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Games Like Bitlife For Pc

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
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It offers exciting gameplay without sound effects and graphics driven by the massive, endless power of your imagination. You can play either a male or a female to start your game in which your objective is to find true love, complete your quests, and earn enough points to gain a crown or lose your head.

bit game simulator play


With addictive gameplay and superb story, Choice of Romance is the best game to play and enjoy. Reigns is a Strategy, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed by Serial and published by Revolver Digital.

The player controls a King who can rule over the kingdom by accepting or rejecting the suggestion from the advisor. It allows the player to swipe right or left on a card depicting an advisor to reject or accept his suggestion.

If one of four metrics becomes too low or too high in that case, the king loses his kingdom, and the game continues with the player controlling his head. Work I the Great Underground Empire is a Text-based, Interactive Faction and Single-player video game developed by Info com and published by Activision.

In this game, the player aim is to enter the house and interact with the multiple objects in order to collect Twenty Treasure of Work and install them into the trophy case. Work I the Great Underground Empire offers a verity of puzzles such as explore the different maze and interact with the environment etc.

In this game, the ultimate task of the player is to create his clones, train them, learn new skills, and fight against monsters. Urban Dead is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing, Horror, Survival and Text-based Browser-based video game developed and published by Kevin Davis.

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The game takes place in the quarantined region of the fictional city of Milton it deals with the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. The survivor characters move twice as fast as low-level zombies and are able to employ multiple weapons and useable tools.

The Kingdom of Loathing is an Adventure, Turn-based, Role-playing, Single and Multiplayer video game created and published by Asymmetric Productions. The game feature more than forty different adventures such as trading, construct a building, defeating monsters and much more.

The Kingdom of Loathing includes core features such as craft weapons, multiple puzzles enjoyable background music, explore dungeons and much more. The game puts the player into the role of protagonist, who must struggle to rescue his people from slavery in Ancient Egypt.

It is a simple and easy to play the text-based game with optional graphics allows the player to interact with the environment and enjoy the puzzle. After completing the numbers of levels, it allows the player to manipulate the environment as the first-person perspective, explore the location, interact with the NPCs and solve series of puzzles to progress.

Moses: Old Testament Adventure #1 also includes prominent features such as complex puzzles to solve, superb storyline and fantastic game mechanics. It offers utterly text-based gameplay that allows the player to chat with Emily, build strong relations, and complete a series of tasks such as create a user profile and interface, etc.

bitlife ipa4fun become ipad iphone

The game offers an utterly real-time conversation experience and allows the player to choose different questions. Emily Is Away includes core features such as a real-time chat option, unlockable new levels, simple controls, and great mechanics.

Ultra Business Tycoon III is a Text-based and Single-player Browser video game developed and published by Serpentine. Ultra Business Tycoon III is an impressive text-based game that you can access anytime, anywhere around the world.

The game allows the player to match wits with the schemers of the court or play his suitors off each other to find his true love. The game allows the player to set up his nation by answering a short question about his intentions for its economic system, political freedoms, and civil rights, etc.

After the progress, the new nations appear in the five central game regions, which located in the Nation States, but the countries can move to other areas or build their own. The game tells the story of the protagonist’s online relationship with the females and his attempts to solve the puzzle surrounding the death of the various AI.

The game presented as if on a computer from the late 1980s running the Amie OS (operating system). Digital: A Love Story offers great mechanics, wonderful storyline, and dynamic background music.


The Forest of Doom offers key features such as fantastic new cover artwork, lots of achievements, upgrades and Atmospheric new visuals, etc. Billie is a Text-based Life Simulation created and published by Handwritten LLC for Android and iOS devices.

The ultimate objective of the game is to live a digit life without any struggles and difficulties, portrayed with both cartoon and humorous scenarios. The game has multiple options to choose from, such as a model citizen, a criminal, an adventurer and a fall in love, etc.

To enjoy the game, you need to download and install it into your mobile device, choose your age, select a story, and start your journey. The game mainly revolves around the mix of management and strategy elements and puts the player in control of a tribe.

The main goals of the player are to defend his village from brutal enemies, harvest useful resources, expand his town, upgrade his weapons and tools, and colonize further island to become the master. Using the fire and sword, the player can conquer the world in order to deal with Vikings for iron and other rare material.

Life is Hard includes core features such as Prove the Civilization, Expand the Village, Select the Path, and more. Kingdom: New Lands developed by NIO and published by Raw Fury is a Strategy, Side-scroll, Survival and Single-player Simulation.

