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How Did Trump Meet Melania

David Lawrence
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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It’s safe to say that Melania probably wasn’t expecting to become First Lady one day, but she has stuck by her husband’s side through his presidency. The couple had 350 guests to Donald Trump ’s Mar-A-Lago Resort, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, plus plenty of other celebrities, such as Billy Joel and Barbara Walters.

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Donald had proposed to Melania with a $1.5 million ring back in 2004, and they spared no expense at their wedding. The two tied the knot in January, and Melania wore a $100,000 Christian Dior dress fitted with 1,500 crystals.

Donald was originally meeting someone else, but when Melania caught his eye, he couldn’t stop staring. Even today, as First Lady, Melania remains soft-spoken compared to prior women who have been in her shoes.

When Melania visited children at a school in North Carolina a while back, she said that she would support her husband if he decided to run for a second term. Melania has recently come under fire for not speaking out against her husband’s attacks on members of Congress suggesting they “go back” to their home countries.

She has been one of the quietest First Ladies the country has seen and almost has an air of mystery about her, which is very contrary to Donald. Trump, a businessman turned president, and Melania, a former model that is now first lady, have stuck by each other’s sides as they forged a path into the White House.

This high-profile couple has turned heads with supporters and critics alike, but the two remain together, after meeting for the first time at a party in 1998. According to the news outlet, Trump went ahead and asked Melania for her number, but she declined to give it to the soon-to-be president.

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The couple soon began a serious relationship with a few reported breakups along the way, but Trump did propose to Melania in 2004 with an estimated $1.5 million ring. A 52-year-old Donald Trump had been separated from his second wife, Marla Maples, for about year.

Simultaneously, the real estate mogul was rumored to have been dating Celina Mideast, a Norwegian business heiress in her mid-20s who had been renting an apartment in Trump Tower while studying at NYU. In September of that year, Trump attended a New York Fashion Week party at Manhattan's Kit Kat Club, near Times Square.

Inside the venue, whether or not he had been dating another woman mattered none, particularly when he saw Melania Klaus. She would later tell Greta Van Sustain that she had been invited to the Kit Kat Club by the organizer of the party.

Zamboni had “discovered” Klaus, the New York Times reports, and even secured a visa for her to enter the United States. Richard Cookery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images Trump would then impress her by giving up the numbers to his various properties.

For the couple's first date, Trump took Melania out for dinner and then to Roomba, a hot spot for A-list celebrities which, according to the New York Times, didn't book reservations past 7:30 PM, unless it was for famous people. A month after the initial meeting at the Kit Kat Club, Trump flew Melania out with him on his private jet for a weekend in Palm Beach, the New York Post reports.

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She was just about out of money, at the end of her rope and about to move back to Eastern Europe. More than a decade after that, she became first lady of the United States and, after months of delay, moved into the White House.

Evan Agostini /Getty Images Trump proposed to Klaus in 2004 with a 15-carat ring valued at $1.5 million dollars, which he got at half price, according to The New York Times. Bryan Bedder/Getty Images The two tied the knot in Palm Beach, Florida, on January 22, 2005, and hosted the reception at Donald's Mar-A-Lago estate.

Melania reportedly wore a $100,000 couture gown designed by John Gallant for Christian Dior, according to The Kansas City Star. Several celebrities were in attendance among the 500 guests, including the Clinton's and Barbara Walters, as well as Billy Joel and Tony Bennett, who both sang at the reception.

They discussed everything from their first meeting to their relationship dynamic, and Melania noted that she and Donald were a great match right from the start. Christopher Gregory/Getty Images After years of teasing about running for president, Donald officially announced his candidacy at Trump Tower in New York City on June 16, 2015.

Alex Wong /Getty Images One day before the presidential election in 2016, the future first lady made her first solo speech at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. Mark Wilson /Getty Images Once President Trump was officially inaugurated, he moved from New York to the White House in Washington, DC.

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AP Images In 2018, reports of an affair and pay off between President Trump and adult-film star Stormy Daniels broke. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images When the president and first lady exited Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, Melania appeared to brush her husband away as he attempted to take her hand twice on their way down the stairs.

CARLOS Barrio/Reuters In the midst of the 2020 election campaign trail, the president and the first lady both tested positive for COVID-19. Tonight, on ABC News’ 20/20, Melania Trump will open up about her marriage to Donald Trump and her husband’s alleged infidelity in an exclusive interview.

