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How Is Joburg Weather Today

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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Johannesburg, Gluten, South Africa Today, Tonight & Tomorrow's Weather Forecast | AccuWeather RealFeel® 63° Get AccuWeather alerts as they happen with our browser notifications.

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(2 hours ago) Moderate quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.

The information for today's weather has NOT been verified by any official authorizing agency and thus the determination of suitability as to purpose or use is left to the user. Climate for Johannesburg: current weather, weather forecast, humidity, temperature, highs and lows, rain forecast, snowfall, wind direction, wind speed. Klimaat VIR Johannesburg: weervoorspelling, weeruitsig, lugvogtigheid, temperature, warmtegraad, reenacts, indicating, windsterkte. Klima fur Johannesburg: Wettervorhersage, Luftfeuchtigkeit, Höchsttemperatur, Tiefsttemperatur, Regenvoraussicht, Windrichtung, Windstorm.

Providing a local hourly Beyond weather forecast of rain, sun, wind, humidity and temperature. The Long-range 12-day forecasts also includes detail for Beyond weather today.

Scroll to nightlight rain (total 4 mm), mostly falling on Thu night. Warm (max 31 °C on Sun morning, min 18 °C on Thu night).

“Severe thunderstorms are observed over the eastern parts of Johannesburg (Gluten) in the Kemp ton Park area, resulting in heavy downpours that could lead to localized flooding in places,” it warned. In KwaZulu-Natal, severe thunderstorms were also expected over parts of uThukela and uMgungundlovu, moving towards Using and vote with possible hail, heavy downpours and strong damaging winds.

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Johannesburg is characterized by contradiction and an apparent seamless combination of irreconcilable differences. Once you've booked your hotel or Johannesburg accommodation, explore the suburb and destination pages below for info on attractions, activities and things to do when you visit the City of Jodi.

Located on the well known and prestigious Nelson Mandela Square, the da Vinci Suites offers guests all the luxuries and comforts they have come t... No effort has been spared in creating the most exquisite surroundings that surpass your greatest...

Situated centrally in Melrose, The Speech features luxurious rooms, contemporary design and PLE... Topaz Cove Luxury Villas is situated in the secure Emerald Estate in Modderfontein.

4 On Manga an offers Johannesburg self-catering accommodation in the heart of Douglas dale. The Serene Boutique Hotel offers an extraordinary experience for the discerning traveler, for business or pleasure.

Abbotsford's accommodation Set in the leafy more affluent northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Abbotsford lies to the east of Atholl-Oaklands Road, the M1 and James and Ethel Gray Park. Neighboring suburbs include Oakland's, Bird haven, Melrose Arch, Waverley and Orchards, and it has e...

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Auckland Park accommodation Just north-west of Johannesburg’s CBD, Auckland Park lies on a gentle slope, the homes here gentrified and the neighborhood a vibrant hum. The suburb known as Auckland Park is one of few this close to the center of Johannesburg to survive the exodus ...

Bedfordview accommodation Booking your accommodation in Bedfordview means being right in the heart of the city and close to some of the best hotels in Johannesburg, where millions of visitors begin their South African adventure. Bertram's accommodation Gluten may be South Africa's smallest province, but it remains the commercial, cultural and entertainment hotspot of this country.

As its main city, Johannesburg is wonderfully exciting to visit, and every bit as diverse and multifaceted as the people TH... It rubs shoulders with Linden, Darren wood, Windsor and Emmarentia and has access to one of the busiest shopping areas in the northern...

Bloemfontein accommodation Lying just outside the Johannesburg CBD, north of the city, Bloemfontein suffered a literal exodus of businesses and institutions as the center of Johannesburg moved out to Sand ton and the northern suburbs, but it never decayed as some inner city h... Craig hall Park accommodation Craig hall Park is one of Johannesburg’s upmarket northern suburbs that lie slightly to the west of Sand ton, a collection of leafy neighborhoods that form a belt on the western side of the city between Pankhurst and the sprawling malls of Sand ton’s Central...

Its streets, particularly Derrick Avenue, are lined with a myriad Chinese supermarket with names like Jing Huey supermarket and Long Huey Tea Shop that bring with them a quaintness and authenticity that has g... Dunked West accommodation The upmarket suburb of Dunked West lies just north of Rose bank, sandwiched between Melrose and Hyde Park in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, a lovely part of the city.

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Fords burg accommodation Fords burg is known as Johannesburg's 'Little India', its streets awash in bold colors, the heady smells of incense and spices, and the attraction of bargains wherever you look. Glen vista accommodation Johannesburg, also known as the City of Gold, is South Africa’s commercial, entertainment and financial epicenter.

Green side accommodation Green side, which lies just off the busy Barry Herzog Avenue on the other side from Emmarentia Dam, is a trendy, albeit residential suburb of the city. They speak about extreme levels of crime, high-rise apartment blocks jammed with migrants and refugees, hijackings, murder and prostitution.

