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How Is Paris Weather

James Smith
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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Eventually the warm weather gives way to the cool crisp air and crunchy leaves of autumn, a time when Paris absolutely glows with photogenic hues of yellow, orange and red. In the winter, the city shows off its festive holiday spirit alongside cooler temperatures and wet weather.

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Nights remain pretty cold throughout the season and don’t be surprised by light showers. Always carry a lightweight jacket with a zip on hood just in case… Read this blog about What to Pack for Paris in the Spring.

My favorite idea is to picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower on the Champs de Mars Gardens while the sunlight lights up your day until 10pm! With locals back from their summer holidays and thinner tourist crowds, there’s a great buzz around Paris in autumn.

Temperatures cool down quite a bit beginning in October, but if you’ve packed a jacket, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy long walks through stunning neighborhoods and a stroll along the Seine River. Despite shorter days and decidedly wetter weather, winter is truly a special time of year in Paris.

Rent an apartment with a City view, such as Chamber tin or Cognac and you’ll love spending afternoons with a glass of wine and crusty baguette -- cozy and warm at home while the Eiffel Tower lights up right in front of you! Our advice to stay warm and take advantage of the winter sales in the cozy boutiques and shopping malls.

A little afternoon rain The climate of Paris and the region of Île-de-France is temperate and influenced by the Atlantic Ocean: it is quite cold but not freezing in winter and pleasantly warm in summer.

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Precipitation is not abundant, since it amounts to 650 millimeters (26 inches) per year, but it is well distributed over the seasons, however, the rains are slightly less frequent in summer. When Atlantic currents prevail, the temperature can become mild and can even reach 13/14 °C (55/57 °F), but the weather in these cases is cloudy and rainy; in these periods, the wind blows frequently, and sometimes can be strong.

The coldest periods occur under the influence of cold air masses from Russia, which can lead to a few days of snow, generally not abundant, and frost. Summer, from June to August, is a pleasantly warm season: the days are very long, and the temperature generally lends itself to outdoor activities.

However, the weather is variable : there are some cool and rainy days due to Atlantic fronts, when the maximum temperature remains below 20 °C (68 °F), while on other occasions, the Azores High can bring some hot and sunny days, maybe a little sultry, with highs around or even above 30 °C (86 °F); in these cases, some thunderstorms can erupt in the afternoon. In recent decades, heat waves are becoming more frequent due to global warming.

Spring and autumn are cool and unstable, characterized by the passage of Atlantic depressions and by temperature changes. The amount of sunshine in Paris is decent from April to September, and scarce from November to February, when cloudy skies prevail.

The best time to visit Paris is from mid-May to mid-September, and in particular, from mid-May to mid-June, when the days are long, nature is in bloom and there is a low risk of excessive heat (not by chance, the tennis tournament of “Roland Barros” takes place in the last week of May and the first week of June). The warm season lasts for 2.9 months, from June 13 to September 10, with an average daily high temperature above 71 °F.

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The cool season lasts for 3.7 months, from November 16 to March 7, with an average daily high temperature below 51 °F. The figure below shows you a compact characterization of the entire year of hourly average temperatures.

In Paris, the average percentage of the sky covered by clouds experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year. The clearer part of the year in Paris begins around May 7 and lasts for 5.2 months, ending around October 12.

The cloudier part of the year begins around October 12 and lasts for 6.8 months, ending around May 7. Based on this categorization, the most common form of precipitation throughout the year is rain alone, with a peak probability of 30% on May 23.

The most rain falls during the 31 days centered around May 31, with an average total accumulation of 1.8 inches. Daylight saving time (DST) is observed in Paris during 2021, starting in the spring on March 28, lasting 7.1 months, and ending in the fall on October 31.

We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, as it determines whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, thereby cooling the body. The percentage of time spent at various humidity comfort levels, categorized by dew point.

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This section discusses the wide-area hourly average wind vector (speed and direction) at 10 meters above the ground. The average hourly wind speed in Paris experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year.

The windier part of the year lasts for 6.2 months, from October 13 to April 19, with average wind speeds of more than 9.8 miles per hour. The predominant average hourly wind direction in Paris varies throughout the year.

The wind is most often from the south for 4.0 months, from September 28 to February 1, with a peak percentage of 40% on January 1. The lightly tinted areas at the boundaries are the percentage of hours spent in the implied intermediate directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest).

To characterize how pleasant the weather is in Paris throughout the year, we compute two travel scores. The tourism score favors clear, painless days with perceived temperatures between 65 °F and 80 °F.

Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Paris for general outdoor tourist activities is from mid June to mid September, with a peak score in the last week of July. Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Paris for hot- weather activities is from mid July to mid August, with a peak score in the last week of July.

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For each hour between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM of each day in the analysis period (1980 to 2016), independent scores are computed for perceived temperature, cloud cover, and total precipitation. Definitions of the growing season vary throughout the world, but for the purposes of this report, we define it as the longest continuous period of non-freezing temperatures ( 32 °F) in the year (the calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, or from July 1 until June 30 in the Southern Hemisphere).

Growing degree days are a measure of yearly heat accumulation used to predict plant and animal development, and defined as the integral of warmth above a base temperature, discarding any excess above a maximum temperature. This section discusses the total daily incident shortwave solar energy reaching the surface of the ground over a wide area, taking full account of seasonal variations in the length of the day, the elevation of the Sun above the horizon, and absorption by clouds and other atmospheric constituents.

The average daily incident shortwave solar energy experiences extreme seasonal variation over the course of the year. The brighter period of the year lasts for 3.5 months, from May 5 to August 20, with an average daily incident shortwave energy per square meter above 5.4 kWh.

The darker period of the year lasts for 3.6 months, from October 28 to February 17, with an average daily incident shortwave energy per square meter below 2.0 kWh. There are 4 weather stations near enough to contribute to our estimation of the temperature and dew point in Paris.

All other weather data, including cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and solar flux, come from NASA's MERRA-2 Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis. This reanalysis combines a variety of wide-area measurements in a state-of-the-art global meteorological model to reconstruct the hourly history of weather throughout the world on a 50-kilometer grid.

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We assume no responsibility for any decisions made on the basis of the content presented on this site. We draw particular cautious attention to our reliance on the MERRA-2 model-based reconstructions for a number of important data series.

While having the tremendous advantages of temporal and spatial completeness, these reconstructions: (1) are based on computer models that may have model-based errors, (2) are coarsely sampled on a 50 km grid and are therefore unable to reconstruct the local variations of many microclimates, and (3) have particular difficulty with the weather in some coastal areas, especially small islands. We further caution that our travel scores are only as good as the data that underpin them, that weather conditions at any given location and time are unpredictable and variable, and that the definition of the scores reflects a particular set of preferences that may not agree with those of any particular reader.

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