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How Much Is Donald Trump Jr Net Worth

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
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Their earnings aren’t publicly available, and their holdings are tied up in private investments and shielded through opaque shell corporations. Even Ivanka Trump ’s federally mandated financial disclosure form, with its broad loopholes and wide ranges, is of limited help.

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So Forbes dug into property records, court documents and government filings to unearth as much of the first family’s financial dealings as possible. Neither has the first lady, besides a small Trump Tower apartment, 33 floors below the couple’s gilded penthouse, worth $1.5 million.

Over the past two decades, the three siblings have taken in an estimated $35 million each in pretax salary, commissions and bonuses, according to a Forbes analysis of Donald and Ivanka Trump ’s financial disclosures. Ivanka, whose company licensed her name to outside manufacturers, likely got around a 7% cut of her brands’ wholesale revenues, which are typically about half of retail sales, according to industry experts.

A document the president’s son-in-law privately submitted to a potential lender, later obtained by the New York Times, narrows that range considerably. Much of their fortune remains tied up in Kushner Cos.’ commercial buildings and rental apartments, plus cash accounts and a portfolio of index and mutual funds.

Ivanka still has her two-bedroom “starter” apartment on the sixth floor of the Trump Park Avenue building her father developed, worth about $3 million. Has spent a career working for his father and funneling his salary into businesses of his own, with a mixed track record to show for it.

He was among a group of investors who purchased an old Navy hospital in the city for $5 million, with a plan to renovate it and lease part of it back to the county. It’s unclear whether Don Jr., who told Charleston’s Post and Courier he was a passive 10% investor “with no voting rights or control,” profited from the deal.

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And a group of investors bought the place as part of a prefab concrete business they hoped would revolutionize low-cost home building. The president quietly sold the building, which had a history of roof leaks and environmental contamination, in February 2018 for $4.1 million.

The president’s parents, Fred and Mary Trump, appear to have made only minor bequests to their grandchildren, according to documents filed by their estates. Yet the lack of detailed financial records, including Trump family tax returns, make it difficult to fully trace how much wealth has trickled down to the president’s children.

When Forbes launched its inaugural list of the 400 richest Americans in 1982, Donald Trump personally lobbied harder than anyone for a higher spot on the ranking. “ Donald claims $500 million.” In 1985, he invented a fake persona to lie about a transfer of wealth from his father, successfully securing a sole spot on the list.

Earned his net worth as Executive Vice President at their father's company, The Trump Organization. Donald and his siblings, Ivanka and Eric, technically do not have ownership stakes yet in the vast majority of their father's businesses.

He is the first child of real estate developer turned President Donald Trump and former Olympic skier Ivana Trump. His parents divorced when he was 13 years old, and his mother told him his father was having an extramarital affair.

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Found a role model in his maternal grandfather who had a home in Prague, and he would spend summers there learning the Czech language. Trump Organization: Trump Jr moved to Aspen, Colorado after graduating from college, where he lived in a truck and worked as a bartender for a year before returning to join the Trump Organization in New York.

Holding the position of Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization, Donald Jr. Works in tandem with his brother Eric Trump on the national and international expansion of the real estate company.

Thanks to his rigorous education, inherent business sense and vast experience in real estate development, Trump Jr. Attended a meeting, along with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, with several Russian lobbyists.

Initially told the media that adoption of Russian children was the main subject of the meeting, however, it was revealed that Trump Jr. Had agreed to attend the meeting with the understanding that he would receive “opposition research” on Hillary Clinton.

'S emails were subject to an investigation by the Department of Justice and Robert Mueller. In November 2017, it was revealed that Julian Passage had used the WikiLeaks Twitter to correspond with Trump Jr.

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Had been urged to reject the results of the election at a time when it appeared likely that his father would lose. To share an unfounded claim that Hillary Clinton had wanted to attack Passage with drones.

Asked to have his Secret Service detail removed due to lack of privacy, but his protection was restored just weeks later. Actively campaigned during the 2018 midterm elections for Republican candidates, as well as raised millions of dollars for them.

Has come under fire for insensitive comments on race and immigration in the past, and he often retweets conspiracy theorists. He has talked extensively throughout the United States and has delivered keynote speeches internationally, notably in Dubai and India.

Sits on the board of directors of Operation Smile and was heavily involved in the Eric Trump Foundation. He released the book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us” in 2019.

The book was a New York Times Best Seller and was purchased in bulk by at least nine Republican organizations. Was married to pasta sauce heiress and model Vanessa Hayden Trump from 2005 to 2018.

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Really worth, including net worth, estimated earnings, and salary for 2020 and 2021. He was born in the 1970s, in the middle of Generation X, and in the Year of the Serpent.

His birth flower is Narcissus and birthstone is Tanzania, Turquoise, Zircon and Topaz. Name: Donald Trump. Known As:Business ExecutiveBirth Date:December 31, 1977Birthplace:New York City, New York, Current Age:43 years nationality:AmericanZodiac Sign:CapricornGeneration:Generation X.

Go to next page for details on Donald Trump.’s net worth and earnings. Is an American businessman widely known as one of the sons of current U.S. president Donald Trump.

Is the executive vice of the Trump Organization which deals most of the business that earns him most of his money. Trump Organization provides services in Construction, Real Estate Development, Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail & Online Shopping, and Diversified Investment.

Donald Trump began working at the marine on Trump Castle as a dock. Before making active involvement to father business, he spent a stint period working as a bartender.


Made his appearance as a judge and guest adviser in father Donald Trump reality series The Apprentice. On November 2005, Donald Trump tog married to model Vanessa Trump and the couple shares five children together.

Donald Trump has an extraordinary house which includes royal class furniture. The house includes a wide pool, huge garden, helipad and everything that makes it an extraordinary building.

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