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How Much Does Bitlife Make

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
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Depending on the job you may receive no pension and be left pretty much high and dry when it comes to making further cash. Don’t be shy to ask for some funds from Mum and Dad, as sometimes a little can go a long way.



Take a punt It’s unlikely you’ll win, but make sure you buy lottery tickets fairly often. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a place where it’s hard to make a lot of dough.

Inheritance Who you marry will leave you a wedge of cash too, but remember your parents. Raking up a huge social media presence is a sure way to increase your wage bill.

You are unlikely to ever face jail time for pick pocketing, but that has much smaller returns then stealing and selling a car. For more information, check out our guide on Grand Theft Auto.

I don’t advise going to the horse track as its very easy to blow large stacks of cash without ever winning. But the casino is the perfect place to go big and go home with a pocket full of cash.

The game allows you to live a second life in the digital world, where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you dream of. To cross the 100 million dollar mark, there are a few tips and tricks that you should follow.

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You can choose a high paying career, gambling, or become a real estate investor. If you start a career as an actor or a porn star, you’re on your way to making some big bucks.

Work on your body and remain fit as you graduate from high school. Climb the ladder and get to jobs such as Lead Actor or a Porn Star.

You could join social media, send messages to people, and start gaining followers. If you have a high percentage of fame, your commercials can make a lot of money and get you closer to the 100 million dollar mark.

Another great way to make a million dollars in Billie is to buy some real estate whenever you can. Sit on the real estate that you own for a couple of years or even longer.

For some reason, the gambling feature was removed from the iOS version of Billie. If you’re playing the game on Android, you can gamble your way to riches.

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Gambling can make you rich overnight, but there is a lot of risks involved here. To start your career as a gambler, you will have to get to age 18 and then hit the blackjack tables in the Casino’s.

If your chances of winning are low in a game, then you can exit out and not lose any of your money. If you lose the game, then close the app (even from the background) and reopen it.

We hope this guide has given you some insights into how you can play Billie to your maximum advantage. You can live your digital life the way you want and make 100 million dollars in Billie.

Careers are forms of employment that provide characters with varying levels of income. Certain careers pay more than others but normally require a greater level of education and certain schooling.

Income is the same number of money, no matter what currency. Some careers rapidly provide more social media followers and a massive increase in income after reaching a certain 'breakthrough' (Acting and Composing) while others rely on a gradually increasing wage (Doctor and CEO).

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Most medical careers require a PhD but can give a rewarding wage. Choosing careers relies on steady planning and where you live.

Most careers also provide raises based on performance or, depending on the job, looks and smarts. Another key thing to remember is that jobs typically go from Jr. X to Sr. X or Apprentice X to X.

Characters are required to attend an interview to get hired. If the character had previously been in a fraternity/sorority, they could be hired on the spot without an interview.

The following is a list of all medical careers including both mental and physical health. Many require either PhDs in medical fields or other schooling.

Job Promotes To Company Education Required and/or Work Experience Average Jr. Pharmacist Medical Office Pharmacy School $75,000 Pharmacist N/A Medical Office Pharmacy School/Jr. Physical Therapist Medical School $50,000 Physical Therapist N/A Medical School $60,000 Associate Nurse Clinical Nurse Hospital Nursing School $40,000 Clinical Nurse Advanced Clinician Hospital Nursing School/Associate Nurse $45,000 Advanced Clinician N/A Hospital Nursing School/Clinical Nurse €50,000 Apprentice Midwife Hospital University Midwife N/A Hospital University/Apprentice Midwife $80,000 Brain Surgeon N/A Hospital Medical School $95,000 Dental Hygienist N/A Dental Office Community College $65,000 Dentist N/A Dental Office Dental School $115,000 Family Physician N/A Hospital Medical School $95,000 The following job/job descriptions are all corporate.

Job Promotes To Education Required Average Starting Wage Jr. Internal Auditor University €53,000 Internal Auditor Sr. Internal Auditor University €56,000 Sr. Internal Auditor N/A University/Internal Auditor €65,000 Jr. Financial Analyst University €42,000 Financial Analyst Sr. Financial Analyst University €50,000 Sr. Financial Analyst N/A University/Financial Analyst €55,000 Jr. Computer Programmer University €42,000 Computer Programmer Sr. Computer Programmer University €60,000 Jr. Engineering Manager University/Engineer II €65,000 Asst.

Engineering Manager €75,000 Director of Engineering VP of Engineering University/Engineering Manager €90,000 VP of Engineering University/Director of Engineering €85,000 Apprentice Telemarketer N/A €20,000 Telemarketer N/A Apprentice Telemarketer €25,000 Apprentice Trucker High School €32,000 Trucker N/A High School/Apprentice Trucker €36,000 Database Administrator N/A University €60,000 Business Analyst N/A University €64,000 Receptionist N/A High School €21,000 Factory Worker N/A N/A €23,000 Janitor N/A N/A €18,000 The following is a list of jobs within city police departments. The salary usually does not get too high and the pension may leave you barely able to get by.

Job Promotes To Education Required Average Starting Wage Cadet Patrolman High school $29,000 Patrolman Trooper High school $38,000 Crime Scene Technician Forensic Investigator University $38,000 Forensic Investigator University/Crime Scene Technician $49,000 Jr. Detective University $39,000 Detective University/Jr. Detective $49,000 Trooper Corporal High school $47,000 Corporal Sergeant HS/Trooper $56,000 Sergeant Inspector HS/Corporal $64,000 Inspector Lieutenant HS/Sergeant $75,000 Lieutenant Chief of Police HS/Inspector $83,000 Chief of Police N/A HS/Inspector $96,000 The military consists of 5 different branches, each with the option of enlisting or being commissioned as an officer.

Rank Promotes To Education Required and/or Work Experience Branch Category Average Starting Wage Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade University Coast Guard Officer $44,000 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Ensign Coast Guard Officer $54,000 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Junior Grade Coast Guard Officer $66,000 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Coast Guard Officer Commander Captain Lieutenant Commander Coast Guard Officer Captain Rear Admiral Lower Half Commander Coast Guard Officer Rear Admiral Lower Half Rear Admiral Captain Coast Guard Officer Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Lower Half Coast Guard Officer Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Coast Guard Officer Admiral N/A Vice Admiral Coast Guard Officer The following is a list of all jobs that are for a small business.

The requirements are typically just high school or even nothing, but usually don’t pay too well (with some exceptions). Working for any of these jobs for over 20 years will collect the Firefighter career.

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