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How Is Kerala Weather

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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Kerala is a land with a coast running down its entire length and the Western Ghats forming a protective barrier against the dry winds from up north. Winter and summer (November to May) are probably the best time to visit Kerala and also the peak tourist seasons.

monsoon weather rainfall onset


A cruise in the houseboats on the backwaters, the beauty of sunset over the Arabian Sea, boating in the Therapy lake and trekking the highlands of Kerala during winter are unforgettable experiences. And for those, who really want to enjoy dramatic, cloudy skies, and feel the energizing smell of wet earth, the monsoons are for you.

Towards the end of February temperatures start climbing and this heralds the beginning of summer in Kerala. Summer is a good time to explore the small towns and coastal villages, but don't stay out in the afternoon sun too long.

Lying on the windward side of the Western Ghats and being the first state to be hit by the monsoon winds, Kerala receives copious torrential rainfall. Heavy afternoon rains accompanied by thunder and lightning are the main characteristics of these two months.

The skies are open and sunny, the breeze is nice and cool and the air absolutely fresh after having been cleaned out by the long monsoon season preceding it. Moderate quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.

Southwest monsoon, from June to August, is the main rainy season. Between the two monsoon seasons, the temperature remains cool in most parts of Kerala.

india weather forecast week april 5th north northwest 29th skymet analysis

While the high mountainous regions remain cool throughout the year, the plains and coastal areas experience hot and humid climates. Some places to visit in summer are picturesque hill stations like Gunnar, Therapy and ONUDI.

Trekking, hiking and biking are among the various exciting activities you can take part in, apart from enjoying the views. Gave and Vagabond are two other high-altitude destinations worth your time to explore the natural beauty of Kerala.

Summer Travel Tips for Kerala Pack light cotton clothing. This is known as the south-west monsoon and it is the main rainy season in Kerala.

While the weather remains humid during this time of the year, cool breeze from south-west and refreshing showers replace the scorching Sun. The south-west monsoon or Edavappathy is characterized by torrential rains.

The rivers are full of water, and the entire region gets a lush green cover. This monsoon season goes away by mid-August, leaving a pleasant weather with occasional rainfall.

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Kerala monsoon season returns in October with heavy downpours, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The average maximum temperature is 35 °C, and the minimum revolves around 28 °C during the north-east monsoon season.

Monsoon Travel Tips for Kerala Pack light cotton clothing. The temperature starts falling during the latter part of November, as the north-east monsoons recede.

Although the temperature in Kerala doesn’t vary much during seasons, it is cooler during the winter months. You can enjoy the misty backwaters of Alleyway and Kumarakom or go for tea estate safari in Gunnar during the winters.

Winter also allows for a soothing visit to beaches in Koala and wildlife safari in Therapy. In winter, you can explore all the amazing tourist spots of Koch, Trivandrum and other places without worrying about humidity, scorching sun or heavy rainfall.

Winter Travel Tips for Kerala Book tickets and accommodation in advance. Kerala's tourism season, thus, begins in October and ends towards March.

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From October to March, the plains and coastal areas have a comfortable climate and refreshing weather. So, whether you want to stroll around the beaches, explore magnificent temples of Kerala or go for wildlife safaris, winter offers a perfect opportunity to do so.

You can also visit hill stations to enjoy the panoramic misty views of nature. As the rivers start overflowing, the houseboat cruises in the backwaters of Kerala offer enchanting views of the region.

Monsoon is also the cheapest season to visit Kerala and get Ayurvedic treatments. Hotels, resorts and homestays provide hearty discounts and lucrative offers for the tourists.

So, you can relax at beaches, enjoy a serene trip to the backwaters and get unhindered views of the lush green hills during this time. Regular buses, from standard seaters to luxury sleeper coaches, are also available from nearby towns to Koch, Trivandrum, Gunnar and other major tourist destinations of Kerala.

Express trains are available to the main railway stations like Alappuzha, Vernacular, Kozhikode, Ottawa and Thiruvananthapuram among others. You can also book luxury trains like Maharajah’s Express and the Golden Chariot to enjoy the mesmerizing views and explore the landmarks of Kerala.

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Whichever airport or railway station you arrive at, you’ll find plenty of buses, taxis and private cabs to connect to your next destination. In many cities, rental bikes too, are available to explore the region and dive into the spectacular views.

We at Kerala Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA offer various packages that you can choose from depending on your budget, duration and interests. Feel free to fill the Contact Us form, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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