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How Is Weather Today In London

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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Tonight Any rain will end early then clear spells develop overnight. Friday will be a dry day with cloudy skies in the morning but increasing sunny spells develop through the day.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday Saturday will be cloudy and windy with rain heavy at times. The rain may start briefly as a wintry mix.

Clearing is expected late in the day. Sunday will see be dry and there will be plenty of sunshine but there will also be a strong Northwest wind making it feel cool.

Report for Clifford, Greater London Moderate quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.

Today : Rain, locally heavy this morning, will clear eastwards during the day, but with a chance of sleet over hills. Cloud will begin to fade leading to briefly clear skies before a risk of frost and fog later.

london snowfall winter wonderland

Friday: A cold day ahead with areas of fog clearing to patchy cloud and some sunny spells. From Monday onwards unsettled conditions look likely to continue, with winds from the north bringing colder conditions from a cold air mass currently resident over Scandinavia west across the north and potentially much of the country at times throughout the week.

A north-easterly flow may bring frequent showers, particularly to the northern windward coasts, possibly falling as snow over high ground and sometimes down to low levels. The jet stream will become shifted southwards bringing rain to southern areas throughout the week, with a possibility of some organized snowfall forming on the leading edge of these features.

Confidence for this period is low, though there is a signal for weaker than average westerly winds with Atlantic systems likely to track further south than normal. Through this period there is a greater than average chance of cold spells across the UK with the associated risk of wintry hazards.

There is potential at times for significant snowfall on the boundary between milder and colder air masses, with the greatest risk across central and northern areas. Forecasters Discussion Warming in the stratosphere and how it affects the patterns, but not always our weather ...

Live Discussion Further rain and mix across Southeast and Eastern areas overnight... No worries, check out the 15-minute radar below which loops through the last 6 hours of information.

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The Met check Thunderstorm Tracker Satellite allows you to see the developing storms across Western Europe and tells you whether they are growing or decaying. It is these winds which are responsible for driving and developing weather systems across the Atlantic.

Winds variable at 2 to 7 mph (3.2 to 11.3 kph). There is a 45% chance of precipitation.0%7°3°Partly cloudy today with a high of 44 °F (6.7 °C) and a low of 37 °F (2.8 °C).30%7°3°Scattered showers today with a high of 45 °F (7.2 °C) and a low of 37 °F (2.8 °C).

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