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How Is La Weather In December

Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
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The weather in Los Angeles (California) in December comes from statistical data son the past years. These charts show the evolution of average minimum/maximum temperatures as well as average daily precipitation volume in Los Angeles in December.

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In December, not only do temperatures regress considerably, but the rain also increases in both frequency and intensity. Due to the influence of the Mediterranean climate that characterizes the coast of California, precipitation is relatively low.

It is possible to enjoy a great weather in Los Angeles throughout December, to discover both the city and its attractions. Los Angeles in the Middle of December The temperature is as gentle as at the beginning of the month.

Even when taking into account the showers that can occur at any time of the day, it is still possible to enjoy a bright day from dawn to dusk. For night outings, do not forget to bring comfortable clothes because the temperatures can fall abruptly at dusk.

Los Angeles at the End of December With fairly cool morning temperatures, weather conditions have declined slightly during the last ten days of December. Even if the precipitation is again more frequent, they remain weak and dissipate quickly.

Hence, a pleasant weather throughout December in Los Angeles is favorable to a moment of relaxation, far from the harsh winters of the northeastern coast of the United States of America. Check below seasonal norms These data are compiled from the weather statements of the last years of the month of December.

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Click over cities on the map for information about the weather in December. California in December : See full list of cities Weather data for Los Angeles in December : Weather data for Los Angeles for December are derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Los Angeles.

There is a margin of error and these forecasts are to be considered as general information only. The weather in Los Angeles can vary slightly from year to year, but this data should limit surprises.

So you can pack your bags or check for the best time in year to go to Los Angeles. The average number of rainfall days is six, so it would be best to bring a light jacket and an umbrella with the higher chance of showers.

The average sea temperature is only 16 °C (around 61 °F), so it is not recommended that you try and go swimming unless prepared with the proper cold water suits. The historic Mayfair Hotel in the Los Angeles Financial District offers newly renovated rooms that include charming and modern amenities.

The hotel offers the ultimate in privacy with soundproof walls and hidden balconies that still give you sweeping views of Los Angeles below. The beach is made up of cliffs and rocky coves, offering a picturesque setting for swimming, surfing, scuba diving and sunbathing.


It's also a prime location for viewing the California gray whale migration that takes place from December to April. The rotating dinner menu changes daily, offering six, ten or 20-course tasting menus with optional add-on wine pairings.

Located on Main Street in downtown Los Angeles, Led low serves fusion dishes like grilled palette steak writes, pork cheek and dumplings and chicken schnitzel. The brunch has favorites like brioche French toast, waffles, eggs Benedict and omelets, along with sandwiches, salads and pastries.

Bestir, situated in central Los Angeles, offers diners classic Italian dishes in a modern and industrial setting. Even thought it may lack the snow, Los Angeles still knows how to ring in the holiday spirit with numerous Christmas light displays throughout the city.

Are you planning a holiday with hopefully nice weather in Los Angeles in December 2020? The weather in December is usually the coldest all year for Los Angeles, California.

This page gives detailed information on the typical December temperature, precipitation, sun, humidity, wind and storms for Los Angeles. The temperature, rainfall, sunshine and wind speed numbers here are historical averages based on climate data gathered in downtown Los Angeles near Union Station.


The humidity and thunderstorm measurements are averages at the Los Angeles International Airport, located southwest of the city center. December is the coldest month overall for Los Angeles and the 21st to 23rd are its chilliest days.

2.3 in total precipitation59 mm5 days of rainfall the time, Los Angeles receives 0.5 to 3 inches (14 to 82 mm) of rainfall in December. Typically, on 15 days this month the sky is mainly clear, with at most 30 percent cloud cover.

Sunlight in December at Los Angeles averages 9 hours and 55 minutes a day. The shortest days of the year, from around December 17th to 24th, last 9 hours and 53 minutes from sunrise to sunset.

This post is an overview of the December weather in Los Angeles, including snow and precipitation forecasts, as well as tips on how to dress and things to do. The record low temperature in Los Angeles during December is 30 F (-1.1 C).

Back To Top About 21-23 days are likely to have skies either sunny or at least partly sunny so December is a great time to explore Los Angeles. Back To Top The weather during December tends to be cool to comfortable with a couple of chillies to cold mornings.


Fall attire makes the most sense this month, however, a few of the colder evenings and mornings will require at least a light to medium weight jacket or coat, especially near the end of the month. Don’t forget a good pair of walking shoes and perhaps an umbrella for those few wet days.

And if you are planning on visiting many of Los Angeles’s top attractions, then you should consider a tourist discount pass as you could save up to 50% of retail ticket prices to tours, attractions, and restaurants. Enjoy the LA Zoo’s Zoo lights displays.

See Universal Studios Hollywood, including the Warding World, decorated for Christmas. December is a perfect month to visit Los Angeles, weather -wise.

If you want to get away from cold, cloudy winter weather and avoid shoveling snow, it's a great place to go. The theme parks are busier than at any other time of the year, and even the museums are full of people.

Unless you're going to the ski slopes, leave the heavy winter coat at home. Even for many of LA's nicest restaurants, you will fit right in wearing stylish, semi-casual attire.


Christmas in Los Angeles is full of unexpected fun, including some great holiday parades featuring decorated yachts and over-the-top Christmas light displays. You'll see more than 1,000 new models, tuned and customized rides, and concept cars on display.

If football is your sport, you can watch the LA Rams play at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (moving to Soft Stadium in Inglewood in 2020). The LA Chargers play at Rohit Field at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson.

To get maximum enjoyment from your theme park visit in December, consider getting a priority pass along with your Universal Studios ticket, and use these proven tips to reduce the time you spend waiting in lines at Disneyland. Los Angeles traffic is legendary for its jams and slowdowns, but things can get even worse on the days when people leave town (or come back).

And no matter what, avoid driving from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles on a Sunday evening. Los Angeles hotel occupancy rates are consistent over most of the year but are at their lowest in December, as long as you avoid the year-end holiday week.

You can use these tips to be a smarter Los Angeles visitor who has more fun and puts up with fewer annoyances. Las Vegas Weather | Skip to Main Content The weather in Las Vegas is part of what makes our town a top vacation destination.

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With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, weather in Las Vegas is perfect for your vacation plans. View the latest Las Vegas weather forecast online.

Use the Las Vegas weather information below to plan your upcoming vacation. provides the average high and low temperatures for each month in Las Vegas, making it easy to choose the ideal time to visit Las Vegas for perfect weather.

Find the best Las Vegas temperature and weather forecasts information on The current condition in Las Vegas is Clear skies.

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