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For Weather Storm

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Typically, updated by 5 am/pm during or in advance of expected widespread hazardous weather conditions Listing of snow, ice, rain, wind, or temperature reports by county.

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The radar products are also available as NGC compliant services to use in your application. This site is organized into views that provide relevant radar products and weather information for a common task or goal.

This view combines radar station products into a single layer called a mosaic and storm based alerts. You may bookmark the URL to return later to the same view with the selected settings.

Ralph Northam to declare a state of emergency for the potential of heavy rain and gusty winds from coastal Virginia through Maryland’s Eastern Shore. While Isaiah’ path is still uncertain, it appears increasingly likely that Eastern Virginia could be impacted and must prepare for the possibility of flooding, high winds and potential storm surge, a news release from Northam’s office said.

The National Hurricane Center’s official forecast track as of Sunday morning had Isaiah making landfall as a strong tropical storm in the Carolina slate Monday, before racing northward over the Chesapeake Bay through New Jersey with sustained winds between 45 and 60 mph. Parts of the Top listening area could see rain totals of up to 6 inches, enough to pose a significant flash flood threat.

“Confidence for the heavy rainfall is the highest along and east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but the area may shift depending on the exact track of Isaiah,” the National Weather Service’s D.C. regional office said in its Sunday forecast discussion. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser asked residents Friday to prepare for the possibility of heavy rain and high winds.

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Increasing chances of rain are forecast for the D.C. area Monday, as Tropical Storm Isaiah continues moving up the east coast. Get breaking news and daily headlines delivered to your email inbox by signing up here.

Programs are 15 to 18 minutes Tornadoes; Thunderstorms; Hurricanes; Climate; Forecasting & Weather Instruments; Heat, Wind & Pressure; The Water Cycle & Clouds; Ozone & Pollution; Winter & Snow; Weather HD- Water Smart 4-part SERIES for grades 3-8. Each program is 15 minutes The full picture of water's existence, motion, changes, and value to Earth.

This $90 billion-dollar extremely powerful storm was a catastrophe for Puerto Rico in property damage, destruction, and deaths.HD- Hurricane Florence. The record-breaking powerful storm caused billions in losses to timber and crops, while taking several dozen lives.HD- Kilauea 2018: Hawaii's Most Active Volcano, 19 minutes, 3rd grade and up Hawaii; Leland; soft; volcano; erupt; fissure; magma; lava; fountain; Tehran; cinder; cone; caldera; chamber; fissure; ash; evacuate; danger; earthquake; volcanologist; geologist; vog; laze.

Kilauea's eruptions on a rift zone covered 14 square miles of land, created new land and destroyed hundreds of homes in 2018.HD 2020- Hurricane Hunters, 7 minutes, 3rd grade and up Hurricane hunter; c-130; p3-orion; gulf stream; NOAA; USAF; 53rd was; investigate; research; weather ; data; instrument; dropsonde; mission; national hurricane center; fly; storm ; tropical; fire. It tied for the second most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic as it destroyed life and the landscape of the northern Bahamas.HD 2020- Deepwater Horizon: Timeline of a Tragedy, 13 minutes, 3rd grade and up the Gulf of Mexico; oil; gas; rig; explosion; spill; leak; cleanup; disaster; emergency; fish; beach; sand; people; recover; burn; boom; skim; well; pipe; BP; lawsuit; settlement; environment.

In 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the largest in United States history. Weather balloons are launched around the world, twice a day, at the same time to gather and share data about the atmosphere.

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The data helps create better computer-model forecasts.HD 2020- Swim Water Quality, 7 minutes, 3rd grade and up Beach; lake; ocean; swim; water; quality; advisory; safety; algae; bacteria; algal bloom; toxic; flesh-eating bacteria; phosphorus; nitrogen; waste; runoff; dead zone; hypoxia. Water quality for swimming can be compromised by high levels of bacteria and harmful blooms of algae.

These can cause illness in people, along with harm to other creatures and plants.HD 2020- Saharan Dust, 7 minutes, 3rd grade and up Dust; sand; Sahara; plume; haze; air quality; air; wind; storm ; tropical; sunrise; sunset; NOAA; NASA; satellite; earth; Caribbean; Bahamas; Mexico; gulf; United States; Sal; Saharan air layer; asthma; breathe. Tremendous dust plumes from the Sahara desert can cross the Atlantic to reach the United States, with benefits and negative outcomes.HD 2020- Island Cloud Vortex, 4 minutes, 3rd grade and up Cloud; water; air; wake; vortex; vortices; eddy; mountain; swirl; space; ocean; sea; land; atmosphere; earth; planet; spin; hole; flow; shadow; stream; wind; satellite; on Kármán.

There are few tasks tougher than creating clothing that can function in (never mind beat) the temperamental weather of this fair isle. Our founder, Noel Bobby’s original cagoule did just that, and it’s the practicality and weather beating performance of the original that is instilled in all Peter Storm products to this very day.

For severe weather alerts on your iOS and Android device, Storm Shield App has you covered. Named one of the best in the nation, Storm Shield App is available for iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store, and Android on the Google Play Store.

A bolt of lightning heats the air along its path causing it to expand rapidly. The purpose of this experiment is to watch lightning and hear thunder to give you clues about how far away you are from a storm.

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After you see a flash of lightning, count the number of seconds until you hear the thunder. The lightning and thunder are happening at the same time, but light reaches you instantly, while sound takes longer.

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