself how much does a trumpet cost ?” or how much does a decent trumpet cost ?” With a little luck, and with the right info, you can get a wonderful trumpet for a surprisingly small amount of money.

This article will show you exactly how to get the biggest bang for your buck! We are going to take a look at different kinds of trumpets, how much they cost and you will also learn what to consider before buying one.

If you are pretty sure that the trumpet is the instrument for you and you are determined that you are going to keep playing, choose this category! CATEGORY 5) A professional trumpet of fantastic quality =$3000 and up Well, what can I say.

For many trumpet players, myself included, this category remains a distant dream. I have owned a couple of trumpets that where over 3000 dollars but I sold, for example, my Hub Van Lair trumpet, because I felt I was not using it as much as I would have liked to, during that period of my year, and having such an expensive trumpet just lying around made me feel bad.

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On the other hand, it is perhaps even more important that you don’t buy an extremely cheap trumpet as you first one either. If the horn has a lot of quality issues, that makes it almost impossible to play, there’s a risk that you get turned off and quit, not knowing that it was the horrible trumpet itself that made trumpet playing feel so difficult.

Merino GOLD LACQUER PLATED TRUMPET Click image to check the current pricing over at the store How much does a decent beginner trumpet cost ? Well in this case just a little over 100 bucks, since the Fernando, Gold Plated BB trumpet, is somewhere in that price range.

If $100-$250 is your price range then I highly recommend this very trumpet for you. Bonus Tip If the valves starts having issues, like they often do on really cheap trumpets, then I recommend you read my article what is Thebes vale oil for trumpets, because in that post I explain how “problem” valves can be fixed with a wonderful valve oil.

It is very easy to play Valves are great Very well-built Surprisingly good sound quality! Summary It plays with an easy blowing feel and the sound is really pleasant.

This is a fine trumpet indeed and with the one-year guarantee there is really no way to go wrong here. If you feel like this is a price you can afford, and the following category will be too expensive, I’d say go for this horn.


This is a beginner/student to intermediate trumpet that is of such good quality that it could almost start competing with professional models. Well here we have a horn for about 700-800 bucks, you can click here to check the exact price on Amazon and now we are starting to talk wonderful quality.

…it is actually almost flirting with the professional trumpets, yet at a much lower cost than the pro horns. A few of the reviews on Amazon are complaining that the horn has got sticky valves.

Even some of my pro horns have had issue with this until I started using the La Tomb valve oil, so I would recommend them to try the LA Tomb on this trumpet. Other than that I see no other issues with this trumpet at all an am in fact considering buying one for myself as a backup horn.

The sound is as good as on a professional trumpet and personally I did not notice any issues with the valves at all. It is very easy to play however the intonation is not really up there with a pro level horn.and how could it be, since those costs an additional 1000 dollar or more.

When it comes to consistency in quality, Yamaha is the leading brand on the market today. Well, this is a professional level trumpet that I own myself and if I remember correctly I paid just under $2000 for it, and I have been very happy with it.

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One thing I especially like about it is the French bed bell edge, which make me hear myself better when I play in a loud orchestra or big band. This is good because that makes it so much easier to have great control over the playing.

However, when we are talking about trumpets in this price range then of course it would be best to try the horn before you buy it. Well, here we have a professional B-flat trumpet with excellent quality and playing characteristics.

It is an amazing horn, however, and since Amazon has a 100% free, 30 day refund policy, it’s not that risky buying it blind. Well, this particular trumpet is a little over 3000 dollars, and we are now starting to talk about quality as high as it gets.

Needless to say, this is the wrong end of the price range to start your trumpet journey from. …so buying used trumpets online well, it's a bit of a gamble.

This will of course affect the sound and playing of the horn, and on some trumpets the corrosion can even be so bad that its about to make holes in the walls. This is in a perfect world though and a small miss alignment is acceptable when we are talking about used trumpet.

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Changing the valve felt pads to new ones could instantly make this better. As you can see a lot of factors comes into play here so this makes it hard to answer the question.

A good used professional B-flat trumpet = $1100-$1600 Depending on the seller, and all the above factors you should be able to find a decent to good professional trumpet somewhere in this price range. A good used intermediate/student trumpet = $500-$650 Again, depending on all the factors, where you live and the seller, this is about the price range you can expect.

One time he saw a Bach Stradivarius that was seriously messed up, with a lot of dents and someone had probably dropped the trumpet on concrete or something, since the bell was very malformed. When the trumpet arrived in the mail my friend started taking on one dent at a time with a soft “hammer” and some tools he had in his garage.

Sometimes we can find messed up trumpets online at such low prices that, even if you take it to a professional trumpet repair guy, that charges a lot of money, you will still end up with a great horn. I realize this is something most trumpeters are not interested in doing since it involves quite some extra work, however, because this article is about the costs of trumpets, and looking at what we can get for different prices, I found it appropriate to write.

I would love for you to leave a few lines in the moment section down below about that, if you find the time to. Thanks for reading this article and I sincerely hope you now have at least a bit deeper understanding in how much money you should pay for a trumpet.

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