Mounting curiosity about the episode has led people to ask just how Donald and Melania Trump met. GettyPresident Donald Trump and Melania Trump arrive in Las Vegas.

Melania studied architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. It was just two years after moving that she met Donald Trump at a New York Fashion Week party hosted by Italian entrepreneur and founder of ID models management, Paolo Apollo.

He has an amazing sense of vitality.” Their first date happened at Roomba, a hip restaurant in New York. According to a wedding profile by People, the nuptials were attended by celebrities like Katie Co uric and Matt Later, Rudy Giuliani, Barbara Walters, Aegis Phil bin, and Kelly IPA.

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Melania wore a dress designed by the House of Christian Dior. In March 2006, Donald and Melania gave birth to their son, Barron Trump.

Asked if she hopes to spend another six years in the White House, she said, “I’m enjoying it. But being the nation's most-watched couple has not been easy for the Trumps; their union had been criticized because of their 24-year age gap and Donald's track record of divorce and alleged sex scandals.

Donald and Melania's love story began in New York, where the billionaire businessman met the Slovenian model in a nightclub (via Vanity Fair). Although Donald is known for his gregarious nature and Melania is considered shy, the pair shared an undeniable chemistry from the start (via ABC News).

The compound is replete with 24-karat gold moldings, custom-made crystal chandeliers, and marble floors covering 11,000 square feet. Their guest list included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Billy Joel (who performed), Anna Win tour, Heidi Klum, Derek Peter, and Shaquille O'Neal (via Today).

He also explained that Donald has a habit of locking his wife out at night, so he can indulge in cheeseburgers while watching television (via MSN). Former housekeepers for the couple confirmed this separation to journalist Mary Jordan for her book, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump.

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“I never saw them like a normal family, sitting together at a table, eating together, talking,” one former employee told Jordan. In an interview with shock jock Howard Stern in 2004, Donald complimented Melania's skills in the bedroom.

In an interview with Stern, which took place in 1999 before they were married, Melania actually revealed that she and her husband were frequently intimate. These interviews happened before Donald was elected president, and Melania didn't seem to mind the explicit nature of the conversations.

After he married Melania Trump, Donald Trump said he planned on having children with his new bride on an episode of Larry King Live. Once he was born, Donald changed his mind about the fatherly duties, telling People, “I love to feed the baby.

Once Donald was sworn into office, Barron had a motorcade accompany him to school in Manhattan (via TMZ). To help him to complete his school year, Melania stayed in New York with Barron for six months, and they moved to the White House over the summer (via People).

On an episode of Larry King Live, Melania Trump said, “To marry a man like Donald, you need to know who you are and you need to be very strong and smart.” In an interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump spoke on the importance of having Melania sign a prenuptial agreement.

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Their relationship made headlines when the New York Post released a cover with the alleged Maples quote that described Donald having prowess in bed (via the Daily Beast). Donald ultimately married Maples in 1993 and had his fourth child, Tiffany Trump, with her two months later.

To that end, after their divorce, Ivana was awarded $25 million and their Greenwich mansion (via Business Insider). Donald Trump has a reputation for being a Lothario, and during his presidential run, many women came forward with allegations that he acted inappropriately towards them (via ABC News).

Another bombshell accusation came when the press revealed that adult film star Stormy Daniels was paid hush money by Donald's lawyer to keep a 2006 tryst with the president a secret (via CNBC). In a recording released by her friend and advisor Stephanie Winston Wolff (via Business Insider), she referred to Daniels as a sex worker, in not-so-friendly terms.

There have been multiple instances where Donald Trump reaches for his wife's hand in public, only to be swatted away by Melania Trump. To better illustrate the lack of PDA, The Lincoln Project posted a Twitter compilation of all the times Donald was denied his wife's hand.

This moment generated quite a buzz in the media, with many people taking Melania's action to mean that she's in an unhappy marriage. In her book Free, Melania, author Kate Bennett claims that the couple no longer says “I love you” to one another (via It).

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During the uncomfortable dance, Donald and Melania avoided eye contact and kept a noticeable distance from one another. And the very next day, protesters held signs at the Women's March that had “Free Melania scrawled on them (via Vanity Fair).

In 2019, CNN's Kate Bennett even released a book titled Free Melania, in which she paints the portrait of a jaded First Lady. In the tell-all, she claims that after the Stormy Daniels scandal, Melania purposely arrived separately to the State of the Union address, refused to go with Donald on an overseas trip, or hold his hand after a flight (via The Guardian).

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