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How Do I Prank Someone In Bitlife

Ava Flores
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
• 7 min read

We're going to need to work as a clown, prank someone for many years, and call someone a fool. Age up your character and either just graduate High School or drop out when it's a possible option.



Once you have the job, be sure to use the Work Harder option each year to keep your performance up. You can only prank people you aren't related to, so make sure you have at least a couple of friends growing up.

Make sure to keep your character healthy by going to the gym and exercising, because you'll need to live at least until 64 to do it 50 times. Billie is arguably one of the most popular simulation video games right now.

Developed and published by CandryWriter LLC, Billie is a game that allows players to live a life they actually want to be. This means that there will be times when you will want to make enemies to complete challenges in Billie.

After tapping on that option, pick the enemy status to change your relationship with the person. You should be very careful while doing any of these in Billie because they could attack you back and kill you if you don’t watch out.

Candy writer has sprinkled a bit of Holiday cheer into Billie with a brand-new update that introduces and expands a bunch of the smash hit text-based life simulator’s features. Candy writer has expanded the friendship system to allow you to befriend classmates, teachers, workers, supervisors, and more.

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With friends come enemies, and Billie has finally caught up to that fact. Billie continues to expand into new territories, with a bunch of new countries making it into the game.

Austria Bahamas DR Congo Costa Rica Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Mongolia Nepal Ukraine Vietnam Here we’ll round up, in bullet point form, everything else that’s new.

New childhood scenarios: Basically, new stuff will happen to you when you’re a kid Saving multiple lives is easier Burglary and prison riot mini-games now feature swipe controls Holiday surprises Bug fixes and stuff This means that there will be times you want to skew towards the evil side of life a bit more.

Once you’ve befriended someone, you will need to head to the Relationships menu, and then select the newly acquired friend. Tap on that and pick the enemy status to change your relationship with the person.

There’s not a lot of reason to make enemies in the game right now, but it’s a fun way to go if you are trying some different play styles. That means making good and bad decisions alike, usually if you’re trying to get one of the game’s many ribbons for different types of lives led.

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In the God Mode update, Candy writer promised that players will have a chance to take part in multiple challenges as they stay at home and follow those all-too-necessary social distancing requirements caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The challenge’s description states that you need to work as a clown for a few years in order to fulfill that first requirement.

By this, we mean it’s important that you do everything you could to stay alive until the age of 63, or until whenever you reach the 50th straight year of pranking someone. It may seem inconsequential if you’re a longtime player who’s had several characters live well into old age, but there are myriad random scenarios that could make it hard for you to reach your 60s.

Challenges are worldwide goals done a few times each month with players around the globe. Note : This section might be outdated; as of September 7th, 2020, archived challenges no longer show up in the game.

Billie added the Archived Challenges Catalog on iOS on April 5, 2021, and is not available on Android yet. The Alphabet, Ghostbusters, Shamrock, Gold Digger, and Black Widow challenges are Archived.

Encounter a ghost Carve a scary jack-o-lantern Give a child some candy Go out in a costume ?? Create a blog on the Internet exposing her deepest secrets and embarrassing stories.

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Or go to websites that will gain plenty of visitors such as Myspace and make a fake profile about her so everyone can get all the juicy details about her. To heighten the embarrassment, post pictures of the person so the public can see.

Talk loudly so every guest can hear you reveal embarrassing details about her and watch her fuming at your drunken speech. If a guy likes to wear women's clothing and makeup, take snapshots of him and show it to all his friends and family or if a woman is known around town as a serial cheater, gather all of her lovers, so they will confront each other at the most unexpected time.

Although it is wrong to humiliate somebody, it can be sweet revenge when a double-crossing took place, whether from an ex- lover, friend, family member or a rival.

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