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Fastest Trumpet Song

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
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People, regardless of locations, ages and cultures have played this kind of instrument in all music genres, from jazz with glissandi and growls, to even smooth orchestral with vibratos, to beat-driven and loud marches. Its music was first written by Bernie Miller, and its lyrics were added later by Mike Stroller and Jerry Later.



Miles Davis always gives his song a special signature treatment and makes the listener feel satisfied but still ready for more. “C’est SI On” is an old French song, which Louis Armstrong and his bands used to love performing.

The trumpet of Freddie Hubbard is rich and brassy, and the bass of Ron Carter, which may often lack depth and tone on CD, is three-dimensional and plump. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, or Cargo Rosa, is arguably the most well-known piece of Perez Prado.

Clifford Brown prematurely died in a car crash when he was just 26 years old, however, in his short lifetime, he was successful in making his mark as a talented jazz trumpeter. A great example for his skillfulness can be heard in “Cherokee” on the album “Study in Brown” of Max Roach Quintet.

Some regard the drumming of Roach as the most highlighted feature of this piece, however, the song undoubtedly showcases the dexterity of Brown on trumpet. When the album was first released in 1977, it defined the sounds of the late 1970s, especially, the mega instrumental piece “Feels So Good” has become a hit at that time.

Its composition is tended to musically evoke the rapidly changing in flying pattern and seeming chaotic of a bumblebee. “Godless” was slowly built from the keyboard drone of Via McCabe, adding a majestic trumpet and an acoustic guitar.

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Due to the affectless vocals of Taylor, calling somebody as “A soulless friend,” the song has a cool and alluring mood. Among the greatest hits, “Grazing in the grass” proves how Hugh Masked cleverly blends a post-bop, fiery trumpet style with African rhythms and African-American R&B, and how long before the phrase “world music” came into the vogue.

This’s an entry to top 10 songs list of Davis that can easily get stuck in all listeners’ head. Maiden Voyage was among top albums, which marked the starting of Here Hancock as a soloist.

The major theme begins with a syncopated, accented horn line, and a medium-tempo drum beat. The vocal of Baker on this standard is what made the mainstream listeners pay attention to his singing and his talents as a jazz player.

A lot of people consider it as the definitive recorded version of “My funny valentine.” On the other hand, Elvis Costello was a big fan as well. In the obituary for this talented founder of the modern jazz, The New York Times recognized his playing meteoric and full of virtuoso invention.

“Salt Peanuts” is a song debuted in the year 1942 with Charlie Parker on the bebop, interweaves jazz and alto sax. It has proved to be top definitive works of jazz, which appeals to both old-time devotees and those who are fresh to this genre.

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This piece is among top hits of Armstrong that the true fans of his music are never tired of hearing. Introduced on the studio album named “Brothers in Arms,” the song “Your Latest Trick” written by Dire Straits also appeared on the live album named “On the night,” and the same live version of this song lies in Sultans of Swing.

“Money for nothing” makes a comparison between the struggle made by the working class and the excess in the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Little sunflower is regarded as the wonderful jazz standard with the masterful arrangement and being featured by a haunting melody with a light funk groove and an alternating boss.

With the features of a sweet shout chorus and modest brass ranges, these solos can be played on tenor sax, trumpet, and piano. Based on the Cake’s standard setup of drums, bass, and guitar, the song is featured by John Accra’s characteristically driving and deadpan vocals as well as flourishes of the solo trumpet.

“The Distance” showcases not only Accra’s rhythm guitar but also some overlaid synthesized as well as other non-traditional sounds. While Davis plays the trumpet in an economical and subtle manner, the big-toned Coltrane showed his forcefulness and aggression with his tenor sax.

Penny Lane is written with a basic melody of the piano overlaid by a distinctive piccolo trumpet and some brass elements. In particular, Dave Mason is the person responsible for piccolo trumpet and the one whom McCartney commissioned for the song and saw performance on TV.

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Expressing the sentiments of a man in a failed relationship, this song is supposed to be written for the lonely. Notably, it stemmed from a failed relationship in reality between Holly Vincent and Knowles (lead singer of Italy and Holland).

