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How Much Does Rust Proofing Cost

Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
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When committing to such a big ticket item, it’s advisable to find ways to protect the value of your investment for as long as possible. In addition, the cost of repairing the damage done by any corrosion that develops can really add up depending on what component(s) are affected (paint, circuits, floor panels, etc.

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ServiceCarSUV/Truck Rust Check$$120150Krown$$120130/$140Corrosion Free$150$170The the best way to prevent weather and salt from producing (or accelerating) corrosion on your car is to treat it with a rustproofing solution. The process involves spraying a rustproofing product on the surface of the under body that is designed to protect it from moisture.

These solutions seep into the hard-to-reach door seam, joints, and crevices that are hotspots for rust and corrosion. Small holes need to be drilled in order for the product to reach certain areas of the car (more about this later), and an annual application is typically recommended.

This solution involves an electronic module that sends weak electric currents through the metal of a vehicle. This is a great short term solution, however the undercoating can chip away and cause moisture to actually seep into cracks, getting trapped under the coat and accelerating the corrosion process.

The undercoating also doesn’t protect the rest of the car, and won’t be any help for areas already affected by rust or damage. When done by a trusted professional, any holes should be drilled in unnoticeable places such as near the door latch and on the underside of the vehicle, and will be too tiny to spot.

The benefits of drilling in order to apply a rustproofing solution outweigh the inconvenience of having small holes that no one will ever know are there. Other elements such as dry weather and the UV rays from the sun can accelerate rust and corrosion once the initial damage occurs.

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In winter conditions, salt and other chemicals used for snow or ice removal make its way underneath your car and stick to the metal surfaces. The combination of salt and water is more damaging than rust, as the solution eats away at the metal, weakening it and causing it to fall apart.

Salt and deicing chemicals are designed to lower the freezing point of water, allowing your car to hit pavement in winter conditions. Your vehicle has a lot of moving parts, and over time the metal components eventually show the effects of wear and tear.

Exhaust and Muffler System Coil Springs Floor Panels Frame and Sub-frame Chip Paint Brakes Door Hinges Electric Circuits Undercoating is one of the most effective ways to stop corrosion and rust before it starts, extending the life of the vehicle.

It can also help reduce road noise since debris won’t make contact with the metal. The cost will depend on the vehicle, where you live and the company performing the job., a website that deals with car maintenance and restoration, says the price usually starts around $249. The said amount should include the labor and all the materials necessary to perform the job.

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On another forum thread at, they had said you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $179 to $279 to have the job done at a local dealership. Metropolitan areas are known to offer a bit cheaper price since there is more competition.

Undercoating is important for vehicles since it stops the water, ice and salt on the roads from corroding the underside of your car. If you want your car to be undercoated, you just need to bring it to the nearest mechanic or dealership, and they will basically perform the entire job.

Degreased, grinder and metal sandpaper will be used in cleaning and getting rid of the car’s rust spots. While using a paintbrush, the undercoat will be applied liberally, and all parts exposed to the road will be covered.

When a paint protection film, which is a flexible and clear layer of urethane film is applied to your vehicle, it will act as a barrier protecting the paint from rocks, stones, sand, and bugs. Undercoating that is worn and patchy will not do any good for your car since water, salt and other elements can be trapped under the coat which will result to eroding the metal.

If you are planning to do the job yourself, cleaning the underside of your car is the most important part. Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links.

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Undercoating cost will vary depending on the automobile, geographic setting and company performing the task. For automobile-proficient individuals who can confidently do the job alone, undercoating products are actually available for purchase.

Undercoating products can be purchased through local car dealers and stores or online. This can significantly reduce the undercoating cost of a car as it subtracts the expenses for labor and will only be paying for the product itself.

However, if you pursue doing the undercoating service on your own, the method usually starts by washing off the underneath of the automobile. Metal sandpaper, grinder and degreased are used in clearing off the automobile’s rusty parts.

The factors that can affect the prices are the geographical location and company, size and kind of vehicle, severity of rust damage and quality of undercoating products used. Metropolitan areas offer a cheaper price due to the extensive competition in the market.

This is because some kinds of vehicle have a more elaborate and complicated undercarriage parts making it more difficult for cleaning which require more extensive undercoating service. Car services providers will usually give additional charges the rustier the automobile is.

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It is better to consult your car dealer or visit the nearest shop for automobile services. Although car owners are encouraged to consult a professional, it is also an acceptable suggestion to perform the undercoating procedure on your own but only when you have the skills to do it.

You can scout for shops that do undercoating services for cars and then compare the deals. Rustproofing and undercoating are excellent examples of an automotive service that’s not usually heard of but is essential for better safety and protection.

But, if you want to practice excellent car care and ensure that you can make the most out of your ride by giving it the best love possible, auto rustproofing is a procedure you would have to do. The first thing you need to understand is that rust forms on your car the moment you drive it out of the dealership.

