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How Is Weather Going To Be Today

Christina Perez
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Chevron down Light Wednesday started off with sunshine, then the clouds moved in and the cloudy skies will be sticking around overnight and into tomorrow.

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More Sunrise06:17 CDTSunset20:32 CDT MODERATE Adelaide Radars Satellite Synoptic Chart 48-hour forecast 9am12pm3pm6pm view all There are no warnings current.

This month MinimumMaximumRainfall Thu Jan 14 12.2 °C 22.7 °C 0.4 mm Wed Jan 13 15.4 °C 28.3 °C 0.0 mm Tue Jan 12 15.6 °C 31.2 °C 0.0 mm Mon Jan 11 27.5 °C 38.3 °C 0.0 mm Suntan 10 22.3 °C 37.3 °C 0.0 mm Learn how to make an emergency plan before disaster strikes with the Ready NYC mobile app, available for Apple iOS and Android.

Largely dry tonight with clear spells and just the odd shower in the north. Winds falling light allowing mist and fog to form in some areas, particularly Easter.

However, a spell of heavier and more persistent rain will reach Atlantic coastal counties in the evening, quickly spreading eastwards on Friday night. Fresh southerly winds will increase strong to near gale on western coasts by evening.

Friday night will be wet and breezy with rain spreading eastwards across the country and becoming widespread. The Lowest temperatures of 6 to 9 degrees with fresh, gusty southerly winds veering westerly as rain clears.

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On Saturday morning, any lingering rain in the east will clear to give a cool day with a fair amount of cloud and some showers at first, but brightening up later. The Highest afternoon temperatures of 6 to 9 degrees with moderate to fresh west to northwest breezes.

More persistent rain will develop in the southwest through the afternoon and spread northeastwards over the country, becoming heavy at times. Through the evening and night, rain will clear with very cold air following from the northwest bringing wintry showers.

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They don’t just provide an excellent trip but take the trouble to really get to know their clients and can make recommendations and suggestions that will enhance an already great experience. It’s the tiny details that can make the difference between a good holiday and an amazing experience.

When the world opens up again, Selective Asia won't just be my first port of call, they will be my only and I would urge anyone to support this superb, small and ethical company, From the time I first contacted Selective Asia, when I had a very useful conversation with Aaron about the type of trip we had in mind, to the very end of our holiday and return home, they provided excellent service.

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Aaron worked hard to create an itinerary that would suit us, we were very happy with the hotels and tours they booked for us, and on the whole were more than satisfied with the local guides. We booked a holiday of a lifetime to Borneo, which was extremely well planned, accommodation was great and very much enjoyed it until the Malaysian government closed the country due to COVID-19 and we had 24 hours to leave the country.

Selective Asia were responsible for all travel while in Malaysia but I’d booked the flights to and from the country through BA. While Nick and his team were working at 1am in the morning to get us out the country, BA wouldn’t answer the phone and refused to get us home.

Once this was all confirmed we had access to a great app that had all the information required to make a stress-free trip. Quarantine Support: There was nothing that Nick or the team could have done about this it was simply the Viennese government being ultra cautious.

HOWEVER, whist most tour operators abandoned their quests Selective ensured we had a rep onsite at the facility who would bring us food and drink and even a pack of cards. Nick was always available day and night to answers questions and update us on what they were doing to support our early release.

Post Quarantine Support: Once back in the UK unlike many of the big tour operators Selective managed to refund a significant portion of our trip which meant insurance paid out on the rest quickly. Horrible experience as we lost our dream holiday to Vietnam but this wasn't Selective fault, and they did they best to help us.

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The team have an excellent knowledge of each destination and do include unusual and interesting details to the itinerary which allows for a rich experience of the culture and daily life of the country in question. The team also pay attention to each customer’s budget and tailor make the holiday accordingly.

“A comprehensive, informative, personalized, enjoyable tour of North India” 18 March 2020 A carefully planned trip through North India personalized using quality accommodation transportation and guides.

They carefully listen to your requirements and needs, add a considerable amount of value with their experience and knowledge of the location, then craft you the perfect holiday. Frequent communication, listened to what we wanted to be offered advice when asked for.

The itinerary was perfect with plenty of time for thorough exploration of Angkor Was and other very interesting temples, great excursions to discover village and town life with local interaction in Said Reap and Phenom Pen. Lunch with a local village family following a ride on an oxen cart was particularly memorable.

The guides were knowledgeable and pleasant, the drivers courteous and careful, and the suggested itinerary suited us well. The partners in the countries are equally amazing making the whole adventure very special.

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The logistics worked like clockwork, the guides and drivers were always there when they were supposed to be and were very helpful and informative.

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