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How Can You Join The Bitlife Team

Ava Flores
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 7 min read

You will now want to make sure to go to University and find a major that will lead you to becoming an App Developer. This is Computer Science or any other scientific major that sounds tech based.



Computer Science is a guarantee, so if you want to be sure you get a chance to work at Billie, then close out of your app fully if you don't see it as a selected major. As long as you are in Miami, you should end up finding a job with Billie.

Maintain that relationship and age up a couple of years to compile some money. You should now be able to buy a Diamond Ring over 1 carat so that toucan propose to your significant other.

If you haven't gotten your 1,000+ views with a Billie video yet, then toucan consider purchasing subscribers. Joining the BitLifeteam in the Billie game app is pretty easy.

Tap the main menu button on the upper-left side start a new life choose the country and place; Miami, USA. The next step to join the BitLifeteam is to enroll in the Computer Science program at the university.

The Billie app is published by Candy writer, a mobile game studio in Miami, USA. So these are the three simple steps that you need to take to join the BitLifeteam in the Billie groupie challenge.

The team has a tiny Easter egg where if you earn the correct skills, any of the characters you roll in the game can work for the BitLifeteam. To meet the qualifications for a position to work at Billie, you need to enroll in computer science at the university level.

Toucan do this shortly after college and choose to pay for it all with cash, take on student loans, or try your luck with scholarships. The BitLifeteam won’t always be the ones offering the job, so don’t immediately accept the first Jr. App Developer role.

With the computer science degree, you should be able for the team to accept you to join them. Make sure to work hard every year and move up the Billie career chain.

Billie ‘s Bit League sports update has added the new professional athlete career choice! Players can now train and become professional athletes and be paid to play the sports they love.

However, much like real life, the path to becoming a professional athlete is a long and arduous road, so you ’ll need to be prepared. Most of the professional sports teams in the Billie League are based in the US, so for the easiest time just start in the US.

To become a professional athlete, you need to start conditioning your body early on in your life. Age up until you hit 8 years old, at which point toucan start taking martial arts classes and go for walks.

Choose one martial art and then repeatedly take the classes over and over again until you stop moving up in belt colors. Go for a walk and make sure you set it to the fastest pace for the longest time.

Do all of these activities once every year for the best chance at giving your character a high athleticism stat, which is hidden until you try out for a team. When the game prompts you to join a club/ team, it’ll finally reveal your athleticism stat.

Try to join a team as soon as you start your first year in high school, as this will give you the most time to grow. Make sure to keep working on your body and also go into your Education menu and go to your activities to find your sport.

You will be promoted to team captain if your performance is high, which looks wonderful on your professional athlete resume. The higher team position you were in by the time you graduate from college, the better your chance of getting drafted.

When you finally make the team, you will unlock the fame section of your stats as if you became famous through any other means. This means you ’ll need to go on walks, hit the gym, go on a diet, and all that healthy good stuff.

If you ’re not performing well you risk getting kicked off the team, and you definitely don’t want to happen considering how tough it is to even make it this far. Bit life recently got a Mafia update, and players can now live a life of crime ever since.

To join the Mob in Bit life, you first need to be at least eighteen years old and have a reputation and a history of committing crimes. You will also need to commit several successful crimes like bank robberies to increase your chances of joining the mob.

As a side note, toucan start committing small-time crimes like pick pocketing when you reach the age of eight. Once you turn eighteen, toucan start committing more severe crimes like bank robberies; start committing them, and when you have a few robberies and other crimes under your belt, toucan then consider your future mob family options.

A professional athlete’s life takes a lot of hard work, and Billie requires quite a bit of dedication for you to earn your time in the spotlight. To become a professional athlete, you want to focus on increasing your character’s look and health as early as possible before they reach college.

When they become 18, toucan choose to change their diet to assist with this, but making sure they hit the gym and go on walks often is an excellent way to keep the health stat high. Once you graduate, you gain the option to apply for the open draft, and based on your skill, a team will randomly pick you.

From there, it’s all about practicing, watching your skill at the position you choose in your sport, potentially being traded to other teams, and working at the professional level. During sports activities toucan train harder to give yourself a chance to become a team captain.

Whatever your stats and interests there will be a group, from arty to brainy, goths, hipsters, jocks, nerds etc. All the usual student stereotypes are covered. Joining the right group can help your happiness and popularity although being rejected if you don't quite qualify can mean you take a tit to these stats.

It is a good idea to ask to join the group first although toucan also just start hanging out with them and try to impress them to get your foot in the door. This new update will give you a lot of new options to explore and make the school years more of a challenge to get through.

In our Billie Version 1.23 Guide, we detail all the changes included in our favorite text-based life simulator’s latest update. This update is all themed around school life, which is apt timing given that many of us have actually just returned to one of the world’s worst institutions.

Toucan now interact with your classmates and teachers, participate in extracurricular activities like joining a sport team or a band, join a clique, getting involved in frats and sororities, and go to grade school. As toucan probably tell at this point, the update includes a lot of new content to dig into.

Now, provided you ’re studying at school, you ’ll encounter a bunch of new means of interacting with your classmates and teachers in Billie. Judging from chatter on Twitter, these new interactions include fighting off bullying, having relationships or flings with your classmates or teachers, and receiving detention and other punishments for behaving badly.

If you have passions and want to develop your abilities, toucan participate in sports, join a band, and many more. These include all the clichés from sports types to nerds and band geeks.

That should help make the school system more familiar to you no matter the country you live in. Here we’ll round up the remaining changes and features that were included in this update that aren’t quite big enough to get their own section.

Question Posted by Guest on Apr 29th 2020Last Modified: Nov 8th 2020 Depending on your athletics you will be approved or denied.

A new Billie Challenge asks you to be a groupie and the journey involves a lot of things that you must do correctly. Here, we will give you all the tips and tricks you need to complete the Groupie Challenge easily.

Let’s take a look at all the essential requirements for completing this Billie Groupie Challenge: You need to be from Miami, Florida because that is where the Billie company Candy writer Studios HQ is located.

Next, you have to study hard and graduate school with flying colors. As far as career goes, you have to join a tech related University course such as Computer Science.

Toucan either restart the app or increase your age to see if this job opportunity shows up. For that, visit the Job Menu > Jr. App Dev > Coworkers.

Initiate conversations with them and boost your relationship to a high level. While you are here, check out our other mobile game guides on Gamer Tweak.

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