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Games Like Bitlife For Iphone

Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Looking for text-based life simulator games similar to Billie to play on Android/ iPhone iOS? The app is based on the Inst life game, which got merged with Billie back in June 2019.



In the game, you start with a random male/female character and try to accomplish the achievements or all careers. Also, it has a lot of mini- games like mechanics such as an escape-prison game, collecting heirlooms, prison riot, Military Deployment Minefield, etc.

In today’s post, we have shared the list of best gameslikeBitLife for Android/ iPhone iOS. Like the Billie app, In Another Life, you will start as an infant and progress by tapping the age button.

Your character gets the random stats such as health, happiness, appearance, intelligence, charisma at the start of the life. Complete the graduation, look for the jobs, go for a date, start a relationship, become successful, and there are lots of things similar to Billie.

It features text-based life simulation game mechanics where you start as an infant and progress by tapping the age button. There are 17 challenges completing, for example; can you become the die-hard gamer, Too star, steal 50,000 by hacking, own 300 million dollars in real estate, etc.

Some other things similar to Billie are getting a driver license, emigrate to another country, finding love, playing the lottery, going shopping, etc. There are plenty of things to manage; finance, relationship, social life, education, jobs, etc.


You can easily personalize home designs and layouts by selecting from a diversity of furniture, decorations, and appearances and even themed collections. You can also share your Sim’s lifestyle by choosing from professional carriers such as Fashion designer, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, Architect, Musician, and more.

IMU is a gigantically used and widely loved avatar-based social experience with one of the most oversized 3D world and catalog to customize your entire look and meet thousands of people across. This gaming app brings classy features which help you to chat with friends and indulge in a virtual world with millions of others for free.

You can intuitively create an avatar doll of yourself to reveal your breathtaking designs and decorate your own room for the sake of real happiness. Movie Seaplane app lets you take care of your own boonies and pet, and you can also watch videos of your most likely shows and celebrities from the YouTube as well.

It helps you play fun games with other gamers worldwide and climb to the highest level of its high scorers. You can intuitively download MovieStarPlanet app for free to enjoy one of the coolest social networking and ultimate game for kids of all ages.

Animal Boyfriend is a marvelous product of Ambition Co., Ltd. which enables its worldwide user their own avatar to become a real human and enjoy things they really want to do in their own life. Club Cooke brings campfires, beach parties, exquisite gatherings, and cool beats altogether with tons of exciting features.

bit simulator

There are tons of enthusiastic members who enter the ultimately interactive 3D chat every day and make sure there is plenty of thrills, action, fun, and music at all times. Club Cooke brings the features of unlimited 3D chats, a huge community, fun in packed party rooms, designing your own clothes, meeting new people, navigating, exploring and dancing in a virtual 3D world, Challenges in quiz rooms, and lot more.

HBO app brings excellent personalization approach which helps you create your own space to show off to your buddies, family members, and finds. It carries over 3 million rooms with the player using a diversity of pixel and furniture items to build their dream spaces.

Lady Popular is a superb, fun yet challenging game that gathers millions of players from around the world to compete against each other and to express their unique fashion style for the real-time. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena app lets you designed the apartment of your desires with its exclusive items from its store and filled up with the most likely pets that you always wanted to have.

Lady Popular app lets you become the part of a club and make friendships with other cool girls that lasts forever. So just download Lady Popular: Fashion Arena gaming app in your mobile phone devices to join its exquisite community and make tons of friends while having fun with creating the lifestyle that you always desired.

Mollify is a widely loved app which lets you make exquisite avatars that you want to create by getting efforts from your own imaginations. Mollify: Make Your Own Portraits bought in the market by and is used by millions of people from all over the world who are enjoying the creation and refinement of multiple characters and personalize them in the way they want.

warhammer snotling fling idevice ro

Live Portrait Maker: Girls app bought in the market by Angela He Inc. which lets you enjoy building your own characters and then save them in your mobile devices for lateral access. This application allows you to build your own star by selecting the style from more than 73 facial features as well as a collection of almost 44 outfits for making portraits that fulfil all your expectations.

Live Portrait Maker: Girls app contains a collection of almost 12 dynamic, cool effects which brings the real pace and charm in what you’ve created. Live Portrait Maker: Girls is applicable in building all your desired looks whether you want to create, casual, sweet, disastrous, funky, jolly, sad, or devious and a lot more looks.

