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Securely store, print, and share your favorite photos from the AmazonPhotos app. Once you save your pics to AmazonPhotos you can safely delete them from your device to free up space.



Once you back up photos to the cloud, your photographs can be safely deleted from your device to free up space. Securely store, print, and share photos on devices like Fire TV, Echo Show, and Amazon Fire tablets to have a virtual photo album at your fingertips.

AmazonPhotos is a secure online storage service for your photos and videos. All Amazon customers, without an Amazon Prime membership, get 5 GB of free storage to save, share, and access their photos and videos on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

AmazonPhotos 100 GB storage plans will cost $19.99 per year (that’s only $1.66 per month). New customers signing up for the AmazonPhotos 100 GB storage plan, will be charged $19.99 per year, starting November, 4 2019.

If your account is in an over-quota status, you will not be able to upload additional files, and can only view, download, and delete content. After 180 days in an over-quota status, content will be deleted (starting with the most recent uploads first) until your account is no longer over-quota.

For more information about your Amazon storage limits, and what happens to your content if you exceed them, please visit our File Retention Policy. You can download your photos and other files to your computer using the AmazonPhotos Desktop Application.


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Google Photos is unrivaled in terms of user numbers, mainly as a result of being the default option on Android. Furthermore, subscribing to AmazonPhotos is not as straightforward as paying a monthly subscription fee.

Because it's a sub-feature of Amazon Drive, there are two principal ways you can gain access: It makes the service instantly appealing to anyone who's spent a couple of years comparing Picks alternatives.

There is an unofficial Google Photos app on Roku devices. If you use AmazonPhotos via a Prime subscription, you can upload an unlimited number of full-resolution photos to the app.

If you use AmazonPhotos through your Amazon Drive subscription, the photos will count against your storage limits. AmazonPhotos also offers users 5 GB of storage for videos and other files.

Google Photos lets you upload an unlimited number of video files, as long as they are no more than 1080p resolution. The feature will appeal to anyone who regularly has to use high-resolution RAW images in a professional environment, such as photographers and graphic designers.

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In contrast, Google Photos will convert RAW files into JPEG automatically if they exceed the 16-megapixel limit. Amazon and Google both provide a way to turn your treasured photographs into permanent hard copies.

The feature can even arrange your shots by the type of environment, such as sunset, beach, or mountains. It allows you to create a shared photo archive for up to six people (including the principle Prime subscriber).

Each user receives their own AmazonPhotos account with unlimited storage. People in the Family Vault can add their own snaps to build up a family-wide album.

The Prime owner can add and remove members as required. The equivalent feature on Google Photos only allows you to share your entire library (or a subset of dates) with one other person, usually your partner.

Google also offers Family Groups but the feature will share access to content like apps and entertainment purchases. AmazonPhotos and Google Photos both let you share your photographs with other people.


Four sharing methods are possible; via a link, email, Facebook, or Twitter. You can share Google Photos with friends by typing their name, phone number, or email address.

You can add filters, tweak the brightness, and play with other options such as color adjustment, rotation, and crop. Both services let you change the time and date stamps.

AmazonPhotos definitely makes our list of worthy Google Photos alternatives, and all things considered, Amazon's offering offers slightly more features than Google Photos. And remember, you can run both services simultaneously, letting you spend time using both apps before making your decision.

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The Amazon is a vast region that spans across eight rapidly developing countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, an overseas territory of France. The landscape contains: The rain forests, which contain 90-140 billion metric tons of carbon, help stabilize local and global climate.


It is one of Earth's last refuges for jaguars, harpy eagles and pink dolphins, and home to thousands of birds and butterflies. Tree-dwelling species include southern two-toed sloths, pygmy marmosets, saddle back and emperor tamarind, and Gold's monkeys.

More than 30 million people, including 350 Indigenous and ethnic groups, live in the Amazon and depend on nature for agriculture, clothing and traditional medicines. Most live in large urban centers, but all residents rely on the Amazon ’s natural bounty for food, shelter, and livelihoods.

The deforestation caused by ranching also contributes to climate change, releasing 340 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year. Transportation and energy infrastructure are essential for national and regional development, but when they are poorly planned, negative impacts can exceed short-term benefits.

WWF conducts biological surveys and works with governments to help inform the dam site selection process. WWF helps farmers protect their crops from severe rainfall and droughts and ensure nearby wildlife areas can adapt to a warmer world.

WWF has been working in the Amazon for 40 years and is at the forefront of efforts to protect the forests, species, and people that call it home. We engage local communities and partner with governments to identify solutions that bridge the needs of economic development and conservation.

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In Brazil, through the Amazon Region Protected Areas Program (ARPA), WWF works to create a network of parks covering 150 million acres of forest. An important milestone was the creation of Tumucumaque Mountains National Park, the world’s largest protected tropical forest at 9.5 million acres.

This pristine wilderness, with its rugged and remote terrain, now protects species like jaguars, giant anteaters, harpy eagles and a rare monkey known as the black-bearded Saki. Our work through the Amazon Headwaters Initiative helps park authorities in Peru and improves fisheries and other sustainable livelihoods for indigenous people in Bolivia.

Cattle ranching: WWF works with the beef industry to create standards that increase efficiency and reduce waste. WWF works to create market conditions that conserve the world’s forests, but also provide economic and social benefits for businesses and people.

Infrastructure: In Colombia, construction of an important road had the potential to disrupt the lives of local communities and harm a forest reserve. WWF’s participation in the planning process succeeded in creating the most environmentally friendly road possible and ensured that the needs of local communities were considered.

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