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How Do I Get Famous On Bitlife

James Lee
• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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Our Billie how to get famous guide will walk you through some tips & tricks on how to find that elusive fame your Citizen is looking to achieve! To become famous in Billie, you are going to need to maximize your looks and approach a low level job like Lounge Singer, Voice over Actor, Disc Jockey, Puppeteer, and even doing social media.

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The main factor in becoming famous will end up being your career, but you will want to start out with a character who is at least pretty high in the looks department. When the Mind & Body activities open up, start heading to the gym, going for walks, and even doing martial arts every year.

Keep being active and meditating, and if you have some extra money head to the Salon & Spa and get a manicure which will continue to increase your looks. You don't need to go into higher education, but there's been some rumor that going to Community College potentially helps open up some fame categories you are looking to get.

Look for a job that can get you famous, these include Disc Jockey, Singer, Puppeteer, and even anything to do with Porn. Some lower rank stuff will eventually promote you into higher positions.

This requires that you do a lot of using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason to this path, because you will just randomly go viral with different post types.

Once you reach the apex of whichever line of career you have decided to pursue you will get a new Fame bar. This shows a percentage just like the rest of your stats, and doing social media posts plus participating in Fame (new activities will show up under this tab) based activities will help grow the percentage.

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The three career paths that we highly recommend becoming famous in Billie are author, reporter, and movie star. If you want to be a famous movie star, then become a lead actor and keep working hard.

Becoming famous in Billie is an aim for many and a good way to work towards several of the Ribbons and achievements available in the game. There is more than one way to do it but in general you will need to focus on 2 things. Your career will be what you need to work on but to give yourself the most opportunities it is best to start out with a character who is high in the looks rating.

Early Years Preparation As an infant there is not much to do but do take opportunity to ask your parents for money to get the ball rolling with some savings for later activities. You should try to maintain a good level of health and happiness so spend time with family members, go to the movies and when you reach the stage that you can go to the gym do that and use the option to meditate as well.

Post a few times a year to start with and try to build. How well and how quickly your social media following grows is fairly random and you will need to wait until you are fairly famous before your followers start to jump up pretty high, so don't worry about it too much initially. Remember though that after you get at least a few thousand followers it is advisable to apply for verification.

These might include Voice actor, or DJ or another entertainment industry position. (A different path but equally viable is working in the porn industry).

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These jobs will need to be worked for a few years and will then hopefully provide the opportunities to get a better position. It is at this point that you will gain a fame Stat and can start performing new activities.

This shows a percentage just like the rest of your stats, and doing social media posts plus participating in Fame (new activities will show up under this tab) based activities will help grow the percentage. The fame stat can be maintained with your social media (try not to offend anyone) and by appearances on talk shows or commercials.

Billie has just dropped yet another update, Pop Star, allowing Citizens to become a renowned singer and musician. To become a popular singer in Billie, you need to take vocal lessons and develop your singing talents.

If you too are finding it hard to become a legendary singer in Billie, this guide will teach you the same in the simplest way possible. Apart from explaining the process of becoming a singer, we will also reveal how to increase your voice skill in the game.

When you scroll down, you will come across an option, letting you take vocal lessons and enhance your voice skill. Make sure to become a pro before you turning 18 because you would not need to pay a single penny to take lesson until you are 18.

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It should be noted that most of the record companies would not entertain you if you don’t have at least 90% voice sill, making it difficult to become a famous singer in Billie. In this guide, we’re going to detail exactly how you can achieve fame and fortune and unlock the awesome ribbon.

Either way, we recommend hitting the gym once per year as soon as you’re able to start increasing that Looks rating. You’ll also want to avoid having too many plastic surgery ops as the chances for them to fail increases each time you do so.

As soon as you’ve hit adulthood it’s time to get a job with the entertainment industry. The last step is to grow your fan base, and the easiest way to do that is to use the power of social media.

Then, when you start working, you can kick this into overdrive by posting a lot as a famous adult. Post a couple of times per year and you should see your user count soar as you grow older and more famous.

Billie : Life Simulator lets you simulate a life through text on your iOS or Android device, and one of the tougher achievements is to become a world- famous superstar, rule social media, and live a life in the public eye. Billie : Life Simulator challenges you to become rich, become famous, or just to become a criminal, or whatever else you want to do with your life, but one of the more nebulous and confusing points to the game is the social media feature.

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App Details Publisher Candy writer OS Android Size 92M Version 1.27.2 MOD Features Unlocked All, Unlimited Money Get it on Google Play And today, we introduce you to a game that simulates human life, from birth to death.

Study hard and find a good job: This is the most common and right way to make money for each person Pray for parents: Just like in real life, when you don’t have a job, your parents will support you, you can ask for money without feeling guilty because this is a simulation, it’s not real Play lottery: This is a way to get rich with luck, buy lottery tickets to get the chance to get rich “no effort” Play real estate: Buy cheap real estate, when you raise prices, you sell them to make a profit Marrying with rich people: This is also an easy way to make money, you will get a lot of money from people who marry you and make them more money. Reputation: You can give yourself an advantage in appearance or voice, acting to become famous.

Posted on May 4, 2019January 10, 2020 Author admin Categories Games Tags MOD, Simulator It's a tough world out there and getting recognized can take years or never happen at all.

Millions of talented young people spend years trying to make it big with little or nothing to show for it. They are “personalities,” “socialites” and “entertainers” who do nothing but embarrass themselves until we can't forget their names.

With that being said, we have studied the tactics many have taken to achieve their fame and compiled a list of the most successful ways. Early pregnancy could land you a spot on 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom,” and that's a sure fire way to get some camera time.


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