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Monday, 29 November, 2021

How Is Weather Video

James Smith
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
• 2 min read

The climate has changed drastically over the billions of years of Earth's existence, but what we're experiencing now is significantly more extreme. All cars, trucks, plane, trains, and ships only produce a portion of greenhouse emissions.

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The warmer the planet becomes due to greenhouse emissions, the more unimaginable the effects humans will face. A look ahead towards the weekend.

Scientist Jay Baltimore & meteorologist Dan Satterfield detail how rising temps can affect the formation of snowstorms. In our Extreme Weather 101 video, scientists explain how heat spikes are likely to become more common.

Scientist Mike Brewer and meteorologist Dan Satterfield explain the connection between drought and a changing climate. National Hurricane Center scientist Jack Been explains the technology used to forecast and track hurricanes as they happen.

In different parts of the American West, climate influences wildfires in unexpected ways. Saturday Could Be Ravens QB Lamar Jackson's First Snowy Football Game.

He's Hoping That's Not The Case Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has had a lot of firsts in his career, but another could come Saturday night depending on Mother Nature. 4 More Cold-Related Deaths Reported, Bringing State's Seasonal Total To 10 Four more people have died due to the cold weather in Maryland, bringing the state's seasonal total to 10, the latest report from the Maryland Department of Health shows.

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