Being a languid tune, “The Dreamer” is featured by a floating trumpet line which is anchored by James’ meditative and slow crooning. The single song was first introduced in 1975 on the album named Disco Baby and reached 10 million copies sold around the world.

Telling a transformative night of two characters, the song “Meeting Across the River” performed by Bruce Springsteen is the 7th track on the breakthrough 1975 album of this band themed “Born to Run.” “Meeting Across the River” is featured by a haunting and soft trumpet performed by Randy Becker and a dark character sketch.

However, this song has become one of the most remembered records of the duo thanks to both it’s nearly spoken-word and memorable narrative and distinctive horn line. Presented by Dire Straits, “Brothers in Arms” is written with a haunting and ominous tune which tells the shattered lives and struggles of war.

In addition, there are also live versions with pedal steel guitar solos added to support for the dark atmosphere. Over many centuries, the stories and legends of this amazing musical instrument have been increasingly rich and interesting.

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From Together for the Gospel Live III, released October 21, 2016, Words: vs. Alfred MusicQuick FindCategoriesAuthorsPlease Selector.

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Music by Jonny PrianoMusic by Joseph M. Martin, wordsMusic by Kenneth Make, words music by Knot Nested / arr. Music by Lloyd Larson; Words music by Luigi Cherubim / arr. Music by Michael MazzatentaMusic by Paul O'Neill and John Music by Peter Lynch TchaikovskMusic by Ray Henderson, words music by Ryan Murphy, words by Music by Thomas 'Fats' Waller, my Name Myers, Nicholas Nagy, Joel Nagy, Joel / Nagy, Russell Nagy, RussellNaoya Watanabe, Geraldine, Vera R. Neihaus, LennieNelhybel, VaclavNestico, Summoned words and arrangement by LloNewmarch / Gray Nick Myers Nick PageNickelbackNiehaus, LennieNieto, Johnnie, BradNorgaard, Martin Norman, Vineyard, Carl J. Jr. Nygard, Carl J., Jr. Nygard, Jr., Carl J. Nystedt, Knuth'Fallon, David'Reilly, Conor'Reilly, John'Really, Johnson, O. Orch.

Wagner, Douglas E. Orchestrations by Brent Mills forcing, Enforcing, Leonard A. Original music by Michael Storytelling, EricOwolabi, Kola Page, Anna Laura Page, Anna Laura / Parker, Alice Page, Anna Laura / Parker, John III Page, Anna Laura / Shaffer man, Page, Anna Laura / Shaffer man, Jean Anne Page, Anna Laura / Williams, J. Page, Anna Laura / Williams, J. PaulPalange, William Pamela Beery, Lon BeeryPaparo, Stephen A. ParamoreParker / Courtney Parker / DrennanParker / GilpinParker / Wanamaker / SorensonParker, Alice Parker, John / Courtney, Vicki Parker, John / Last, David Parker, John / Larson, Lloyd Parker, John and Courtney, Vicki Parker, John and Gil pin, Greg Parker, John and Last III, DaviParker, John and Patterson, Mark Parker, John and Wagner, Douglas Parker, John III Parker, John III / Brennan, Attacker, John III / Last, David Parker, John III / Larson, Lloyd Parker, John III / Scram, Ruth Elaine Parker, John III / Shackled, Larry Parker/Nix Parks / Parks Parks, Gary Parks, Gary and CathryneParks, Gary E. Parks, Gary E. & Cathryn E. Parrish, Mary Kay Parrish, ToddPastore, Carmine Patricia HurlbuttPatterson, Mark Patti DrennanPatti Brennan / Dawn Thomas Carpal A. AitkenPaul Christian sen / Susan Nous Paul T LangstonPearson, Robert H. Penny RodriguezPepper ChoplinPerkins, Phil Perry, Dave Perry, Dave & Jean Perry, Dave / Perry, Jean Perry, Dave and Jean Perry, Dave and Perry, Jean Perry, Dave/Jean Perry, Jeanette / WesleyPethel, StanPfautsch, Lloyd Philip Young Philips / GilpinPhillippe, Roy Phillips, Bob Phillips, Bob / Dennison, Jerry Phillips, Bob / Into, John Phillips, Bob / Plowman, CyrstalPhillips, Bob / Hideout, Bonnie Phillips, Harry I. Phillips, Joseph J. Pickett, GlennPierpoint / AlbrechtPinner, Jay-MartinPiotr Lynch Tchaikovsky / arr. Plain White T'splosh, James D. Poem by William Butler Yeats (18Pogrebin / KittPolynesian Folk Song / arr. Gregorian, BertaPoorman, Berta / Doorman, SonjaPoorman, SonjaPoorman, Sonja / Doorman, Berta Porter, ShanePorterfield, SherriPower, HiramPrentiss, Elizabeth P. and Kings Prescott, JohnPreuninger, BrucePriano, JonnyPrice / BesigPrice, Nancy Price, S. Punwar, Katherine Purcell, Henry / Ed.

