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How Much Is Bitlife Worth

Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Citizenship is a premium membership that costs real money and unlocks special benefits to Billie. There is also an upgrade that removes ads, but doesn't unlock any special features, that costs $2.00.

bitlife deployment mini guide complete game


In addition, there is a new feature called God mode which was released in March 2020 which can be purchased outside Citizenship and had a free trial that lasted until April 11, 2021. There is also an option to buy a Citizen Membership for your relatives that gives a huge relationship boost.

The new payment change was tested to Citizens in Canada and Australia. Response was nearly unanimously negative, prompting Billie to rescind this idea.

Citizens have the option to buy from the dog and cat breeders, the exotic pet dealer, the pet shop, and the horse and llama ranches. When a character posts a status on social media, they are not required to share the app in real life.

It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game. Depending on the job you may receive no pension and be left pretty much high and dry when it comes to making further cash.

Don’t be shy to ask for some funds from Mum and Dad, as sometimes a little can go a long way. They may seem pointless, but they have huge positive effects long-term, which can then result in more money.

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Trophy wife/husband There’s always the option to shack up with a rich person too, if you’re struggling to make a lot of moolahs. Inheritance Who you marry will leave you a wedge of cash too, but remember your parents.

Raking up a huge social media presence is a sure way to increase your wage bill. You are unlikely to ever face jail time for pick pocketing, but that has much smaller returns then stealing and selling a car.

For more information, check out our guide on Grand Theft Auto. I don’t advise going to the horse track as its very easy to blow large stacks of cash without ever winning.

After college and grad school, you should get a job as a teacher or principal and frequently visit the library. Another great way to get the Addict ribbon is to consume hard drugs.

However, avoid careers in singing, acting, or any established industry. For this ribbon, commit a successful train robbery and have a net worth of less than 50 m.

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Then join Business School and get a job with the corporate world. While serving your prison sentence, try to solve a puzzle, and escape from jail.

To avoid ending up with Medicare ribbon, repeat the above steps frequently. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, seek the services of hitmen.

Finally, make your family members smile by offering gifts and compliments. If you prefer the first method, you can reset your life or visit a plastic surgeon.

Also, sign up for tons of social media accounts and get at least 1 million followers. You can earn this badge by adopting or giving birth to at least eight children.

If you have up to 10 biological children, you will gain the “Fabulously Fertile” Badge. The Generous ribbon will appear if you spoil your loved ones with at least 30 items, show appreciation, and even avoid arguments.

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Launch your dating app and look for wealthy older adults. When you find partners, date, and offer them the Billie Citizenship.

You can achieve this feat by acting like a good person. You can also join the military and ensure that you fail a minefield puzzle and die.

If you want a safe way to earn the Hero ribbon, try performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking individual. Earn this ribbon by escaping at least ten times from prison.

Then, try to bet the highest amount allowed and try to win more than a million. From your 13th birthday, open accounts on all social media sites, and post frequently on them, You can get followers and likes using the correct hashtags and promoting your products.

You can earn this ribbon by dying from an illness that you contracted in jail. Characters with the Loaded ribbon tend to have lots of cash.

bitlife ribbons emergency room explained simulator salon relationship spa patch activities notes

During your escapades, avoid STDs as they can affect your chances of earning this reward. Start by sticking with low paying jobs and enjoying taunts from your friends and family.

You can also achieve this ribbon by pressing the “Age” bottom a few times. For this reward, you must buy, renovate and sell at least ten buildings.

If you don’t want to spend excess cash on buying new houses, you can become an exorcist. Then buy haunted buildings (they cost less than regular homes), free any ghosts, and sell the houses for a profit.

This is one of the toughest achievements to earn on this Bit life Ribbons Guide. If you prefer this ribbon, you should maintain a minimum net worth of $50,000.

You can drop out of school, make poor choices, and overdose on drugs. You can get this item by avoiding illegal activities, having a minimum net worth of $250,000 and live for 65 years.

Then, purchase a minimum of 20 exotic animals and spend most of your time with them. If you want this ribbon, you must complete the game as a Tuscon or Miami-born app developer.

You can get the Unlucky ribbon by dying of a disease at a young age. Just tap the Surrender button at the ActivitiesActivities screen and choose the Yes option.

Win this ribbon by cheating on your partners, spreading STDs, and abandoning your kids/ pets. But before you leave the service, attain the rank of either sergeant major, admiral or general.

If you want your character to be rich in their adult life, you need to think about how you’re going to make money from the moment you start. If they’ve got a high generosity rating, you’ll be able to ask them for money for both activities and your education.

You can then keep that in mind throughout your character’s life, as you’ll even get an inheritance when they die and won’t have to pay for student loans. Of course, if your character isn’t the brightest due to the generation of the game, you might struggle academically anyway.

It’s also important to focus on a traditionally academic subject (English, Political Science, History), if that’s possible, because it’ll allow you to get a higher paying job. To up your smarts, you can also opt to study harder by selecting the Education option to the left of the menu icons in the middle.

Once you’ve graduated as far as possible, with a good degree under your belt, you’ll be able to apply for job. If your Smarts improve from that point on, you can also choose to apply for different jobs and increase your salary.

You’ll be away from your family, and that may hurt relationships, but it’s easier to get rich in countries that have more properties on offer or better paying jobs. If you do so too early, you will run out of money before you die, and some careers won’t offer you a pension.

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