So just download Live Portrait Maker: Girls app to explore your inner talent and also sharpens your skills if you are professional. It lets you enjoy this platform to show off your outfits and get advice on the best styles, the newest trends, and clothes from friends.

This app lets you experience college drama, uncover hidden agendas, and fall in love again. This app carries several genres to choose from, make your decisions in visually engaging stories, get exciting options for dressing up, multiple episode choices, and you can customize your character in the way you want.

Desperate Housewives: The Game is a widely loved application bought in the market by Megahenry Inc. where all your favorite characters are ready to welcome you as a new resident of Wisteria Lane. This app enables its worldwide users to build unlimited friendships and reveal mysteries in these brand-new episodes.

scary nightmare ladybug puzzle

It lets you choose your desired paths as you keep on exploring the uncover secrets of Wisteria Lane by finding clues, unravel lies, and gather gossips. Some of its eligible singles include the handsome playboy, hot yoga guru, hunky cowboy, etc.

So just download Desperate Housewives: The Game app and start building your own reputation by tons of customizable options and exciting features. Star doll is an excellent platform which enables its worldwide users to enjoy the real fame, express their sense of fashion, and make new friends right from the palm of their hand.

Blue Mars is an excellent tool through which users from all over the world can easily create and customize your own stunning 3D avatar while on the move. This application allows you to shop thousands of fashion, accessories, and other items created by other users to outfit your avatar in the way you want.

It helps you have exciting battles weekly new additions to cool and cute games such as sheep fight, fun link, knife hit, and various others and never enjoy the same things over and over again. Ago friends making app lets you get online and high with gamers through the voice chat anywhere around the world.

This app allows you to race around, take important classes, working awesome jobs, enjoy your entire day, and do lot more over here. It allows you to enjoy its virtually endless selection of games anywhere, anytime over your PC, Mac, Mobile phones, Tablets, and other devices.

dungeon rpg hero

So just download Life Quest 2: Metropoville Full app to start a hilarious journey towards an engaging platform. Superstar Life lets you shop the most wanted clothing, stylize your star through exquisite dress, win fashion shows, and a lot more.

It brings an entire set of makeup, dressings, stylize and decide your character’s look, and do a lot more with your own avatar. You can precisely star with gorgeous dresses, purses, hairstyle, makeup, neckless, and the chicest celebrity in the entire world.

It enables its users to create their own star-signed fashion collection, design your own perfume and become a megastar with hordes of fans all around. So just download Hollywood Story app from the store and start playing games and meet new people to enjoy the ultimate lifestyle as you always desired.

Each of your cool activity including your dance off, every hipster prank, and every fight gets you closer to being the most popular and coolest person in your college. Ludo King™ is a widely used application introduced in the market by Smartronix Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have quality fun time through playing the royal game of kings.

Ludo King™ brings the features of real chat with friends and bodies, the auto move system (no concept of cheating), classy, colorful user interface, and make buddies from all across the world. It also allows you to share your game results with other friends over multiple social platforms and enjoy your celebrations on an up level.

diunduh terbanyak berbayar deretan gratis games app dan game grid penghargaan meski kart banyak raih selama paling jadi tak mario

Ludo Classic is a classy multiplayer game which can intuitively be played online as well as offline with your Facebook and other friends, and now bought the availability of Bluetooth option as well. Ludo Classic is a great strategy board game for almost 2 to 4 players and is being played in Pakistan, Nepal, Algeria, India, and various other Asian, European, and Latin countries, and is also called as Lanzhou, Parcheesi, and Parcheesi, etc.

Hereto is being loved and used by millions of people from all over the world which are using this ultimate tool for making marvelous 3D characters through tons of exciting stuff that it provides. Plato is one of the most reasonable places for having the fun of playing tons of exquisite games with millions of people from all over the world.

This app is built intuitively by the original creators of Yahoo Games which does not annoy with any ads, sign-ups, phone numbers, and emails. Hello Ludo lets you be friends of all your most likely folks which are playing the same Ludo app and say feel free to share their passion, thoughts, experience, or anything else they want in India.

This exquisite application enables you to be friends with tons of people in India and start endless chats right through their mobile devices. This application lets you marry the love of your life, pick up a good education, have your desired number of kids, and enjoy anything you want.

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