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How Did Donald Trump Jr Do On The View Today

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
• 7 min read

His brother, Eric, also spoke, and similarly prophesied that Mr Trump's influence on the political right would continue past his time in the White House. Both speeches appeared to focus on the continuation of Mr Trump ’s influence in politics beyond the White House and the presidency.

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Later in the day, as Congress debated Republican objections to the electoral votes and pro- Trump protesters broke through police lines and tried to storm the Capitol itself, Trump Jr. Raphael Warlock stunned the GOP with two apparent upsets in Georgia's Senate runoffs, defeating multimillionaire incumbents David Purdue and Kelly Offer.

'S remarks appear aimed at a faction of conservatives who have over the last two months resisted the president's doomed efforts to sow doubt in the public about the Democratic process and rewrite the results of the election he lost. “The president's addiction to every conspiracy theory has pushed out the middle independents, and disenfranchised soft Republicans.

“Turns out if the leader of a party spends two months actively delegitimizing elections and saying voting doesn't matter, voters listen,” the operative said, adding: “There was one decisive factor in Georgia and anyone who says otherwise is probably sharing substances with Lin Wood.” Wood, a Georgia attorney and Trump ally, has in recent weeks pumped up the Trump base with bizarre QAnon conspiracy theories, arguing that Vice President Mike Pence's resistance to throwing out Electoral College votes was equivalent to treason, and suggesting that Pence should be executed.

Wood told Salon in a recent phone call that he had heard rumors about Pence having sex with children, a libelous and scurrilous claim that has evident roots in QAnon lore. As the Georgia runoffs approached, Trump chose instead to throw his energy into pushing false claims that the state's election system was rigged and attacking its Republican leaders, a narrative that fit his misguided attempts to overturn his own historic defeat in the Peach State.

“Initially he was charged with rape, and then he pled guilty to having sex with a minor,” she said. In that episode, she also suggested that the attitude toward teenagers having sex was different years ago, even if she did not agree with how it used to be.

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In a deal with prosecutors, Polanski pleaded guilty in the ’70s to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor after being charged with drugging and raping a teenage girl. The audience was reportedly vocal throughout the interview, which saw the panel grill Don Jr.

On the impeachment investigation against his dad, his feelings about Joe and Hunter Biden, his own social media behavior and his thoughts on the 2020 presidential election. In addition to the regular boos, there were cheers and clapping in support of Don Jr.

See guys, we can do it right, but the fact that you are all here on this rather cold January day tells me all I need to know. It should be a message to all the Republicans who have not been willing to actually fight, the people who did nothing to stop the steal.

All you have got a do is look to Georgia where you had Republicans saying well, well, I don't like the way the game is played so let's take our ball and go home. That was music to Nancy Pelosi's ears, and that is what so many in the Republican establishment have created, that sort of mentality.

Because if you just roll over, if you don't fight in the face of glaring irregularities, statistical impossibilities. I'm going to be in your backyard in a couple of months, guys like Scott here.

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Look at, wow, I can't go through the whole list because I don't have 45 minutes to go through all the patriots that have been fighting, that have been on the ground, that have mobilized to put good Republicans in those positions. Guess what, folks, if you are going to be the zero and not the hero, we're coming for you and we'll have a good time doing it.

One of the great fighters out there to my family and father but most importantly to all of you red-blooded patriotic Americans. Who, as previously reported, closed the opening prayer for the 117th Congress by saying, “Amen and Woman.” He also mocked the results of a taxpayer-funded study on transgender athletes which showed that biological males who consider themselves transgender females have an advantage over biological females.

I know, but that shows you literally the mentality of where the Democrat Party is, right? They spent money on a study that came to the incredible conclusion yesterday that trans women playing in female sports have a competitive advantage.

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To a “dictator” for tweeting out the alleged name of the whistleblower in the Ukraine scandal. “The whole point of releasing a name is to intimidate someone, to threaten someone, and to scare other people from coming out,” she said.

Defended his actions by arguing that the name had already been published on sites like the Drudge Report and expressed no regret for doing what could amount to a federal crime. He went on to whine that he wishes the “outrage” was equal when his family has been targeted by critics.

Asked if, as a lawyer, she advised him not to do it, Guilfoyle revealed that she was in the bathroom at the time. Soon, all seven people on stage were talking over each other and Goldberg was forced to ring a bell to get them all to shut up.

Suggested that Gordon Woodland, Trump ’s ambassador to the European Union, lied to Congress because he’s “afraid of being attacked like so many of us have by a vicious left that’s running a one-sided campaign,” loud boos could be heard coming from the audience. Meghan McCain, who did not utter one word during the first segment, made her presence known after the break.

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Seemingly on the verge of tears, she described the various ways the Trump family has damaged “the soul of this country” before asking, “Does all of this make you feel good?” She did not seem satisfied by his answer about “unprecedented” low unemployment numbers for African Americans.

Ultimately, it was left to Goldberg to prevent the couple from trying to rewrite history live on the air. “Part of being president is having a pair that can take whatever heat comes towards you,” she told them.

“And no sitting president has taken the heat that President Trump has taken.” In the next moment, he attacked Joy Bear for supposedly wearing blackface and Goldberg for defending Roman Polanski.

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