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How Is A Weather Today

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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Guitar quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk. Moderate quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.

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Weather in the United StatesFeels Like: 47 forecast: 49 / 27 find: 7 mph from South NEW YORK (WAC) -- The warming trend continues Thursday with temperatures approaching 50 throughout the Prostate.

Check the latest alerts and advisories for the New York area from the National Weather Service Thursday Breezy and mild. RELATED: “Rising Risk” rockeries explores how those rising sea levels will play out in the Lower Manhattan of the late 21st century.

Winds variable at 1 to 7 mph (1.6 to 11.3 kph). There is a 45% chance of precipitation.75%62°47°Rain today with a high of 62 °F (16.7 °C) and a low of 47 °F (8.3 °C).

Tomorrow 34° | Precipitation: 94% Cloudy with Rain Mixed with Snow. Tomorrow night 30° | Precipitation: 83% Snow and Freezing Drizzle.

Friday 32° | Precipitation: 79% Cloud and Windy with Snow. Saturday 24° | Precipitation: 15% Considerable cloudiness.

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Sunday night 14° | Precipitation: 18% Mostly cloudy. Monday 22° | Precipitation: 48% Some sun in the morning with increasing clouds during the afternoon.

Monday night 10° | Precipitation: 49% Considerable cloudiness. Tuesday 20° | Precipitation: 24% Some sun in the morning with increasing clouds during the afternoon.

Wednesday 01/20 25° | Precipitation: 17% Considerable clouds early. Wednesday night 01/20 14° | Precipitation: 18% Partly cloudy skies.

Thursday 01/21 28° | Precipitation: 18% Partly cloudy skies in the morning will give way to cloudy skies during the afternoon. Thursday night 01/21 18° | Precipitation: 15% Mostly cloudy skies.

Friday 01/22 24° | Precipitation: 10% Partly to mostly cloudy. Friday night 01/22 0° | Precipitation: 15% Partly cloudy.


Love The Place You Call Home A massive plume of dust from the Sahara desert in northern Africa has been traversing the atmosphere, thousands of feet above the tropical Atlantic Ocean, and is now cloaking the Caribbean and closing in on the southeastern United States.

Conditions are dangerous in many Caribbean islands,” Pablo Méndez Lazaro, from the University of Puerto Rico's School of Public Health, told the Associated Press. The latest NASA model projecting the path of the dust has it heading into the deep South from the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday.

The next round will hit Texas on Thursday through Saturday, and then hook back eastward over the Southeast and Tennessee Valley area. On satellite images from space, dust typically appears somewhat subtle and faint, but this plume can be seen as clear as day.

NASA astronaut Doug Hurley took this photo from the International Space Station showing a plume of dust from the Sahara desert drifting across the Atlantic Ocean. The dust enters the Atlantic Ocean near the Cape Verde islands, inside the Intertropical Convergence Zone where tropical systems often get their start.

NOAA's GOES satellite captured this series of animating images on Friday as the dust entered the deep tropical Atlantic from Africa. While the dust masses often stay generally intact during most of the trans-Atlantic journey, they typically become diffuse and diluted by the time they reach the Caribbean.

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Here are a series of before and after photos taken Sunday on Caribbean islands like Antigua, St. Bart's, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago: NASA satellites measure the intensity of dust clouds with a metric called Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT).

A recent Harvard University study found that increased pollution, specifically particulate matter, like dust, can lead to higher hospital admissions and death rates from COVID-19. As the dust overspreads the Southeast and then Texas, air quality index numbers are expected to be in the unhealthy range.

Studies show that nutrients from African dust in subtropical and tropical soils may be critical to sustaining vegetation. Scientists theorize that the nutrients transported from the Sahara desert have helped to build and nourish coral reefs in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida for millions of years.

In a study published in this April, researchers found that scientific climate models currently underestimate the amount of coarse dust in our atmosphere by four times. If the weather condition being spoken is in the future, but the forecast says it will be inclement when it does arrive (so you're cancelling the village fête, or whatever), then of course it's expected.

Note that as J.R. says, expectedly is very rare compared too unexpectedly. But if we reverse the expectations (and use simpler meteorological terminology), I have no problem with...

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1: Due to unexpected bad weather the fête has been cancelled 2: Due to unexpectedly bad weather the fête has been cancelled It should be fairly obvious that in #1 we weren't expecting bad weather at all (maybe the forecast said it would be sunny).

It may be connected to the fact that we have many alternatives (naturally, obviously, predictably, typically, clearly, foreseeable, logically, etc. Such words are often used in sensitive/loaded contexts, so it's likely people learn to be extra careful with them.

Behind the cold front you can expect winds shifting from south to north, falling temps and clearing skies. By Monday morning low temps upper 40s to mid 50s with north winds making it feel colder.

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