Era, JamesPurifoy, John. W. DirksenRager, DanRagsdale, W. ScottRaminsh, Mantras / GardnerRands, William Brightly and Garlands, William Bright and GardnRapley, Femtogray, JerryRönnberg, G. Re, Adrienne, Jonathon Reed, Alfred Reed, H. Overeager, Max Reilly, MichaelRentz, Earlene Reynolds, VerneRhoades, Bret Richard Byrd Richard, Derek Richard, Douglas A. Richards, EricRideout, Bonnier, Richard Ripley, James C. Rivello, DaveRizzo, Jacques Robert JagerRobert L. Lee Robert Sheldon Robert Sheldon Dave Black Bob Robert Sterling, John Parker Roberts, Jesse Robinson, Russ Robinson, Russell Robinson, Wayne Rodriguez, PennyRoehrich / LantzRoehrich/LantzRogers, Sharon EleryRojahn, Joseph / Dangler, LeeRojahn/DenglerRomeyn, Robson MalloryRonnberg, G. Rossetti / Gray Rossetti / Johnson Rossetti, Christina and Beck, An Rossetti, Christina and Gray, Russell / WilliamsRoszell, PatrickRothenberg, IrvRousanova Lucas, ElenaRoussanova Lucas, Elena Rowe, HowardRumbelow, Robert W. Ruth Elaine Scaramouch Elaine Scram, John PurifoyRuth Morris Gray Ruth Morris, Gray Ruth Watson Henderson Ryan / Moore Ryan MeeboerRyan Murphy Ryan, MichaelSabien, Randy Sabina, LesS afford, Alexander Sal Isabella, Greg JasperseSalerni, Paul Salerno, Christopher Sally K. AlbrechtSally K. Albrecht and Jay AlthouSally K., AlbrechtSanborn, Jan Sandy EithunSanfilippo, MargaretSchaefer, WilliamSchmügel, J. Schmidt, J. EricSchmugel, J. Schoenfeld, William C. Schram / CabanissSchram, Ruth ElaineSchram, ScottSchram, Scott / Scram, Ruth Ashram/AlexanderSchramRuth Elaine Schubert, Marty Schultz, LarrySchwoebel, David Scott, Brian Scottish Folk Song / arr.

Mary Scottish, Irish, American FiddleSeaborn, CristinaSeabough / BlankenshipSeidenberg, DannySenturia, MichaelSerino / McDonaldShackley, LarryShackley, Larry / Parker, John IIIShafferman, Jean AnneShafferman, Jean Anne / Berry, Sharp, Chris Sharp, Keith Sharp, Michael Sharp, Michael / Burlington, Kirk Sharp, Thomas, Kirby Shaw, Robert Shaw, Robert / Parker, AliceSheinberg, Art Sheldon, RobertShepperd, Mark Sherman, Arnold Sherman, Arnold B. ShinedownShiner McGuire, KristenShubert, MartySiennicki, EdmundSiennicki, Edmund J. Sieving, RobertSigler, Quicksilver, FrederickSilvestre, Paul-Armand and ArmstSimms, Patsy / Beck, AndySimms, Patsy Ford Singh, VijaySirett, MarkSkeffington, Craig Slater, Mark D. Slawson, Brian Slocum, Earl Smith, Byron J. Smith, Michael W. and Smith, Deb Smith, Robert W. Smith, Robert W. Smith, Robert W. / Roswell, Patrick Smith, Robert W. / Story, MichaeSmith, Robert W. / Story, Michael Smith, Robert W. and Story, Mich Smith, Robert W./Story, Michael Smith, Zachary Smith, ZackSmukal, Mike Snyder, Audrey Sondra K. Tucker Sonja PoormanSorge, A. Souders, Michael & AngelaSouders, Michael and AngelaSouders, Michael/AngelaSoulders, Michael & Angela Sousa, John Philip / Fennel, Frederick Spanish Folk Song / arr. Dave an Spanish Villa Rica / arr.

