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How Does Rust Give You Tetanus

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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Although some medical researches observe that tetanus struck is rare, people have full concerns about the disease. Nearly twenty percent of people wounded by rusty metals are infected by severe tetanus.

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Understanding the facts about the relation between rusty metals wounds and tetanus can lessen your risk of getting the infection. Tetanus is an infection caused by bacterium called Clostridium retain.

Some people call it lockjaw, because the spasm starts in your jam before spreading to the other areas. Tetanus causes severe muscle spasms which can ends in bone fractures.

The bacteria causing tetanus can be found in soil, dust, and manure. It can enter your body through an open wound caused by contaminated objects.

After enter your body through the open wound you get from rusty nails, these bacteria go to your blood stream and reach the nervous system. In your central nervous system, it releases a toxin called tetanospasim which induce tetanus infection.

Your nervous system which is attacked begins to show some symptoms of tetanus infection. Within days, this infection will cause severe pains that some people get their bones fractured.

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Tetanus infection hurts you badly that sometimes painkillers are needed to calm the pain. However, excessive consumption of painkillers might lead to kidney failure and later, death.

You also need to wear gloves so that there will be no manure left beneath your fingernails, which can be dangerous for your wound. If your skin gets pierced from anything, be it your own kitchen knife or a rusty old screw, it's worth making sure that your tetanus shot is up to date.

Tetanus, or lockjaw, is a bacterial infection caused by Clostridium retain, an extremely hardy rod-shaped bacterium found in animal digestive tracts and soil worldwide. The reason we associate tetanus with rust is that it’s often found in soil that’s rich in organic material like manure or dead leaves.

So if your skin is pierced from anything from your own kitchen knife to a rusty gnarled screw, or if you begin working on a farm, it's worth making sure that your tetanus shot is up to date. Tetanus is caused by a bacteria called Clostridium retain, which makes its home in soil, dust, and feces.

Tetanus bacteria can infect the body through open wounds, especially deep, penetrating ones, said Dr. William Shaffer, an infectious-disease specialist at Vanderbilt University. “Somehow, someone conjured up this image of stepping on a rusty nail” to describe how a person gets tetanus, Shaffer told Live Science.

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The image was likely an attempt to convey the idea that the rusty nail was in a dirty environment where these bacteria can be found, he said, but it somehow took “on a life of its own.” For example, there have been cases where people contracted the infection after slicing their hand with a kitchen knife.

But when the spores make their way deep into a person's body, their oxygen supply is cut off. It’s NOT rust that causes tetanus, but a rusty nail indicates it’s been in contact with the soil for a period of time, and thus likely has C. retain on it.

C. Retain is an anaerobic bacterium, meaning that oxygen is poisonous to it. Tetanus can be ‘treated’ today, but 2/3 of patients still die, and those who survive typically spend 6–8 weeks in the hospital, mostly on a ventilator, with about 3–4 weeks in an induced coma, followed by 4–6 months in rehab.

There is a variation of this disease called infantile tetanus. What the tetanus toxin does is to prevent that chemical from being released, so your muscles fire, contract, and NEVER LET GO.

If you are in wonderful shape, too bad, because your leg muscles can contract so strongly that they will BREAK. Eventually, your diaphragm contracts and never lets go, so you quit breathing.

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(By the way, we know the chemical that’s released, and could give it to you, but then, you would stop breathing, which presents its own set of problems). There is a treasure trove of good charts from Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ book Dissolving Illusions here.

I have not read the book, though based on her lectures, I bet it is pretty good. And according to many sources, autism seems to have not really existed (at least in the public consciousness) prior to 1930.

I found that Dr. John Bergman speaks eloquently on this subject (as well as many other health issues). The issues of herd immunity and tetanus are covered peripherally in the above videos, but in the process of looking for more specific information I came across Dr. Humphries.

Once again, very articulate, knows her stuff, and the audio and video quality are good. And specific to tetanus, one thing that wasn’t that clear to me, but became clearer from various sources, is that tetanus is associated quite a bit with horses and horse shit, poor wound care, and lack of nutrition.

Since the Civil War and WWI, we’ve moved away from horses. You could go into a chemistry lab, open a jar of iron oxide (rust), rub it on your arm all day and not get tetanus.

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You could have pure iron oxide injected into your bloodstream or even eat it, and you would likely get sick. Encased spores of tetanus bacteria can survive in a dormant state, like seeds, for eighty years.

Stepping on a nail delivers the tetanus bacteria spores into the body as if from a dirty hypodermic needle. So tetanus shots are given to this day, even though horses are so rarely around us anymore.

He is pioneer in organic farming methods, and his perspectives based on his experiences with animals offer interesting reading. After some 40 years as an organic farmer who shunned the use of all the pharmaceutical ‘cures’ recommended by non-organic practitioners and vets, I can say quite categorically: a natural diet and living conditions that express and promote the psychological and physiological needs of sentient animals (and plants) go at least 90% of the way to producing a disease free life.

Unfortunately, none of them seem to be double-blind studies that track the health of children (immunized vs. non-immunized) over many years. Nor do they seem to want to try and answer the question of why so many parents say their healthy kids got immunized and then went autistic.

But the head banging, catatonic, screwed up kids I’m seeing with increasing frequency give me pause. Watch some videos, listen to both sides, make an informed decision.

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If you ask me would I subject my children to the rigorous vaccine schedule (twice the rate of many Western countries) recommended in California? Since I'm completely anal, especially when it comes to expensive purchases, I've been doing my best to take the best care of it I can, keeping it as clean as possible and, because the grills are cast iron, oiling them after use (as recommended by the store we got it from).

We've called the place we purchased it (a local BBQ specialty store, not like Target or anything) and they suggested burning it off on high for 30 minutes and it should scrape right off, which didn't seem to do anything. (I wanted to supply pictures with this question, but I couldn't find the camera last night.

If anyone wants to see what I'm talking about, I'll see if I can track the camera down and post some when I get home tonight. Tetanus, also sometimes known as ‘lockjaw’, is a condition that results in the contraction of skeletal muscle causing the individual to experience pain, tightness and to generally seize up.

The condition is actually caused by a neurotoxin produced by a gram positive, obligate anaerobic bacterium called ‘Clostridium retain’. Infections can now be prevented using immunization which is highly effective, or by the administering of ‘post-exposure prophylaxis’ after the individual has received the wound.

This normally presents with a descending pattern (starting at the top of the body and moving downward) where the first sign is Erasmus, or lock jaw, and a facial spasm known as rises sardonic us. Other symptoms can also include hotter temperature with sweating, high blood pressure and irregular heart beat.

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This normally lasts for a few weeks before subsiding and is a milder, less threatening form of tetanus with only about 1% of cases being fatal. It is important for the patient to be treated however in order to prevent the condition developing into generalized tetanus.

Should this result in a biting of the jaw, rather than the usual gag reflect, this can be a sign of tetanus and is around 94% effective. Often though if an individual has received a bite from an animal, or is concerned about a wound, and they have not had recent vaccination, then they will be administered one as a precaution.

In fact the CDC recommends that adults receive a booster vaccination every ten years. Unlike a vast number of infectious diseases the body cannot produce an immune response to tetanus after infection, and even a lethal dose of the neurotoxin will not due to the severe potency of the toxin.

If you receive a bite then you should immediately wash the wound, and should then visit a doctor where you will be administered the booster vaccination if necessary. If the condition progresses then these quantities will increase and you would be given magnesium as an intravenous infusion to combat the muscle spasm and may have to have a tracheotomy and mechanical ventilation to prevent suffocation (lasting three to four weeks).

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