Since you drive your car in an environment that’s already full of these elements, it is inevitable that your ride will accumulate rust. The great news is that the global auto industry has already created automotive technology that can give your auto a good quality barrier through products like rust inhibitors and rust converters.

Brands like Rust Check are already well-known because they use quality chemicals to give optimum performance. This is made harder by the fact that not many people know the difference between rustproofing vs. undercoating.

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Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t synonymous and you can save a lot of time by learning how they’re both different! You must practice rustproofing in the exterior of your rides like tailgates, fenders, upper body panels, and etcetera since they’re very much exposed to the elements that can produce rust.

But you must not forget the interior surfaces of your car’s hood and doors since rust can oxidize from there as well. However, the exact time needed for the process is depending on the vehicle being treated, the condition of the corrosion, the product used etc.

Undercoating isn’t just spraying oil under your car to prevent rust ! You must know its main function to fully understand and appreciate why undercoating is still needed by your car.

Undercoating is the sprayed application of a wax or rubber-based composite onto the entire underside of the vehicle. It’s designed to create a rust -proof layer between the underside of the vehicle and the water, ice, and salt of the road.

Give it a year tops and you should probably remove your old undercoating and apply a fresh new layer. Even if your car’s underside isn’t actually visible, it’s still very susceptible to damage when you go out driving.

Applying an undercoat to a vehicle plus curing time usually only takes a single day, so long as sufficient time is given for the applied coating to fully dry and adhere to the vehicle. Mud, dirt, debris, rainwater among many other pollutants can cause you problems in the long run.

However, for owners that concerned with the long-term functionality of their vehicle may be more inclined to opt for undercoating Therefore, combining the undercoating or rustproofing could provide the best of both worlds of rust protection for your vehicles.

Also, it’s highly recommended doing an undercoating if your driving commute involves a lot of distances over salt-soaked highways as salt increases the speed of corrosion. This isotropic liquid is made from wool-wax, refined petroleum oils, and other special agents that can help control corrosion.

It does this by penetrating hard to reach parts of your ride up to its metal’s base. This is like rustproof paint for cars since you can have the shine and gloss you want plus the repairs and prevention you need.

Its coat protects your vehicle’s paint as well as prevents rust from forming. This heavy duty and high performing product can also be used in other equipment, be it industrial, marine, or in the home.

You can also check out other brands like Rust coleus and Restore since they make quality products as well. The spray type is convenient and provides a quick fix on the spot.

CONDITIONS Leather, VINYL & WOOD FLUID FILM WILL NOT BURN GREENERY WHEN USED... WILL NOT FREEZE, GREAT FOR BATTERY TERMINALS, ... As far as any under body rust protection spray goes, the advanced isotropic formula of this brand performs amazingly.

Net Aerosol Can Easily applied, just brush or spray it on Destroys rust on all automotive applications Within minutes, rust disappears and a durable... Tough coating serves as an excellent... What’s more amazing is that it creates an excellent black polymer coating that protects your undercarriage perfectly.

The advanced formula in this product is specially created for fiberglass and body fillers. This product from a reputable brand like 3M works amazingly at preventing corrosion and abrasion from damaging your underside.

It also protects an additional barrier from road debris to lessen the damage done when driving. Plus, the matte black finish helps hide welding marks and other repairs done on your undercarriage.

This product also has sound deadening properties that can help reduce road noise when driving. In fact, they have a very long and rich history already and can be considered pioneers and experts in rustproofing.

Although many people considered their innovative product to be a hoax at first, the quality and performance were undeniable. With all the success they’ve garnered throughout the years, you can say that Heart rust protection is definitely one of the best.

Another great company to look into when searching for excellent rustproofing and undercoating shops is Known (see this post for a mother that talks highly about this brand). Their amazing products are highly innovative and this company continually gives importance to research and development so you know you’re getting only the best and most recent technology there is.

Well, to give you a ball-park estimate, a typical rustproofing service will be available for about $125 to $200. The reason for this is that most parts of your undercarriage are made of galvanized steel coated with zinc.

But the keyword there is “less likely.” There are instances that the zinc can get chipped off and then your ride will be left unprotected. This tar act as a barrier to guard against moisture, salt, and other substances that can cause rust.

Though you can purchase off the shelf undercoating and rustproofing spray and DIY but getting a professional to do is better to ensure it’s done properly. Electronic method Using a weak electric current, this small device can stop the corroding effects of rust.

So far, the electronic method does work for water automobiles but for land vehicle, it still remains uncertain. Dripless oil spray A wax-like substance applied to the entire body of the vehicle, it hardens once it has dried.

After removing any rust, it is time to prime and paint the underside of the vehicle. The last step in the process requires you to apply an undercoating to the under body of your vehicle.

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