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There are lots of challenging obstacles and enemies in your way that invade your arrival, block the way where from you come and hire deadly creature to defeat you. The game is full of puzzle things that you have to solve to interact with NPCs, find useful items and assists the people of your Kingdom to survive.

Kingdom: New Lands offers prominent features such as Attractive Soundtracks, Multiple Upgrades, Greedy Creatures, One Ruler, Bag of Coins and more. It takes place in the fictional Europe environment and puts the protagonist in the unforgivable world where he has to struggle, build shelter and progress through the game.

Kingdom: Classic is a Single-player, Pixel Graphics, 2D, Survival and Strategy video game offered by NIO and Raw Fury. Your ultimate task is to navigate the fictional world from side-scroll view, gather resources, build your defenses to protect your Kingdom and secure your border to fend off threats.

As the game proceed, it becomes tough, and you can face lots of difficulties like decay, poverty, vicious enemies and more. Explore the Randomly generated world, play as either a King or a Queen, enter the land and turn it into loyal subjects to make your kingdom beautiful.

Kingdom: Classic offers prominent features such as a variety of Levels, Smooth Gameplay, Strategy Element, Deadly Traps, City-Building and more. It focuses on 90s era RTS (Real Time Strategy) games like Warcraft and puts you in the role of the King who must create his village.


The ultimate task is to build a unit, and struggle to maintain the balance between the complexity and depth of the village simulation. It features godlike elements, through this you can’t only manage your village, but also can alter the terrain, destroy enemies, interact and pick up objects or creatures, speed up the growth of resources and more.

Dig or Die mixes the elements of Sandbox, Survival, 2D, Crafting, and Single-player Building created by the famous developer and publisher known as Paddy Games. After selecting the difficulty, you can take on the role of the protagonist and your ultimate task is to navigate the environment from side-scroll, fight against different creatures, and collect resources like wood, stone, minerals and more to create your village.

Dig or Die offers core features such as Building, Crafting, Base Construction, Procedurally Generated World, Intelligent Monsters, and more. Take on the role of the protagonist, and embark yourself on an epic adventure where you have to face off different difficulties, fight against enemies and survive as long as possible to earn rewards and points.

Epic Storyline, Mixable Sky Whales, Destructible Randomly Generated Environment, Smooth Gameplay, Attractive Sounds etc. Echo of the Wilds is a marvelous 2D, Sandbox, Crafting and Survival video game developed by Anthony Case and published by Chinaware.

Your ultimate task is to gather resources, craft different items, learn skills before the winter comes and cover the entire forest with ice. Interact with environment and navigate up to forty areas and discovers more than 2254 items including tools, resources, food, furniture and gear.

brawl simulator stars box pc

Manipulate the environment from side-scroll view, encounter enemies and defeat them using crafted tools to defend yourself and survive as long as possible to score the highest points and become the master. With cool features, stunning environment, brilliant gameplay, and tons of options including customization, Echo of the Wilds is the wonderful game for hardcore players.

The player has to manage the energy and health of the family members and decorate their shelter using different items and accessories. Sheltered includes prominent features such as Exploration, RPG mechanics, Customization, Turn-based Combat, Pets, Recruitment System, Dynamic Encounter, Crafting and more.

Forts is a perfect blend of RTS, Base Building, and Strategy elements, developed and published by Earthwork Games. The game mainly revolves around Artillery-based gameplay and introduces two new tech buildings which enable the soldier access to six destructible weapons and varied strategies.

There are tons of weapons available to compete with new AI (Artificial Intelligence) or other online players in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. It mixes the Physics-based RTS and builds custom bases elements to offers the exciting gameplay where the player develop his tech-tree, unlock modern weapons to destroy the weak points of opponents and more.

Deuterium Wars includes key features such as Brutal Battles, Real Death Machine, Become a Craftsman or a Trader, and more. Of Mice and Sand: Revised is the perfect blend of Pixel Graphics, Strategy, Base Building, and Retro-style elements developed and published by Arc System Works.


It takes place in an alien planet, where the player must struggle to turn his squeaking subordinates into the shipment and explore the dunes to find out treasures. Of Mice and Sand: Revised includes core features such as Sell Crafted items, Create Rooms, Command the Crew, Encounter Surprises, and more.

At the start, the character has a name, city, religion, country of stay, parent’s name, date of birth, star sign, and several siblings. During the gameplay, the four bars at the bottom of the screen will show your health, happiness, smartness, and personality factors.

A significant feature of the game is a relationship with NPC’s like parents, siblings, lovers, friends, relatives, and classmates.

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