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Guide For Bitlife

Ellen Grant
• Friday, 03 December, 2021
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It will be the same layout, you'll just need to follow the steps based on the one you've received. Arrow: Designates the direction you should be traveling at that point of the line.

bitlife game guide smart play touch


Video The first layout we're looking at requires a bit of looping back on your path, but isn't too hard. This one isn't too difficult, you just need to do one quick double back, and then a longer one as you get deeper into the map.

Make sure you do every one of the small backtracks listed on the map, or you won't get the cop into the right place. Video Tight quarters in this 5×5, and you'll need to do a fair amount of going back and forth to complete this one.

All you need to do is get the police officer into the little U shaped walls, and once you've done that you can breeze on through to the exit. Pretty standard one, you'll have to do some trekking across the jail a couple of times to get the cop where you want him.

Video You'll have to do kind of a big loop and then come back again to keep the officer off of you and to get to the exit. Another one where you're doing quite a bit of backtracking, especially in the bottom right corner where you'll need to go back and forth to get the cop in the right place.

Video The smallest current layout, has you doing a bit of back and forth to escape. The Billie game completely depends on the Age button at the bottom of the screen.

bitlife guide crime escape jail simulator game play character tap side

Old age complications are the most common way to die in the Billie game. This death can happen at any time after you pass the 70 years mark in your life in Billie.

The newborn baby can surrender his life in Billie, but it is not practical in the real world. Some diseases are easily curable by visiting a proper doctor.

Even if you had a curable disease, but you did not bother to visit a doctor and get treatments, you will end up dying at a younger age. If the Character lives in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other country in which terrorism is a common thing, it has a random chance of dying by a terrorist attack.

But more significantly, you should pay your attention to the Health and Happiness levels of your Character in Billie. Improving your health is a key factor if you want to live a longer life in Billie.

If you have a sudden illness, you should need a doctor as soon as possible to get proper treatments. Frequent medical checks are good to have to improve your health.

bitlife prison jail guide maximum security medium escape updated complete murder crimes commit sent caught prisons minimum fairly

Regular visits to the gym are a must if you want to live a longer life in Billie. Proper and regular exercises in the gym will improve your health.

Having too much alcohol and drugs will drastically reduce your health levels. You must maintain maximum health levels if you want to live a longer life for more than 100 years in Billie.

If you are a sick and weak person, you won’t live a longer life. You need to maintain the maximum Happiness levels of your Character if you need to live a longer life in Billie.

To improve happiness, your Character can spend time with his family and loved ones. Spending time with our family is an important thing as it increases our happiness.

Reading books, visiting the library, and meditation will not only improve your smartness. Having a maximum level in your Happiness score is very important if you are planning to live a long life in Billie.

bitlife custom scenario idea comments

Above mentioned, higher levels of health and happiness would help you to live a longer life. But to live a longer life, you need to avoid mistakes, which can cause sudden accidents and deaths.

So if you are planning to have a longer life for your Billie Character, do not enroll in the military. In this Billie health guide tutorial, we will show you how to treat all the illnesses.

And since you are in charge of your player’s health, you have to make sure that he or she remains safe and healthy throughout. However, not all disease requires a visit to the doctor, some could easily be cured at home.

Illness such as a common cold or food poisoning is temporary in nature and in most cases is cured by itself within a few days. However, some diseases like laryngitis require a little of more precautions, and it is better you see a doctor within a second thought.

If both the doctors fail to cure you even after a year has passed, then you might have to look for some alternative ways. These include going to the gym and the library, and performing regular meditations.

bitlife worth bit characters app age

Similarly, spending quality time with your parents, spouse, children and loved one's might prove to be quite a healing touch for your character. Then there are issues related to alcohol or drugs, which could have been easily avoided in the first place.

But if your character has become addicted to it, then you shouldn’t waste any more time and directly take him to the rehab. In some cases, even if you don’t have any disease, your health and happiness might see a continuous drop.

Going to the gym, meditations, and spending some time with your loved one's might prove to be beneficial. Until you cross the age of 18, you could only visit the medical doctor, that too with your parents.

The alternative doctors don’t always cure you of disease but will help in increasing your health and happiness stats. Then there is also your school nurse who might treat simple and minor illness, but they might not always cure you.

With the Mind and Body update, the character might experience some symptoms. So this was all from this Billie Health Guide which outlined the tips to cure and treat all the illnesses.

bitlife simulator paying jobs gamezebo them business

Master all of its core concepts with these Billie cheats available with guides, tips, and tricks You will have to take care of plenty of things to live a good life; relationship with family members, nephews, happiness, health, smarts stat, looks stat, and more.

Also, we have shared a bunch of Billie cheats, tips & tricks that you may like. You start a random life and play as a girl/boy character.

You can also start a custom life and change gender, country, and city. After it, the character gets random stats at the time of birth.

You can check the stats at the bottom of the screen; happiness, health, smarts, and looks. If you want to be a successful person, you must start with the character having good stats(90+).

For example; If the character is not enough smart, he/she may not get approved in the schools, colleges, jobs. Also, you can start the relationship, have kids, go on vacation(head to activities tab in the game), buy assets(car, house, etc, ), pet animals and there are plenty of things to do.


Don’t date anyone Mooch Rowdy Thief Geriatric High roller Stupid Deadly Family Guy Cunning Cat Lady Addict Globetrotter Houdini If you are happy with the stats, progress with that virtual character or start another life.

spend time with the family members, girlfriend, brothers, sisters to boost the relationship. As you progress through the game, certain events may drop your happiness level.

Money helps you a lot in the worst circumstances; you can go on vacation(increases happiness), buy assets(increases net worth), pay the loan amount, tuition fee, and there are more instances. In the activities tab, you can buy the lottery tickets and win a massive jackpot that can help you in becoming a millionaire.

We have been playing Bit life for a while now and have won the lottery 5 times. If you are a Citizen, then you don’t need to watch the video ad.

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