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How Do I Change My Name In Bitlife

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
• 8 min read

In this tutorial, we will show you how to legally change your name in Billie. From choosing your character to customizing it according to your liking, there are plenty of things to try out.

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Talking about plenty, you get to choose from a lot of career options, including the likes of a farmer, chef, dentist, an social media star, or well, even the President or Prime Minister of the country. Likewise, a recent update has welcomed a God Mode which makes the game all the more interesting.

In this guide, we will list out complete instructions to legally change your name in Billie. The game has some dangerous and illegal activities in which users get an urge to participate in.

Along the same lines, there’s also an option to change the name of your character, which will quickly help you evade the law. So if you wish to legally change your name in Billie, head over to the Activities section.

For example, you will see your newly chosen name at the top left section of character. The request also gets accepted pretty quickly, within the same (Billie) year in which you apply for the name change if done legally.

So with this, we conclude the guide on how to legally change your name in Billie. Just cross the age of 18 and make full use of the tips that we have mentioned above.

There’s an option to legally change your name to turn your character into somebody else, offering you a bit more help in preventing the law. The amount you pay to change your name legally will differ depending on where you live at the time.

Altering your name does not change excessive nightlife The name at the top left area for your character does end up being your new option, and everybody will refer to you as that official name moving forward When you have actually reached the age of 18, you can do this. Sometimes when you run into trouble in Billie, you may want to feel the urge to start over and begin a new life.

There’s an option to legally change your name to turn your character into someone else, providing you a bit more assistance in avoiding the law. To legally change your name you can find this option underneath the activities tab.

The amount you pay to change your name legally will vary depending on where you live at the time. The name at the top left section for your character does become your new option, and everyone will refer to you as that formal name moving forward.

It is a feature in Billie that let you edit anyone's name, looks, and stats in the game and be able to change this as many times as you want, excluding skin color. However, you cannot change your birthday, conception method, sibling(s), or pet color.

Bit life is a simulation game in which you have all the power to take decision of your life. 18 years old is a very important milestone in the life of every human beings.

Every single decision at that stage directly influences our life. That’s the time when we had finished our high school and some students try to sign up in university whether some try to get a job and experience life.

A boy or girl from poor family can live a healthier life if he/she take right decision in this age. Some people waste their hard-earned money in casinos where some invest it in stock market or try to start a startup for their better future.

In Bit life Mod APK you have the power to marry any girl which appears next to you. It also gives you time machine by which you can correct your mistake by going back into the life and if you like a girl in the past but you haven’t courage at that time to purpose him then just go back and purpose him.

First download APKs from with any of your browser but I would personally suggest Chrome. (Remember that Dreams will always provide you legit and safe mod APKs).

To enable it Navigate to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources. Now you have Successfully Installed the Desire Mod APK on Your Android Smartphone.

There have been bugs that I can get rid of by uninstalling and re-installing the app, but then it removes all of my progress, even when it has been saved to Google Playmates. DEFINITELY add clothes to the shopping list so it can help boost or improve the looks.

Conclusion Guys I hope you would like our Bit life Mod APK please share this with your friends by which they also give it a try and if you have any doubts left related to this topic then just comment down your doubts below. It is also likely that developers will soon put the name change option behind a paywall as the game starts to gain more popularity, so it is best that you make the most of it while you still can.

Users are required to spend in-game currency in the form of Riot Points every time they wish to change their display names. Step 1: To change your name in Valorant, you need to close the game client, and log in to Riot’s website at this link.

Step 2: After logging in, head to the Riot ID tab and click on the pen icon, which is right next to your Valorant display name. You should note that the system won’t allow you to change your display name constantly, so make sure you choose it wisely.

The hashtag in question can either be a bunch of letters or a set of numbers, similar to the clan tags that you have in League of Legends. Although it does mention drugs a little, and sexual themes, but none of this are actually ally shown in picture.

I thought and my son did to that this was a really fun game for most kids who are mature. Report this review 0 Written by Anonymous February 20, 2021 Be careful about this, but don’t say “no” Billie is a text based life simulator that uses realism to live another life.

You can set parental controls on the game and it is simple to turn off violence. I would say that this game is for kids ten to eleven years and up depending on how mature your child is.

There are choices a character to make including one-night stands(for adult players, you give it an age and it sets what to show) and there are choices to drink and smoke. This game is fun and addictive but there are time limits that can be set.

Overall, this game is great, but other reviewers say that there are too many bad decisions that can be made. However, depending on your age (16 and up People are given the option of premarital sex and one-night stands.

Report this review 8446481 Written by Next_Tremity July 6, 2021 Adult is Recommended All kids and teens wouldn’t play Billie. This game contains inappropriate for all kids and teens due to its life simulator.

Report this review 8683328 Written by Snarkier June 15, 2019, Too inappropriate for many reasons for younger than older teens. I'm a super liberal person, an activist for LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups and have no problem with any of the social aspects of this game but as far as theft, murder, drug use, etc, I am not good with my 10-year-old playing it.

Report this review 8893613 Written by laser.Chloe September 5, 2021 Stop overreacting I let my child start playing this at the age of 10, sure it has sex references, language and stuff but if you know that they’re responsible and won’t say the swear words and say no to the sex things, they’ll probably be ok. Report this review 8878844 Written by Momof2USA July 27, 2021 So glad I checked in on this.

I can see how a teen would find this stuff scandalous or play this for shock value, but it's way over my son's age level. I'm not even clear on how this game is played, it is text based and reads like Irving Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk had a love child and their love child wrote a life story about someone.

Unless there's nothing to prevent kids his age, but it's also targeted to him which is weird because he heard of it was in another game's ads. Report this review 8860079 Written by Libliz813 June 13, 2021 Not appropriate for kids Many of these reviews mention the sexual situations your character can be in, but they don't mention that you can add your own things to it like lingerie photo shoots and sexting.

This is not how kids should learn about nature topics and adults are clearly using this to live vicariously through a character. Report this review 8750087 Written by ShaderSlashBoy October 18, 2019, Excellent I love this game and so dome kids (12, 13, and 11 yr old) I told them that if any crap shows up that's inappropriate.

Report this review 8745735 Written by John. Thompson October 11, 2019, Perfect for age 8+ This game isn’t as bad as it sounds! My son wanted this game, so I looked at the ratings and decided no.

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