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How Much Data Does Bitlife Use

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Billie is a life simulator that allows you to live your dream existence on your mobile phone as opposed to in real-life. You can become pretty much anything you want from a detective to a chef to an adult star, and you can also indulge your dark side by being as terrible as you want without there being any legitimate consequences to face.


So, with this being the case, it pretty much appears to just be good or bad luck depending on your life goals. Again, this appears to just be based on luck as simply visiting a doctor can result in your Billie character being cured of the disease.

You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

There are no images besides the icons for choosing the activities you want to participate in. There is an option to drop out of school at the ripe old age of 5 (though my parents wouldn’t let me).

You can choose to make regular doctor visits, go to the movies, go to the library, meditate, and go on vacation (if you have the money). Once you turn 13 years old, you can pick your sexual orientation (straight, bisexual, or gay) and find a significant other.

For example, you can commit a crime like Grand Theft Auto (I was able to successfully steal a VW Beetle), pick pocket (I got $3 for pick pocketing a hippie), or murder. Note: the game randomly assigns your name, nationality, and sex.

However, you can choose exotic dancer and porn actor. You can also choose to have plastic surgery if you have the money (the options are specific to male and female…the screenshot below is for female but males can choose to get penis enlargement surgery).

For example, we were asked to deliver a Duffel bag of unknown substance to Canada for $6,000. BUT, there are links to Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube in the Billie Community tab.

Whenever you go to the movies as one of your activities, it will cut to an ad video. Let’s just say that I was glad my older kids were in school and my youngest was napping.

You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

And I think that like if you don’t want to just get rid of your child and them just disappear in the game (for what happens when you put them up for adoption) the game should have like a choice for like giving the other parent full custody (if your not with them) or even grandparents. If you read this I hope you take into consideration my thoughts, they may be stupid but I tried to help.

SO first I think there needs to be a family expansion update we’re we have grandmas and cousins and aunts and uncles plus I wish there was a way we could not just move to different countries but also different states or areas in that country. I also believe it would be great in These sports update if you added a lacrosse league for men and women.

Also, another cool MAJOR update would be if we could start our own businesses. One last major update is I would like for in the crime section we could be able on our own accord be able to sell our own choice Of drugs starting at age 15 to see if we could even build a CRIME EMPIRE and be able to manage it with workers and even be able to have associates we could do business with and also if there was a way we could sell stolen cars on the low without getting caught depending on we’re we sell it and how, in the crime update we also should be able to wash our money through legal businesses that we can create and also be able to pass the CRIME EMPIRE to our kids.

We have added your suggestions to our brainstorm list of potential ideas for the game! We are definitely looking to add more customization options and choices to the game.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

In-App Purchases Time Machine Use $0.99 Citizenship $4.99 God Mode $4.99 more Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements.

Billie gives you the opportunity to become a dentist, chef, farmer, an overnight social media sensation to even the President or Prime Minister of the country. Likewise, the game also gets blessed with some pretty interesting challenges and quests.

In this regard, the Tiger King and the Dog House Challenge were two of the noteworthy ones. Likewise, The House Flipper Challenge was another pretty interesting addition to the game.

Now the latest update to Billie has welcomed the Paternity test. This might include the DNA test and how will your response ultimately shape the entire scenario.

Years later you or your partner end up having a baby, then a paternity test is the first thing that either of you might go for. As and when the paternity test in Billie appears, you get four options to choose from.

On the other hand, if you plan to evade responsibilities and refuses to take the test, then it might spell more trouble for you. About Syed Sadie Hassan Did his MBA from Delhi but then something about the Android ecosystem intrigued him so much that he made Tech Blogging his permanent job.

Will they make good choices and become a model citizen or will they slip up and ruin their lives forever? When users first open this app they will see only one button, to start a new life.

Well, it worked very well and I came to the conclusion that a 128kbps steam consumed around 1 MB per minute. So, if you’re listening to a “standard” 128kbps radio stream on something like Tune In for an hour on your smartphone, it’s going to consume 60 MB (or 56.25 MB to be precise) of data.

So you can now drive to work and you’re not just restricted to CD’s or FM radio anymore. Better still, most of the time the internet audio streams are better quality than DAB stations.

Nowadays most modern cars have in-built Bluetooth, so your phone will just connect your smartphone and streamed music blasts out without the need to buy an FM Transmitter. If you’ve got a favorite radio station then you’ll probably find that they’re pushing their own app.

After all, we don’t all have DAB radios all the time, and we’re not always in the same broadcast area. It used to be a pirate radio station back in the day, but now those DJs have all grown up, and they’ve got a proper DAB license across London.

You won’t necessarily know what stream they’ve chosen, but the good news is that… New encoding formats, like those using AAC, mean that you can get high-quality audio at lower bit-rates.

Instead of using the official app, I used Tune In and selected the absolute highest quality stream that the station had available. I left that running on a drive into work for 40 minutes.

Round that up and add in a margin for error and you’re looking at about 150 MB per hour or 2.5 MB per minute. That car journey I mentioned earlier suddenly becomes 300 MB per day or 1.5 GB per week.

In short then, if you’ve got a good data plan, using your smartphone to stream audio or internet radio is fantastic. It’s worth it though, because instead of relying on some terrible local morning breakfast show, I can listen to exactly what I want, no matter where I am.

For all the mathematics in this story, I used this Tech ex calculator, taking the “File recording” figures as the data required.

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