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How Is Perth Weather

Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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Winds easterly 30 to 45 km/h tending east to southeasterly 25 to 35 km/h in the middle of the day then increasing to 30 to 45 km/h in the late evening. Possible gusts to 90 km/h during the early morning about the Darling Scarp and adjacent foothills, redeveloping during the late evening.

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Winds northeasterly 15 to 25 km/h shifting west to southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h during the day. Damaging wind gusts to 90 km/h about the Darling Escarpment and foothills later in the evening.

Find information on temperature, rainfall and seasonal activities to help plan your holiday in Perth. Perth enjoys hot, dry summers and mild winters.

In the afternoons a sea breeze called the ‘Fremantle Doctor' provides some relief from the heat. There are occasional storms, characterized by downpours of rain and thunderstorms.

There is a lot of flora in spring: discover more than 12,000 species of wildflowers, which blossom in Perth ’s nature reserves and national parks. December experiences the longest hours of daylight in Perth with sunrise at approximately 5am and sunset at 7:30pm.

June has the least hours of daylight with sunrise at approximately 7:15am and sunset at 5:20pm. Perth is one of the few places in Australia where you can watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean.

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Lunar calendar Tue 12 Wed 13 Thu 14 Fri 15 Sat 16 Sun 17 Mon 18 Tue 19 Wed 20 Thu 21 Fri 22 Sat 23 Sun 24 Mon 25 Perth has more hours of sunshine than any other Australian state capital, giving you opportunities to combine studying with your favorite activities.

Summers in Perth are hot and dry, with average temperatures of 31 °C in the hottest month of February. However, it’s not unusual to see sunny days and clear blue skies during the winter months.

Visited by millions of people each year and just a short stroll from the center of Perth city, Kings Park sits on 400 hectares of land. It is an oasis full of unique flora, fauna, lakes, look out sand picnic areas.

To be found in Perth and the surrounding areas are a range of amazing wine regions featuring world-class wineries and vineyards. Beautiful gardens, fantastic shopping, Island getaways, great food and so much more...

You can book accommodation online at GoldCoast-Apartments or visit our sister site: for lots of (Gold) Coast information. * Average monthly rainfall (for the period 1876 – 2016). Dam volumes, rainfall and water use data is updated every working day, stream flow is updated weekly.

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* Average monthly rainfall data supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology for the period 1994 to 2019. Perth Historical Rainfall Traditionally, Perth relied heavily on stream flow into our dams as a water source, but declining stream flow has meant dams now play a bigger role as storage reservoirs.

The water in our dams is no longer just made up of inflows from rain. Groundwater and desalinated water are stored in these dams during periods of low demand so it is available when it is most needed in the hotter months.

VS Australia beat India by 8 wickets Full Scorecard We’re next door to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Center, and in walking distance of Brookfield Place and Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Elizabeth Quay on the Swan River, Perth Arena, and His Majesty’s Theater are less than 10 minutes away on foot. These images may not reflect the latest guest experience such as social distancing of public spaces and changes to food and beverage.

Samuel's On Mill serves up authentically local West Australian fare. Our menu showcases the incredible seasonal produce that originates from WA.

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From our coastal fisheries in the north to our boutique distributors in the south, here you'll taste our State on a plate. If you need further assistance, call the hotel directly or contact customer service.

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