Johannesburg Central accommodation Jo’burg’s inner city has had its share of stigma. The 1990s, after the Group Areas Act was scrapped, brought thousands of people who had been forbidden to live here, into the city center, many of them immigrants from war torn African nations and others for...

Killarney's accommodation Lying in the heart of Johannesburg's affluent, leafy northern suburbs, Hillary is set in amongst the similarly quiet suburbs of Saxon wold, Houghton, Norwood and Oakland's. This part of the city is without doubt the more sedate side of Johannesburg an...

Lipton is the oldest district in Soweto, famous as the site known as the Congress of the People, where 3 000 gathered together in 1955 to write the Freedom Charter. Linden accommodation Nestled in the foothills of North cliff Hill, Linden is one of the prettiest and oldest suburbs of Johannesburg, lying to the north-west of the city center between Emmarentia and Darren wood.

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The leafy suburb lies predominantly on a slope, its pretty houses... Lone hill accommodation It does not take a genius to work out that Lone hill, which lies just north of Köppen Road with excellent access to William Nicole Drive and the N1, must have been named after a solitary hill in the vicinity.

Neighbor to Bloemfontein, Jamestown, Joubert Park and the cultural center of Newton, Marshall... Melville's accommodation Book your Melville accommodation to make sure that you’re right in the heart of the action, thanks to its being situated just west of Johannesburg, where so many travelers begin their travels in South Africa.

The name Halfway House is suitable as it is halfway between The Rand (Witwatersrand) and Pretoria. It lies east of Auckland Park, with Empire Road cutting through its heart, just north of the University ...

Barton accommodation Lying south of the Southern Bypass in the south of Johannesburg, just east of Alberto, Barton nestles in amongst the other southern suburbs of Glen vista, Gastonia and Marshal, bordering the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. Newton is a fairly large area that lies sandwiched between the railway lines to the north, the M2 highway in the south and bounded in the e...

Nestled in amongst similar leafy, northern suburbs in Johannesburg, Oakland's lies next to Highlands North, Abbotsford and Norwood just across the M1 from Rose bank and south of Sand ton. It is an upmarket area where large homes lie amidst sprawling gardens ...

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Orchards accommodation The rather small, well established suburb of Orchards lies virtually around the corner from trendy Norwood, its tree-lined streets and large, timeless homes, many of which have either been renovated or subdivided into apartments, places one in the heart o... Ormond accommodation Leave Marshalltown in Johannesburg’s CBD and head off along the M1 in a south-westerly direction and Ormond lies just five minutes from the center, a little beyond Gold Reef City in the southern reaches of the bustling city, it's nearest neighbors Model...

Pankhurst accommodation The lovely village of Pankhurst, once a rather dull lower-middle class neighborhood with little more than its inviting trees and beautiful homes to attract visitors, has now reinvented itself and Fourth Avenue in particular has transformed itself into a ... Park town accommodation Park town lies between West cliff and Saxon wold, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Johannesburg filled with rather imposing homes that vie with those in London in terms of grandiosity.

Zoo Lake borders on Park view and is a favorite ambling site of Jo-burgers. Park wood accommodation Nestled between Rose bank and Saxon wold in the leafy northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Park wood is one of the older more established suburbs of the bustling metropolitan, reminiscent of Houghton with its sizeable double-storey homes and large properties.

Rembrandt Park accommodation Lying in the curve of the N3 between the Buccleuch interchange and Bedfordview, Rembrandt Park's closest landmark is Modderfontein Road, which links the suburb with the Modderfontein golf course. Rembrandt Park lies in the heart of the south-eastern s...

Sand ton accommodation Millions of South African safaris, shopping sprees, and beach holidays start in the epicenter of Johannesburg, where many of the most glamorous hotels in Sand ton and other areas can be found. Saxon wold accommodation This part of Johannesburg that lies around the zoo and includes Park view, West cliff and Houghton is of the most beautiful in the city.

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It’s also one of the oldest parts of Johannesburg, and Saxon wold in particular invites one to drive along its broad, win... Lying in amidst the well established suburbs of Bradley, Sandhurst, Highlands North and Corbett Gardens, Sunning dale, whilst not well known to those who live in the city, is positioned in a highly advantageous part of Johannesburg, just north of the Links...

The Hill accommodation The Hill is a small suburb in the south of Johannesburg, in an area officially known as Region F. It is characterized by its multifaceted nature; with homes ranging from small and simple to large and impressive. In fact as you come over a slight incline, just as you head into the Weltered valley off Beyer's Maude Drive, you pass a sign signifying your entry into Guidepost and what used to be TH...

You might be in one of the country’s most notoriously busy cities, but in West cliff things slow to a more sedate pace.

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