Mark Sparta, Doug Spears, Airspeed, Der Spiegel / BroughtonSpineti, Esquires, StephenStalter, Todd Stan PethelStandridge, Randall D. Stein, AlanSteinohrt, WilliamStepanek, Mattie J.T. And ChopliStephens, Carole Stephens, Joseph Gentry Stephenson, Valerie Stephenson, Valerie W. Sterling, Robert Stevens, James M. Stevens, James M. / Martin, Jose Stevens, James Michael Stevenson / AlbrechtStevenson / BallantyneStevenson / Donnelly / StridStevenson / Gardner Stevenson / GilpinStevenson / Johnson Stewart / GilpinStewart / Hayes Stewart / Larson Stone, George Stone, Reg & Bradenton, Kristie Stone, Reg and Sterling, Robertson, MichaelStory, Michael / Smith, Robert W. Story, Michael and Smith, Robertson, Ministration, Bert and Courtney, Stratton/Courtney Strickland, MikeStrid, George L.O. Strommen, Carl Stuart, Hugh Susan & Lee DenglerSuzukiSvanoe, ErikaSwearingen, JamesSweetman, BruceSwofford, Jim Tammy WaldropTappen/MedemaTatgenhorst, John Taylor, Chad Taylor, Les Taylor, Mike Teasdale / GrayTeichler, R. Christopher Tennyson / Ray Tennyson, Alfred and Gray, RuthTerrett, Keith Terri, SalliThomas, Bill Thompson, Martha Notice / DenglerTiffault, Leighton / KavanaghTin, ChristopherTippette, BruceTippette, Bruce W. Tom FettkeTom Fettle / Lottie Rambo Tom Fettle, Ken BibleTorff, Brian Q. Townsend, DouglasTraditional / arr.

Nontraditional American Fiddle Nontraditional American Tune / arr. Traditional and John Into / traditional and music by LudwigTraditional Bahamian Folk Song /Traditional Basque Carol / arr. Traditional Bhutanese Song / traditional Blue Ridge Folk Nontraditional British Folk Song /Traditional Carol / arr. Matt Traditional Carol / arr.

MichaelTraditional Carol / arr. RussellTraditional Carol / arr., with traditional Carol / arranged, traditional Carols / arr.

PatricTraditional Chinese Folk Song /Traditional Czech Carol / arr., Traditional Early American Nontraditional English Carol / arr. Traditional English Folk Song /Traditional Folk Songs / arr. Traditional French Carol / arr. Traditional French Christmas Traditional German Carol / arr. Traditional Hanukkah / arr.

Nontraditional Hanukkah Song / arr. Traditional Hebrew Song / arr. Traditional Irish Folk Song / traditional Irish Tune / arr.

Traditional Israeli Folk Song /Traditional Japanese Folk Song /Traditional Mexican Folk Song /Traditional Russian Folk Song /Traditional Spanish Carol / arr. Traditional Spanish Folk Song /Traditional Spiritual / arr. Traditional Spiritual / arr.

Traditional, arr Leroy AndersonTranscr. Berger, David Trevor, C. Trinkley, Bruce Tucker, Benjamin Tucker, SondraTune by John Loss, Text by EdwarTurner, Jeffrey E. Turner, MattTuthill, GeorgeTweedy, Henry / Larson, Lloyd Tyler, Clark Tyler, Edward, JamesUncle CrackerUngar, Jay/arr.

Vince Passivations Composers Vaughan, Stevie RayViadana, Ludovic Gross Vicki Tucker Courtney Victor C. JohnsonVillines / Hayden Vincent, David Vincent, GeorgeVogel, KirkVultaggio, JeanneWadleigh, MarkWaggoner, David Wagner, Douglas Wagner, Douglas E. Wagner, Douglas E. and Parker, Wagner, RogerWaldrop, TammyWalther, J. Washburn, Robertson, JohnWatanabe, KiyoWatson, Software, MicheleWeissel, Georg and Parks, Gary Event, Edward C. Wesley, Charles / Martin, Joseph Weston, Mark White, David Ashley White, Jack Noble White, Terry Whitney, John Whitney, Maurice C. William J SutterWilliams, Christian Williams, Clifton Williams, J. / Page, Anna Laura Williams, J. Paul Williams, Justin Williams, Mark Williams, Patrick Williams, Paula Williams, Ralph Vaughan Williams/DenglerWillis, Robert Wilson, PatrickWindham, Bellingham, William wined Kissinger, KathleenWittig, AllenWolaver, Bill Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / arr., Wolpe, Dave Wood, Keywords and music by Alan SilvestrWords and music by Andy Backwards and music by Ben Berger, Words and music by Berta PoormanWords and music by Charles Downwards and music by Charlie Authors and music by Chris Tomlin, Words and music by Christopher Words and music by Cole Porter /Words and music by Dan Burgess /Words and music by David Afterwords and music by David WaggoneWords and music by Diane WarrenWords and music by Donald Forewords and music by Emilio EstefaWords and music by George AdWords and music by George MichaeWords and music by Glen BallardWords and music by Greg GilpinWords and music by Gwyn Williamsport and music by Hugh Martina Words and Music by Janet McMahanWords and music by Jay AlthouseWords and music by Jim SteinmanWords and music by John Gurley, Words and music by Jon Lavoie, Words and music by Joseph M. Warlords and music by Joshua MillerWords and music by Keith Getty words and music by Kyle PedersonWords and music by Lady Gaga, Keywords and music by Lady Gaga, Keywords and music by Lin-Manuel Words and music by Lisa Lobe AdWords and music by Lou DonaldsonWords and music by Mae Taylor Rewords and music by Mark BurrowsWords and music by Mark Lowry AdWords and music by Mary DonnellyWords and music by Parry Grip /Words and music by Paul O'Warlords and Music By R. Alex Afterwords and music by Ray Charles /Words and music by Ray Noble / words and music by Robert Decorators and music by Robert Whiteboards and music by Ryan MascilakWords and music by Sally K. Afterwords and music by Stephan Warlords and music by Kayla Part, Words and music by Ted HutchinsoWords and music by Todd RundgrenWords and music by Tom HiggensonWords and music by Victor C. Towards and music by Wayne KirkpatWords based on Psalm 46, music words based on the Traditional Words by Adam M. L. Time, musicWords by Alan Jay Lerner, musicWords by Andy Beck and Brian Swords by Charlotte Lee; Music bywords by Francis Scott Key, swords by Jerry Colder, music AdWords by John Hendricks, music words by John Parker, music by Words by Johnny Mercer, music bywords by Kim Cannon, music by Keywords by Lorenz Hart, music by Words by Lynn Areas, music by Swords by Mark Cabanas; Music bywords by Michael Pope, music bywords by Mitchell Parish, musicWords by Pamela Stewart / arr.

Words by Rose Spinal; Music bywords by Sara Teasdale, music AdWords by Sara Teasdale, music bywords by Susan Nous Dangler, swords by Susan Nous Dangler; Swords by Tina English; Music bywords by William Bright Rand's, Words by William Cullen Bryant, Words by William Shakespeare AdWords from 'The Moon' by RobertWords from a Traditional NurseryWords from The Moon by Robert Towards from Traditional HawaiianWritten and per. By Alexander, Yael NaimYasinitsky, GregYasinitsky, Gregory, Kirsten A. York, Terry Young / YoungZdechlik, Johnson, Lonely / arr.

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